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Word Meaning
while we're young (Idiomatic) soon, without much delay (urging someone to hurry up)
on the carpet Being reprimanded or carpeted.
within living memory (Idiomatic) In living memory.
in one's day Synonym of in one's time
in the world (Idiomatic) Expletive used for emphasis, for example after an interrogative word.
off the hinges In a state of disorder or irregularity.
on the cheap (Idiomatic) Economically, especially if too economically.
within reach At a distance close enough to touch by reaching.
out of practice (of a person) Diminished in proficiency, especially in exercising a skill, due to disuse or a lack of recent experience.
in one's dreams (idiomatic
) Used to express the speaker's belief that a preceding statement expressed a desired rather than an actual state of affairs.
at a canter (Idiomatic) Without much effort; easily.
on the clock (literally) Displayed on the dial of a clock (timepiece).
within reason To an extent which is reasonable; not beyond what is reasonable.
out of print (publishing) Not available from the publisher (of a printed work, especially a book, or a music release).
after the fact (Idiomatic) Too late; after something is finished or final.
OTC (slang
text messaging
) Initialism of on the cheek
in a heartbeat (Idiomatic) Without hesitation or reservation; at once.
in one's element In a situation which is entirely suitable, familiar, or enjoyable.
in the wrong incorrect; in error.
at a glance (Idiomatic) Upon cursory examination; an abbreviated review.
off the hizzy (slang) Off the hook, fresh, awesome, cool, excellent.
within the pale Within the boundaries, either physical or metaphorical; especially within the limits of acceptable behavior.
out of proportion (Idiomatic) Not in a proper or pleasing relation to other things, especially in terms of size.
to a degree To an extreme; exceedingly.
in a hot minute (US
) Very quickly; at once.
in one's eyes Shining very brightly and directly at the face so that it is difficult to see because one is blinded by the light.
in the wrong place at the wrong time (literally) Describing actions or activities that the speaker considers inappropriate, misdirected, or unlikely to yield good results.
at a loose end (chiefly
) Idle; bored
out of question (obsolete) Unquestionably, without question, certainly.
after the Lord Mayor's show (Idiomatic) Said of a disappointing or mundane event occurring straight after an exciting, magnificent, or triumphal event.
as you like (colloquial) To any extent or degree.
to a fare thee well Alternative spelling of to a fare-thee-well
in a hurry Rushed, hurried; short of time.
in one's face (literally) Onto or into someone's face.
in the zone (Idiomatic) In a mental state of focused concentration on the performance of an activity, in which one dissociates oneself from distracting or irrelevant aspects of one's environment.
at a loss Below the cost or price of purchase.
on the contrary (conjunctive) opposite of what had earlier been expected or assumed
out of reach Outside the distance to which someone can stretch out their hand.
to a fare you well Alternative form of to a fare-thee-well
in a jiffy Very quickly; without delay.
in one's head (idiomatic
of information, a plan, etc.
) Within one's intellect, memory, or mind.
in theory Theoretically.
at a loss for words (Idiomatic) Having nothing to say; stunned to the point of speechlessness.
on the cross dishonestly
down on one's uppers (Idiomatic) impecunious, lacking money
out of season Not in a proper season or time; untimely; inopportune.
in a lather In a state of nervousness or anxiety.
in one's midst In the middle of a group. Among a group.
in this connection (sometimes
) In connection with this subject.
at a moment's notice (Idiomatic) Immediately; instantaneously; without need of warning.
off the hooks (colloquial) Unhinged; disturbed; disordered.
on the cuff (chiefly
) On credit, with payment to be made later.
out of service Not available for use.
to a fare-you-well Alternative form of to a fare-thee-well
IME (internet slang) Initialism of in my experience
in a league of one's own (Idiomatic) Far excelling even the closest contender; not having any worthy competition.
in one's opinion According to person's subjectively formed thoughts, not necessarily having any formal basis in fact.
at a pinch (AU
) by a small margin or amount
off the lay having stopped laying eggs for some reason.
on the cutting room floor (Idiomatic) Not included in the finalized version of something; deliberately rejected or unintentionally overlooked.
out of shape (Idiomatic) physically unfit
in a manner of speaking As it were, figuratively speaking, in a manner, in a way, in a certain respect.
in one's own right As a consequence of one's own skill, qualification or status, rather than that of another.
at a premium (finance) Above par value.
off the mark (figuratively) Inaccurate; not correct or appropriate.
on the defensive Prepared to defend or protect against criticism, attack or aggression.
