Words where the plural is the same as the singular (538)

Words that end in -is or -ness tend to maintain the same form for the singular and the plural.

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Word Plural
series series
fish fish
species species
aircraft aircraft
fig. fig.
sheep sheep
percent percent
dec. dec.
cattle cattle
machinery machinery
folk folk
louis louis
craft craft
ross ross
ms ms
beef beef
salmon salmon
corps corps
oz oz
jacques jacques
offspring offspring
deer deer
kin kin
trout trout
cannon cannon
military military
fair fair
yuan yuan
co. co.
phoenix phoenix
yen yen
col. col.
siemens siemens
sperm sperm
bream bream
gis gis
carp carp
tuna tuna
goldfish goldfish
roach roach
sec sec
chassis chassis
upstairs upstairs
bordeaux bordeaux
grand grand
mc mc
koi koi
oesophagitis oesophagitis
mink mink
rendezvous rendezvous
catfish catfish
para. para.
shrimp shrimp
zebra zebra
chad chad
grouse grouse
prawn prawn
av. av.
downstairs downstairs
spacecraft spacecraft
mackerel mackerel
brit brit
shellfish shellfish
celsius celsius
figs. figs.
fowl fowl
patois patois
haddock haddock
gal gal
detritus detritus
rhubarb rhubarb
vols. vols.
mg/kg mg/kg
forceps forceps
ascites ascites
asparagus asparagus
jus jus
hiatus hiatus
hertz hertz
sec. sec.
ex. ex.
facies facies
macroeconomics macroeconomics
grice grice
antelope antelope
vermin vermin
marlin marlin
rhinoceros rhinoceros
pres pres
moose moose
jun jun
trans trans
swordfish swordfish
gallows gallows
alms alms
plaice plaice
atari atari
poetics poetics
jellyfish jellyfish
woodcock woodcock
eugenics eugenics
camus camus
steelworks steelworks
springbok springbok
corydoras corydoras
agonistes agonistes
ironworks ironworks
nox nox
roux roux
albatross albatross
quail quail
gasworks gasworks
gramps gramps
tsunami tsunami
tench tench
fisa FISA
samurai samurai
spawn spawn
ninja ninja
gross gross
bonsai bonsai
ko ko
waterfowl waterfowl
angelfish angelfish
bison bison
yu yu
pct pct
subspecies subspecies
scampi scampi
badlands badlands
zloty zloty
xu xu
heathen heathen
zhu zhu
bi bi
semi-darkness semi-darkness
chamois chamois
sumo sumo
clownfish clownfish
precis precis
stats stats
wildebeest wildebeest
chablis chablis
sched. sched.
neighbourliness neighbourliness
plainclothes plainclothes
push-button push-button
lux lux
sturgeon sturgeon
hundredweight hundredweight
dept. dept.
att att
lungfish lungfish
cyclops cyclops
bonefish bonefish
esq. esq.
barracuda barracuda
sandgrouse sandgrouse
bourgeois bourgeois
silverfish silverfish
hermeneutics hermeneutics
pince-nez pince-nez
grayling grayling
ptarmigan ptarmigan
firstborn firstborn
monkfish monkfish
karateka karateka
haiku haiku
krill krill
sprat sprat
wpm wpm
dogfish dogfish
gal. gal.
elk elk
kama kama
orthopaedics orthopaedics
yeti yeti
manga manga
cwt. cwt.
elevenses elevenses
lionfish lionfish
deni deni
phlox phlox
bonito bonito
sapiens sapiens
goby goby
pomfret pomfret
turbot turbot
rin rin
gaijin gaijin
triceps triceps
coloratura coloratura
daimyo daimyo
chon chon
flatfish flatfish
kanji kanji
baht baht
impatiens impatiens
glans glans
nid nid
hao hao
champers champers
caries caries
geisha geisha
pilchard pilchard
meatus meatus
revers revers
yakuza yakuza
shad shad
fils fils
illus. illus.
pers. pers.
goldilocks goldilocks
civics civics
secs. secs.
kbp kbp
sai sai
yellowfin yellowfin
coulis coulis
rd. rd.
relais relais
hadith hadith
pris pris
ber ber
thrips thrips
glassworks glassworks
megahertz megahertz
kittiwake kittiwake
ibex ibex
contretemps contretemps
kwacha kwacha
dep. dep.
sunfish sunfish
commis commis
sifu sifu
chs. chs.
crossbones crossbones
overindebtedness overindebtedness
admin. admin.
inro inro
katana katana
mother-goddess mother-goddess
franglais franglais
nones nones
jomo jomo
shigella shigella
app. app.
shortsightedness shortsightedness
harees harees
cantus cantus
ll. ll.
pleasurecraft pleasurecraft
sombreness sombreness
lip-gloss lip-gloss
kana kana
triggerfish triggerfish
abies abies
centredness centredness
finings finings
printworks printworks
saccharomyces saccharomyces
kes kes
manus manus
virginal virginal
vol-au-vent vol-au-vent
callisthenics callisthenics
anopheles anopheles
back-to-basics back-to-basics
ema ema
gurnard gurnard
ha'p'orth ha'p'orth
pas pas
spec. spec.
hagfish hagfish
canadiens canadiens
fol. fol.
hautbois hautbois
bento bento
haemodynamics haemodynamics
nishi nishi
sweetlips sweetlips
tesla tesla
grapeshot grapeshot
askari askari
phragmites phragmites
lat. lat.
comp. comp.
ccf ccf
nicker nicker
baren baren
tonya tonya
pt. pt.
