Verbs with 31 letters (38)

  • swear the peace against someone
  • shoot through like a Bondi tram
  • make a stick for one's own back
  • put one's heart on one's sleeve
  • shake hands with the unemployed
  • put one's shoulder to the wheel
  • play the hand that one is dealt
  • winnow the wheat from the chaff
  • hide one's light under a bushel
  • know one's ass from one's elbow
  • go to the goat's house for wool
  • set one's shoulder to the wheel
  • know someone from Adam's off ox
  • not be 100 percent on something
  • scrape the bottom of the barrel
  • ride a horse foaled by an acorn
  • throw one's toys out of the cot
  • have one's fingers in many pies
  • bite off more than one can chew
  • wrap around one's little finger
  • kick someone when they are down
  • take one's football and go home
  • keep one's head above the water
  • have one's work cut out for one
  • look past the end of one's nose
  • look past the tip of one's nose
  • have someone by the short hairs
  • have someone's guts for garters
  • wait for the other shoe to drop
  • chuck one's toys out of the cot
  • allow nature to take her course
  • allow nature to take its course
  • lead someone up the garden path
  • go in one ear and out the other
  • have the world by the testicles
  • hold someone's feet to the fire
  • touch the hem of someone's robe
  • get up on the wrong side of bed

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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