Symbols in English (42)

Word Meaning
A The highest rank on any of various scales that assign letters.
ucd Alternative spelling of µcd
uK Alternative spelling of µK
IRR Iranian rial
a Distance from leading edge to aerodynamic center.
riyal The arabic symbol for the riyal : ﷼
AAC American Cement Corporation, stock exchange symbol.
Isp (rocketry) Abbreviation of lang=en
PRO (syntax) A theoretical phonologically null pronoun
li (math) Logarithmic integral function
pineapple (U.S. Old South
) In the Old South, a pineapple placed over the entrance of a house meant the homeowner was home and providing hospitality to visitors.
Rs rupees
Rs. altform Rs

ae Variant of æ.
Æ (chiefly dated or linguistic) Ligature of vowels A and E, called ash.
cosh (trigonometry) The symbol of the hyperbolic function hyperbolic cosine.
Ns (meteorology) Nimbostratus.
cr crore
Cs (meteorology) cirrostratus
ug Alternative spelling of µg
mGal (metrology) The acceleration of one thousandth of a Gal; milligal.
Ger⁺⁶ (music) German augmented sixth chord
KB kilobyte, also written as kB
umol Alternative spelling of µmol
Gal (metrology) The symbol for the cgs unit of acceleration, gal or galileo.
Œ (chiefly dated) Ligature of vowels O and E, called œthel.
a/A (medical) Arterial to alveolar oxygen ratio.
Unsupported titles/Greater than (internet slang) Used to quote a person, especially to emphasize what was said and make fun of the person.
SM service mark
Ob (category theory) The set of objects of a category.
Fr⁺⁶ (music) French augmented sixth chord
TM trademark
Re rupee
eH Symbol for redox potential (in volts).
us Alternative spelling of µs
AAA (sports
North America
) The highest level of minor league baseball, often used by extension in other sports to indicate the highest level of minor league play in that sport as well.
hph horsepower-hour
Cn (element symbol) Symbol for copernicium.
XXX Traditional brewer's mark for barrels of "extra strong" beer - extended to other alcoholic beverages and other products having an "extra strong" dimension (varying from washing soap to pornography).
It⁺⁶ (music) Italian augmented sixth chord
mAh milliampere-hour

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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