to a fine fare-thee-well Alternative form of to a fare-thee-well
in a minute Within a short time, very soon
in one's own time Taking as much time as one requires; when one is ready.
in thunderation (US
) In any set of circumstances whatsoever.
at a push not later than, at the latest
au jus (culinary
of meat
) Prepared or served in or with gravy made from its own juices.
off the radar (Idiomatic) Unlikely to happen or be important in the near future, or tending to escape detection or attention.
on the docket in hand; under consideration, or in process of execution or performance
by a hair's breadth (Idiomatic) By a narrow margin
to a hair To a nicety; to a high degree of precision; with the utmost exactness.
in one's pocket (Idiomatic) Subject to one's whims because of bribery.
in time At or before the time assigned.
at a rate of knots Quickly; rapidly; fast.
off the rails (Idiomatic) In an abnormal manner, especially in a manner that causes damage or malfunctioning
on the dot (Idiomatic) exactly; precisely, especially of a numerical quantity
by a long chalk (UK
) By far.
to a man Unanimously; without exception.
in a one-er (informal) in one attempt
at a single stroke Alternative form of at one stroke
off the record Not for publication.
on the double (Idiomatic) Rapidly or immediately.
by a long shot (idiomatic
with a negative
) By a wide margin; indicates a very big difference or disparity.
out of station (India) Away from home; out of town.
ATW (Internet slang) Initialism of around the world
to a nicety (Idiomatic) To a fine point, with great exactness or accuracy.
in a oner Alternative form of in a one-er
in total Including all aspects of something
at a stand (Idiomatic) In a state of confusion or uncertainty; undecided what to do next.
on the down-low (US
) In secret.
by a whisker By a very small distance.
out of step With the movement of one's feet opposed to that of others
to a T (Idiomatic) Precisely; exactly; perfectly; with great attention to detail.
in a perfect world Synonym of in an ideal world
in one's sights Alternative form of in sight
on the dry (idiomatic
) temporarily refraining from drinking alcohol
out of stock (Idiomatic) Temporarily unavailable for sale.
overtime Misspelling of over time
to a tee Alternative form of to a T
in a pickle In a difficult situation or a troubling quandary.
in one's stead (formal) in place of someone or something
in touch (Idiomatic) In contact, or in communication.
at a stroke Alternative form of at one stroke
off the table Beyond consideration.
on the earie (slang) Listening or eavesdropping; staying alert for news.
out of temper Not in good temper; irritated; angry.
to a tittle (obsolete) Down to the least particular; perfectly, to a T.
in a pig's arse (idiomatic
) Absolutely not; under no circumstances.
in one's time In the time when one was of a certain age.
at a time In a single, continuous period of time.
off the top of one's head (Idiomatic) In an extemporaneous manner; without careful thought, preparation, or investigation.
on the edge of one's seat (Idiomatic) In suspense; waiting eagerly or anxiously for some resolution.
by all accounts (literally) According to all available accounts or reports.
without a doubt certainly; doubtlessly; unquestionably; indisputably
out of the blue (Idiomatic) unexpectedly; without warning or preparation
to a turn (idiomatic
of cooked food
) To perfection.
in a pig's eye (Idiomatic) Under very unlikely circumstances; probably never.
at a venture (dated) at random, without application of due thought, haphazardly or recklessly
off the wagon (Idiomatic) No longer maintaining a program of self-improvement or abstinence from an undesirable habit, especially drinking alcohol.
on the face of (Idiomatic) Notwithstanding.
by all means Emphatically yes; certainly; definitely.
down the banks (slang
New York
) in prison
without a hitch (of an event or process) With no problems.
out of the box &lit See out of, the, box
to all intents and purposes (idiomatic
) For every functional purpose; in every practical sense; in every important respect; practically speaking.
in a pig's whisper (slang
) In a very short time; in a jiffy.
in one's wildest dreams (idiom
normally in the negative
) Much better than one could ever expect.
in town (of a person) at the town or city where one lives; at the town or city being referenced.
at adventure (obsolete) Alternative form of at a venture
on the face of it (Idiomatic) Apparently; as far as can be seen or determined.
down the cludgie (Scotland
) : wasted or irretrievable.
without a trace (of an event or process) Without showing or leaving behind any sign of something; tracelessly.
out of the chute (Idiomatic) At the start, immediately.
to an extent Partly; in part.
in a pinch (Idiomatic) In an urgent or difficult situation; when no other solution is available.
in operation activated; functional; functioning; operating; working
in train In progress, underway.
