Adjectives with 25 letters (33)

  • employmentally challenged
  • magnetoencephalographical
  • Niceno-Constantinopolitan
  • Citations:quantomecanical
  • intellectually challenged
  • down to the short strokes
  • antidisestablishmentarian
  • empty as a pauper's purse
  • from can see to can't see
  • cholangiopancreatographic
  • thick as two short planks
  • comfortable in one's skin
  • on the side of the angels
  • hoist by one's own petard
  • hoist on one's own petard
  • there for everyone to see
  • easy as falling off a log
  • easy as rolling off a log
  • geographically challenged
  • antihypercholesterolaemic
  • electroencephalographical
  • cervicothoracolumbosacral
  • co-recursively enumerable
  • penny wise, pound foolish
  • all mouth and no trousers
  • hatch, match and despatch
  • smooth as a baby's bottom
  • all over but the shouting
  • dumb as a sack of hammers
  • economical with the truth
  • knocking on heaven's door
  • cut out of the same cloth
  • bored out of one's brains

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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