Third person plural for verbs ending in -o (301)

Word 3singular
do does
go goes
undergo undergoes
echo echoes
undo undoes
woo woos
veto vetoes
forgo forgoes
video videoes
overdo overdoes
forego foregoes
outdo outdoes
zero zeroes
boo boos
tango tangoes
radio radios
shampoo shampoos
redo redoes
torpedo torpedoes
poo poos
re-echo re-echoes
loco locos
limbo limbos
coo coos
hullaballo hullaballos
outwoo outwoos
drink to drinks to
hullaballoo hullaballoos
cameo cameos
mango mangoes
view halloo view halloos
boo-boo boo-boos
ballyhoo ballyhoos
stereo stereos
dildo dildoes
add up to adds up to
turn into turns into
hullo hullos
underdo underdoes
stiletto stilettos
dial into dials into
build into builds into
check into checks into
forthgo forthgoes
Velcro Velcros
lean into leans into
to and fro tos and fros
velcro velcros
benegro benegroes
lazo lazos
talk down to talks down to
talk into talks into
key into keys into
bow to bows to
reecho reechos
put paid to puts paid to
me too me toos
gecko geckos
repo repos
hang onto hangs onto
buffalo buffaloes
whoo whoos
make do makes do
soprano sopranos
silo silos
get into gets into
stick to sticks to
domino dominoes
atgo atgoes
turn to turns to
go to goes to
haloo haloos
yoyo yoyos
calypso calypsos
heave to heaves to
report to reports to
roshambo roshambos
turn two turns two
heave-ho heave-hoes
mezzotinto mezzotintos
mosquito mosquitos
stampedo stampedos
step to steps to
make into makes into
rip into rips into
yoohoo yoohoos
napoo napoos
gambado gambados
tumble to tumbles to
togo togoes
overgo overgoes
lie doggo lies doggo
mimeo mimeos
fresco frescoes
misdo misdoes
bastinado bastinadoes
put to puts to
break into breaks into
bedo bedoes
folio folios
bravo bravos
decrescendo decrescendos
lie to lies to
yo-yo yo-yos
have a wild hair to has a wild hair to
thoroughgo thoroughgoes
come and go comes and goes
give lie to gives lie to
yeave-ho yeave-hoes
champoo champoos
ditto dittos
alloo alloos
jackaroo jackaroos
kayo kayos
let go lets go
solo soloes
niello niellos
boogaloo boogaloos
get on to gets on to
put up to puts up to
melt into melts into
latch onto latches onto
be able to is able to
salvo salvos
loo loos
camo camos
admire to admires to
pogo pogos
rodeo rodeos
fianchetto fianchettos
loo loos
give rise to gives rise to
run into runs into
nympho nymphoes
hillo hillos
stucco stuccoes
boohoo boohoos
jackeroo jackeroos
tivo tivos
polyfoto polyfotoes
necro necroes
TiVo TiVos
micro micros
poopoo poopoos
bongo bongos
demo demos
demo demos
lend itself to lends itself to
bunko bunkos
fordo fordoes
bolo bolos
to-and-fro to-and-fros
let someone go lets someone go
litho lithos
photo photos
bolo bolos
come into comes into
hallo hallos
ragoo ragoos
bump into bumps into
buy into buys into
lay into lays into
ace into aces into
halloo halloos
palisado palisadoes
sabo sabos
lace into laces into
manifesto manifestos
kazoo kazoos
give someone the old heave-ho gives somebody the old heave-ho
ammo ammos
peekaboo peekaboos
servo servos
stand to stands to
aggro aggros
come on to comes on to
Kondo Kondoes
pachinko pachinkos
bring to brings to
get onto gets onto
parleyvoo parleyvoos
go combo goes combo
stand up to stands up to
go commando goes commando
detaboo detaboos
retattoo retattoos
cling to clings to
fall to falls to
fandango fandangos
plough into ploughs into
mean to means to
wango tango wango tangoes
beat to beats to
eat for two eats for two
bring up to brings up to
intaglio intaglios
cotton on to cottons on to
heigh-ho heigh-hos
cotton onto cottons onto
eat into eats into
say no says no
come to comes to
stand-to stands-to
pluto plutos
voodoo voodoos
pitch woo pitches woo
typo typos
account to accounts to
cotton to cottons to
look forward to looks forward to
hoodoo hoodoos
look into looks into
moo moos
banjo banjos
dado dadoes
Roneo Roneos
lam into lams into
walk into walks into
dosado dosados
an hero an heros
mambo mambos
embargo embargoes
goo goos
outgo outgoes
see into sees into
impasto impastoes
bamboo bamboos
tattoo tattoos
goo goos
cuckoo cuckoos
hello hellos
enhalo enhalos
promo promos
get stuck into gets stuck into
sgraffito sgraffitos
tally ho tally hos
parlyvoo parlyvoos
look up to looks up to
shoo shoos
back into backs into
sing soprano sings soprano
gherao gheraos
carbonado carbonados
disco discos
tally-ho tally-hos
attend to attends to
kangaroo kangaroos
crack onto cracks onto
tallyho tallyhos
hollo holloes
ghetto ghettoes
halo haloes
come up to comes up to
dig into digs into
slip into slips into
keep to keeps to
plow into plows into
slip it to slips it to
get the memo gets the memo
see to sees to
holloo holloos
metoo metoos
reshampoo reshampoos
bo jio bo jios
taboo taboos
misgo misgoes
tobacco tobaccos
have to has to
lead up to leads up to
rope into ropes into
electro electros
cosy up to cosies up to
bego begoes
gear to gears to
contango contangos
get to gets to
fulldo fulldoes
aim to aims to
light into lights into
lasso lassoes
umbego umbegoes
withgo withgoes
answer to answers to
poo poo poo poos
crescendo crescendoes
strappado strappados
memo memos
tomato tomatos
repro repros
barricado barricadoes
bingo bingos
bunco buncos
hobo hobos
intro intros
squeeze into squeezes into
ingo ingoes
get up to gets up to

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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