at all (Idiomatic) Indicating degree, quantity or frequency greater than zero: to the slightest degree, in any way, somewhat, rather.
on the fence undecided; wavering in one's opinion
down the drain (idiomatic
) Synonym of down the toilet: wasted or irretrievable.
without day Without a day being fixed for reconvening.
out of the corner of one's eye (of a look or glance) Sideways, obliquely, askance
in a row successively, one after the other.
in trans Clipping of in transition
at all adventures (obsolete) At random, in any manner, any which way; in whatever way one can, as best one can.
on the flip-side on the other hand; conversely
down the gurgler (AU
) Synonym of down the drain
without doubt Alternative form of without a doubt
out of the frying pan and into the fire Alternative form of out of the frying pan, into the fire
in a state (Idiomatic) Agitated and anxious.
in transit In the process of being transported.
at all costs Absolutely imperative; sparing no effort.
off to the races (Idiomatic) In or into a process of energetic engagement in some activity; in or into a phase of conspicuously increasing satisfaction or success.
on the floor (US
) Mounted on the floor of an automobile
down the hatch (informal) Into the mouth and down the throat, especially with regard to the consumption of a beverage.
without exception exceptionlessly; in their entirety.
out of the frying pan, into the fire (Idiomatic) Move or get from an already bad situation to a worse one; end up in a worse situation when trying escape from a bad or difficult one.
in transition Undergoing transformation from one's biological sex to the opposite.
by any chance possibly; perhaps
down the khazi Synonym of down the toilet: wasted; irretrievable.
without fail (Idiomatic) certainly; by all means; as a matter of importance
out of the loop (Idiomatic) Not informed, up-to-date, or current; not included in a process or discussion.
at all hands On all sides; from every direction; generally.
on the fritz (of electrical or mechanical appliances) Out of order; malfunctioning; broken.
by any means (Idiomatic) in any manner whatsoever.
down the line (Idiomatic) Further along, in terms of time or progress.
without fear or favour In an equal or fair manner
ad idem in agreement
out of the money (finance
) Of an option, yielding a loss if exercised.
in a way To a certain degree, or in a certain sense.
in trouble Suffering difficulties.
at all hours (temporal location
) Late into the night or early morning; when people ought to be sleeping.
on the front foot (cricket
of a batsman
) Having the weight on the front foot in order to play an attacking stroke
by any stretch of the imagination (idiom
in negative constructions
) by any means; in any sense; regardless of how one puts or considers it
down the pan Synonym of down the toilet: wasted; irretrievable.
without further adieu (humorous) Intentional (intended as humorous) mangling of without further ado.
to arms used to order an attack, a summons to war or battle
in ordinary In an official capacity .
in true Properly aligned; in alignment.
at any rate (conjunctive) In any case, anyway, anyhow, regardless; used to discard a previous thought.
by chance Unexpectedly; not planned.
down the road &lit down
without further ado (Idiomatic) With no further ado.
past it (informal) No longer capable, not as effective as previously.
in a word Briefly; concisely.
in other words (conjunctive
) Stated or interpreted another way; Used to introduce an explanation, simplification, or clarification.
in truth Truthfully, to tell the truth, in fact.
at arm's length At a distance, away from one's body.
on the go (Idiomatic) Actively traveling; busy; moving often.
without loss of generality (mathematics) With a constraining assumption that, however, makes it clear how to apply the proof performed under this assumption to the general case unconstrained by the assumption.
out of the ordinary (Idiomatic) Unusual or exceptional, especially for the better (often used in the negative).
in abatement (legal) Seeking termination of an action by reason of formal deficiency.
in pairs In groups of two individuals or items
in tune (music) Having the correct musical pitch.
at bat (baseball) In the batter's box.
on the gripping hand (fandom slang
) from a third point of view
by default In absence of any opposing action.
down the shitter (vulgar) Synonym of down the toilet
without prejudice (formal) Not affecting nor considering other possibly related issues.
out of the picture (Idiomatic) Not included in the matter being planned or under consideration; not a factor or participant in the present situation.
in Abraham's bosom (Idiomatic) No longer living; dead.
in parallel At the same time. Together, or cotemporally.
in turn One after the other; one at a time; in succession; successively.
for a change (Idiomatic) As a departure from the usual.
on the ground Directly in an area of interest or active operations; in the field.
by definition According to, or as a matter of, definition.
down the toilet (Idiomatic) Into a state of collapse or failure: wasted, squandered; irretrievable.