sensei sensei
km/hr km/hr
ukiyo-e ukiyo-e
railworks railworks
autopoiesis autopoiesis
butterfish butterfish
gr. gr.
bata bata
kilohertz kilohertz
sika sika
ephialtes ephialtes
nosferatu nosferatu
koss koss
vibroseis vibroseis
kaj kaj
sheepe sheepe
congeries congeries
duergar duergar
kmph kmph
sawbones sawbones
mele mele
picosiemens picosiemens
half-heartedness half-heartedness
selfconsciousness selfconsciousness
katakana katakana
nabs nabs
butterfingers butterfingers
choros choros
phalaris phalaris
shinkansen shinkansen
lithofacies lithofacies
dyeworks dyeworks
daddy-long-legs daddy-long-legs
fusilli fusilli
ringgit ringgit
isu isu
fibre-optics fibre-optics
becak becak
lefthandedness lefthandedness
parados parados
longlegs longlegs
plateglass plateglass
trans. trans.
snookums snookums
openmindedness openmindedness
kesa kesa
adm. adm.
prov. prov.
pantun pantun
yonsei yonsei
pufferfish pufferfish
kami kami
conatus conatus
juglans juglans
adj. adj.
dalles dalles
hawkfish hawkfish
unsavouriness unsavouriness
hanja hanja
meta-ethics meta-ethics
opticks opticks
pan-pipes pan-pipes
mousseux mousseux
rockfish rockfish
jelly-fish jelly-fish
goody-two-shoes goody-two-shoes
anableps anableps
sidhe sidhe
saltworks saltworks
cres. cres.
gigahertz gigahertz
gov. gov.
maki maki
antiaircraft antiaircraft
vic. vic.
depts. depts.
portos portos
haole haole
semi-works semi-works
porcini porcini
supp. supp.
statis statis
glass-works glass-works
lazybones lazybones
miniseries miniseries
soi soi
good-heartedness good-heartedness
anglerfish anglerfish
fairmindedness fairmindedness
paedomorphosis paedomorphosis
tabes tabes
four-eyes four-eyes
bloodymindedness bloodymindedness
fo. fo.
obi obi
politicks politicks
keris keris
repr. repr.
superfecundity superfecundity
colocynthis colocynthis
datacommunications datacommunications
pickerel pickerel
kapu kapu
lari lari
tawara tawara
houmus houmus
creoleness creoleness
str. str.
thebe thebe
gallowglass gallowglass
dunamis dunamis
mathematicks mathematicks
utis utis
colour-blindness colour-blindness
above-stairs above-stairs
codfish codfish
scheds. scheds.
numbfish numbfish
tournedos tournedos
teddys teddys
tej tej
eurhythmics eurhythmics
beya beya
limeworks limeworks
colourfulness colourfulness
newes newes
man. man.
babykins babykins
yukata yukata
kango kango
motorcross motorcross
chem. chem.
moai moai
cy-pres cy-pres
fols. fols.
irori irori
deg. deg.
trumpetfish trumpetfish
aua aua
klar klar
scorpionfish scorpionfish
longshanks longshanks
bejabers bejabers
ser. ser.
fulfilness fulfilness
wendigo wendigo
kakemono kakemono
rec. rec.
presbyacusis presbyacusis
waza-ari waza-ari
litotes litotes
psy-ops psy-ops
sweetums sweetums
ali'i ali'i
phosphorous phosphorous
leod leod
rabbitfish rabbitfish
anthropometrics anthropometrics
hakama hakama
imp. imp.
mahboob mahboob
prec. prec.
palagi palagi
longyi longyi
gnudi gnudi
taonga taonga
ictus ictus
pondus pondus
factness factness
blewits blewits
soapworks soapworks
humourlessness humourlessness
smallmindedness smallmindedness
wt. wt.
eerieness eerieness
vigourlessness vigourlessness
millihertz millihertz
ghoti ghoti
lampuki lampuki
diplomatics diplomatics
off. off.
lightmindedness lightmindedness
prep. prep.
kermes kermes
dim-wittedness dim-wittedness
dim. dim.
tizwas tizwas
katharsis katharsis
pierogi pierogi
shizoku shizoku
ostitis ostitis
clearsightedness clearsightedness
fiberoptics fiberoptics
pruritis pruritis
superficies superficies
scrubfowl scrubfowl
sobersides sobersides
toadfish toadfish
scup scup
remora remora
ductus ductus
stapes stapes
redfish redfish
homoeostasis homoeostasis
anti-aircraft anti-aircraft
country-blues country-blues
chermes chermes
soft-heartedness soft-heartedness
mithai mithai
unattachedness unattachedness
charr charr
shiitake shiitake
kaiju kaiju
gtt gtt
juku juku
doublemindedness doublemindedness
jiao jiao
not. not.
bn. bn.
cad. cad.
jiaozi jiaozi
faint-heartedness faint-heartedness
oecus oecus
microspecies microspecies
hellspawn hellspawn
colourfastness colourfastness
onwardness onwardness
savouriness savouriness
aufwuchs aufwuchs
basa basa
hot-headedness hot-headedness
angrez angrez
lapsus lapsus
work-camp work-camp
oleas oleas
electro-magnetics electro-magnetics
shetani shetani
smartypants smartypants
kumiss kumiss
karbovanets karbovanets
bk. bk.
brassworks brassworks
second-handedness second-handedness
openheartedness openheartedness
assoc. assoc.
mawashi mawashi

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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