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We offer you the possibility of downloading the whole database of Wordexample.com so that you can use it for your internal purposes without any limitations.


  • The data comes from Wiktionary.org but has been transformed and enhanced through computational linguistics.
  • The data is divided in "spellings" and "words". The same spelling may have several meanings.
  • The data is lemmatized: inflections do not appear unless they can form a new word (like past participles that become adjectives or "being" that becomes a noun).
  • The data is given "as is". There may be minor errors with some words. You can download a sample file with 500 words to see it matches your needs. Some of the errors come directly from Wiktionary. Some of them may be parsing errors due to an unexpected format.
  • The file will be sent to your email inbox immediately after doing the payment. The file is about 27MB in size.
  • You can use the file for whatever purposes you want, except for trading with it.

Technical information:

  • It would take approximately 2 months of engineering work to parse the Wiktionary.org database and obtain similar data.
  • There are of 494,072 spellings and 534,404 words.
  • 64,075 words have a phonetical transcription in IPA format.
  • Apart from regular words; idioms, acronyms and proper nouns are included. You can easily filter them.
  • .zip file will be sent with two .csv files: one for spellings and another for words. The field spelling_id of words.csv is the ID of the spelling in spelling.csv.
  • If you open the file with Excel you may find formula errors. That's why some entries begin with a hyphen and Excel tries to make sense of that data as a number.

Payment information:

  • We can provide an invoice on request. Please, contact us with your company details so that we can issue an invoice.
  • The payment will be made through PayPal. No PayPal account is needed. You can pay with your credit card from that platform without creating an account. We use it because it's 100% safe and it's used by millions of persons everyday.
  • No refunds will be made, but we'll make our best effort to reply to any queries you may have once you have the data.