Verbs with 27 letters (71)

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  • floccinaucinihilipilificate
  • make a spectacle of oneself
  • go over like a lead balloon
  • measure swords with someone
  • hit one out of the ballpark
  • stick out like a sore thumb
  • blow smoke up someone's ass
  • file off the serial numbers
  • send someone to the showers
  • go the way of all the earth
  • go the way of the dinosaurs
  • stick to one's own knitting
  • breathe down someone's neck
  • have a frog in one's throat
  • talk someone into something
  • play the hand one was dealt
  • go to extraordinary lengths
  • sleep under the same bridge
  • cry all the way to the bank
  • pour oil on troubled waters
  • go to the ends of the earth
  • get on like a house on fire
  • get on someone's last nerve
  • have another thought coming
  • rake someone over the coals
  • hitch one's wagon to a star
  • think with one's other head
  • get one's ass handed to one
  • paint oneself into a corner
  • burn a hole in one's pocket
  • climb down someone's throat
  • bring a knife to a gunfight
  • throw one's hat in the ring
  • give someone Hail, Columbia
  • be in the pocket of someone
  • throw one's name in the hat
  • bury one's head in the sand
  • keep body and soul together
  • stand on one's own two feet
  • nail the hammer on the head
  • stand someone in good stead
  • get one's tits in a wringer
  • keep it between the ditches
  • scratch beneath the surface
  • have one's hand in the till
  • haul someone over the coals
  • go down like a lead balloon
  • take one's ball and go home
  • take one's eye off the ball
  • keep one's hands to oneself
  • keep one's head above water
  • carry the message to Garcia
  • knock someone off his perch
  • sing from the same hymnbook
  • tickle someone's funny bone
  • have swallowed a dictionary
  • bust a cap in someone's ass
  • do as I say and not as I do
  • keep the home fires burning
  • pop a cap in someone's arse
  • keep the wolf from the door
  • put hair on someone's chest
  • have the time of one's life
  • take something to the grave
  • have the world by the balls
  • see which way the cat jumps
  • hold one's head above water
  • start off on the right foot
  • start off on the wrong foot
  • put one through one's paces
  • put one's best foot forward

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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