without question totally obediently
OTG Initialism of off the grid
in absentia (legal) While not present; while absent
in twain (Archaic) In two, in halves, into two parts, asunder
at bay (set phrase
) Unable to come closer; at a distance.
on the half hour happening hourly, but at 30 minutes past each hour; ie, 08:30, 09:30 etc.
by degrees In gradual steps.
down the track (Idiomatic) Further along, in terms of time or progress.
out of the running (Idiomatic) No longer in a competition.
in action In operation.
in part to an extent; not fully.
in two (set phrase) Into two parts.
at best (Idiomatic) In the most favorable of conditions; at the most.
for a song (Idiomatic) For a very low price; very cheaply.
fosho label en
slang {{pronunciation spelling of
for sure
down the tube Alternative form of down the tubes
out of the way Remote or secluded.
AOR Initialism of at own risk
in two days (Not with a specific meaning)
at bottom (Idiomatic) Really, basically, fundamentally.
on the hoof (of cattle) Not yet butchered.
by ear (chiefly
) Playing (an instrument) by following along with other musicians, without reference to sheet music.
down the tubes (idiomatic
) Synonym of down the toilet: wasted; irretrievable.
out of the woods Out of peril; likely to recover or prevail over trouble; finished with the worst or most threatening part of a problem or illness.
in passing Incidentally; as a brief diversion from another topic etc.
in two minds Alternative form of of two minds
at call (obsolete) available when requested
on the hook (idiomatic
often followed by for
) In debt; obligated to pay or provide; liable; responsible or blamed.
by far (Idiomatic) To a considerably large extent, easily.
down the wind In the direction of, and moving with, the wind.
in advance beforehand
in peace With someone's favour or blessing.
at church every time the doors are open (Christianity
) religious to the point of excess; ridiculously religious
on the hop (slang
) Playing truant from school.
ten to one (Idiomatic) Very likely to happen
to bits Into small pieces; indicating total destruction.
in perpetuity For an indefinitely long time
in two shakes of a cow's tail Alternative form of in two shakes
at cost (business) At the purchasing price; without any markup.
for Africa (slang
) In abundance.
in agreement Of one mind; thinking alike.
in person With one's own body and presence, as opposed to radio, the Internet, the telephone, television etc.
in two shakes of a dog's tail Alternative form of in two shakes
at cross-purposes (Idiomatic) Mutually misunderstanding each other's plans, intentions or meanings.
on the horns of a dilemma (Idiomatic) Facing a choice between two equally undesirable alternatives.
out of town (of a person) Away from home; out of one's town of residence.
through the floor (figurative) To a very low level.
in two shakes of a duck's tail Alternative form of in two shakes
at daggers drawn In a state of open hostility.
like a bag of ferrets (simile) With a great deal of fuss, commotion, or physical jostling.
on the hour hourly, beginning at the start of each hour.
down to a science Perfected; practiced ease and confidence.
out of true Not properly aligned; out of alignment.
through the gate (cricket
) Through a gap between the bat and the batsman's shin pad.
in all With everything included, considered or counted.
in two shakes of a lamb's tail Alternative form of in two shakes
at dark During nightfall.
for all intents and purposes (US) For every functional purpose; in every practical sense; in every important respect
like a bat out of hell (simile) With crazy or excessive intensity or speed.
on the house (of goods or services) free, complimentary
down to a T Alternative form of to a T
out of tune Not in agreement, especially in musical pitch.
through the roof (idiomatic
) At a very high level.
in all honesty (Idiomatic) honestly; in truth
in twos Grouped by pairs; arranged in groups of two.
at death's door (Idiomatic) About to die; in a life-threatening state of health.
for all intrinsic purposes Misconstruction for all intents and purposes
like a bear with a sore head (simile) Very irritable; bad-tempered.
out of view hidden, not visible.
in phase Mutually synchronized
in unison moving or acting all at the same time
for all one is worth (Idiomatic) Intensely, vigorously, with as much effort as one can supply.
on the hush-hush (Idiomatic) secretly; in secret
out of wedlock (Idiomatic) Of parents not legally married.
in all likelihood Very probably; almost certainly.
in pig (of a sow) Pregnant; also (jocular) used of a woman.
at each other's throats (Idiomatic) In mutual conflict.
