Verbs with 30 letters (38)

  • build a bridge and get over it
  • take the weight off one's feet
  • put oneself in someone's place
  • put oneself in someone's shoes
  • leave someone holding the baby
  • live at Her Majesty's pleasure
  • give a good account of oneself
  • put something into perspective
  • pull the reins in on something
  • put the shoe on the other foot
  • think one's shit doesn't stink
  • teach grandma how to suck eggs
  • tell someone where to shove it
  • burn one's candle at both ends
  • save something for a rainy day
  • place one's cards on the table
  • throw one's hat over the fence
  • nail one's colours to the mast
  • charm the birds from the trees
  • give someone the cold shoulder
  • have one foot on a banana peel
  • have one's cake and eat it too
  • have one's finger on the pulse
  • give something up as a bad job
  • walk a mile in someone's shoes
  • eat one's cake and have it too
  • put a spoke in someone's wheel
  • work one's fingers to the bone
  • see past the end of one's nose
  • see past the tip of one's nose
  • strike the iron while it's hot
  • fly by the seat of one's pants
  • take something in one's stride
  • go hunting where the ducks are
  • take the bitter with the sweet
  • remember like it was yesterday
  • cross my heart and hope to die
  • wear something on one's sleeve

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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