Verbs with more than one form for the 3rd person singular (54)

Word 3singular 3singular Alternative
focus focusesfocusses
dare daredares
ski skisskies
bus bussesbuses
bias biasesbiasses
rendezvous rendezvousrendezvouses
curtsey curtseyscurtsies
taxi taxiestaxis
sleepwalk sleepwalkssleepswalk
bivouac bivouacsbivouacks
refocus refocusesrefocusses
aks aksakses
wuv wuvzwuvs
præsume præsumespræsumeth
mishave mishasmishaves
to and fro tos and frosto and fros
degas degasesdegasses
surplus surplusessurplusses
unbias unbiasesunbiasses
prefocus prefocusesprefocusses
rock and roll rocks and rollsrock and rolls
veg vegsveges
jump rope jumps ropejump ropes
hocus hocuseshocusses
caucus caucusescaucusses
kayo kayoskayoes
self-focus self-focusesself-focusses
hillo hilloshilloes
stucco stuccoesstuccos
necro necroesnecros
micro microsmicroes
plus plusesplusses
hallo halloshalloes
halloo hallooshallooes
aunswer aunswersaunswereth
aggro aggrosaggroes
defocus defocusesdefocusses
circus circusescircusses
hafta hastahafta
omnibus omnibusesomnibusses
midwife midwivesmidwifes
outgas outgasesoutgasses
unfocus unfocusesunfocusses
misfocus misfocusesmisfocusses
debias debiasesdebiasses
enhalo enhalosenhaloes
sgraffito sgraffitossgraffitoes
gas gasesgasses
autofocus autofocusesautofocusses
præserve præservespræserveth
overfocus overfocusesoverfocusses

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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