Verbs with a possible rare form for the simple past (94)

Word Simple Past Simple Past Rare
get gotgat
go wentyode
come camecome
find foundfand
help helpedholp
work workedwrought
let letleet
pay paidpayed
write wrotewrit
speak spokespake
hit hithat
eat ateet
forget forgotforgat
break brokebrake
drive drovedrave
dare dareddurst
address addressedaddrest
burst burstbrast
ride roderid
step steppedstope
climb climbedclomb
stretch stretchedstraught
owe owedought
yield yieldedyold
swim swamswum
swear sworesware
absorb absorbedabsorpt
drag draggeddrug
bend bentbended
shape shapedshope
heat heatedhet
melt meltedmolt
snap snappedsnapt
bake bakedbook
fold foldedfeld
leap leapedlept
wrap wrappedwrapt
spin spunspan
creep creptcrope
reap reapedreapt
starve starvedstarf
toss tossedtost
shove shovedshave
carve carvedcorve
fare faredfore
shave shavedshove
pluck pluckedpluckt
thread threadedthrid
glide glidedglode
curse cursedcurst
curse cursedcurst
ache achedoke
clap clappedclapt
delve delveddalf
awake awokeawaked
wring wrangwringed
misuse misusedmisust
cleave cleftclave
gnaw gnawedgnew
writhe writhedwrothe
rework reworkedrewrought
shriek shriekedshright
hew hewedhew
wend wendedwent
unbend unbentunbended
smite smotesmit
gripe gripedgrope
seethe seethedsod
vex vexedvext
bespeak bespokebespake
smart smartedsmort
quake quakedquoke
bullshit bullshittedbullshat
frain frainedfroin
stick stucksticked
hagride hagrodehagrid
wind woundwinded
upleap upleapeduplept
ding dingeddang
bestep besteppedbestope
ween weenedwende
besweeten besweetenedbesweetned
big up bigged upbig upped
nill nillednould
wax waxedwex
ride a horse foaled by an acorn rode a horse foaled by an acornrid a horse foaled by an acorn
behelp behelpedbeholp
wax wode waxed wodewex wode
bebark bebarkedbebork
cliché clichédclichéed
bear borebare
pay out paid outpayed out
will willedwould
heat up heated uphet up

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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