Words with more than one superlative form (28)

Word Superlative Superlative2
old oldesteldest
little leastlittlest
right rightestrightmost
left leftestleftmost
powerful powestfullestpowestfulest
far farthestfurthest
dry driestdryest
wonderful wondestfullestwonderfulest
peaceful peacefullestpeacefulest
evil evillestevilest
loyal loyalestloyallest
cruel cruelestcruellest
shy shiestshyest
fearful fearfullestfearfulest
wry wriestwryest
plentiful plentifullestplentifulest
sly sliestslyest
haunted hauntedest
few and far between fewest and farthest betweenfewest and furthest between
high functioning highest functioninghighest functioning
leeward leewardmost
lief liefestlievest
German Germanest
mimsy mimsiest
dadgum dadgummest
love-shy love-shiestlove-shyest
high-functioning highest functioninghighest-functioning
toey toeiesttoeyest

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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