ATEOTD (Internet slang) Initialism of at the end of the day
for all one knows Possibly or conceivably, given one's limited knowledge.
in all my born days (Idiomatic) (emphatic) Ever.
at ease Free of anxiety; not stressed or tense.
for all practical purposes effectively, virtually
like a bitch on heat (simile
) Synonym of like a dog on heat
for all the world (Idiomatic) Entirely, to all appearances.
on the job working, busy
in use Currently being used.
at fault guilty, responsible, deserving blame
for another thing (sequence) Used to introduce an additional item in a possible sequence
like a boss (Internet slang) skillfully, confidently
on the ladder (idiomatic
) On a property ladder, owning property.
by halves (Idiomatic) Partially, incompletely; inadequately, halfheartedly, shoddily.
down under (Idiomatic) In Australia.
in places In some places and not everywhere; of a patchy nature.
at first (Idiomatic) Initially; at the start.
for best (obsolete) for good; permanently
FOUO (US) Initialism of for official use only
by hand (Idiomatic) Manually; without the use of automation or machines.
in plain sight (Idiomatic) very easy to see or notice especially when it is supposed to be hidden
on the lash (UK
) out drinking socially
by heart (Idiomatic) Knowing completely; as having committed completely to memory.
out on the tiles (idiomatic
) Out for a night on the town.
in plain view (Idiomatic) easily seen, very visible.
at first blush (Idiomatic) Upon first impression or consideration; seemingly, apparently, ostensibly.
for better or worse No matter what the future may hold (no matter whether it is good or bad).
on the latch (of a door) Closed but not locked, so that it can be opened by operating the latch.
by hell (vulgar) Exclamation of shock or surprise.
out over one's skis Alternative form of over one's skis
to hand Readily available; within easy reach; nearby.
in and of itself With respect to its intrinsic or inherent nature; per se, intrinsically, inherently
in play As a joke.
in very deed (Archaic) indeed; certainly
at first glance (modal) After only a superficial examination or review
for cause (legal
) For a legitimate, specific reason; with justification.
on the level (Idiomatic) Honest(ly), sincere(ly), straightforward(ly), fair(ly).
by hook or by crook (Idiomatic) By any means possible; one way or another.
out the wazoo (vulgar
) excessive or excessively; too much
in view visible; in sight
at first sight Superficially, without a full inspection.
for certain definitely, positively, without doubt
like a cat on a hot tin roof (simile
) Jumpy, nervous.
out the window (idiomatic
) Made obsolete; altered drastically as a result of situational change.
to heel Into submissive agreement or compliance.
in point of fact (modal) Actually.
at full stretch Using maximum resources.
for chrissake (Idiomatic) used to express annoyance or frustration
like a charm Very effectively.
at full throttle As fast as physically possible.
for chrissakes (colloquial) for Christ's sake
off-duty Alternative spelling of off duty
in any event at any rate, anyhow
at full tilt (Idiomatic) At full speed; very quickly.
for Christ's sake (colloquial) Used to express surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration.
like a chicken with its head off Alternative form of like a chicken with its head cut off
on the loose (Idiomatic) Not incarcerated or in captivity; not under control.
by little and little (dated) A small amount at a time; little by little.
out there (informal) In the public eye.
in any way, shape, or form (Idiomatic) In any way at all; whatsoever.
at gaze (chiefly
) Gazing; standing so as to stare (especially of deer).
before dark Before night begins to fall. From morning until evening. In the daytime before sunset.
like a chicken with no head Alternative form of like a chicken with its head cut off
OMDB Initialism of over my dead body
on the make (Idiomatic) Actively seeking a romantic encounter or relationship.
IMO (Internet slang) Initialism of in my opinion
before it was cool (idiom) Before (an idea or activity) was popular, trendy, famous, or duly appreciated.
on the mark (Idiomatic) Precisely accurate; correct or appropriate.
by mistake (Idiomatic) by accident; without intention to do so
in power (politics) Currently ruling; being the present controlling authority, as of a government or country.
at gunpoint Under coercion by someone with a firearm.
for days &lit for
before long soon
on the market Offered for sale.
by no means (Idiomatic) certainly not; definitely not.
to meward (obsolete) Towards me.
in practice really, in effect. Not hypothetically.
before someone's time (Idiomatic) From before one was born or old enough to be aware of the world.
like a dog on heat (simile) Very energetic and enthusiastic, especially when sexually aroused.
on the mend (idiomatic
of persons and their health
) Healing or recovering, as from an injury or illness.
by no stretch of the imagination (idiom) Not by any means; in no sense.
imo .
in present (obsolete) At once, without delay.
at hand Within easy reach; nearby.
for England (UK
) Very well or for a long time.
on the mending hand convalescent; improving in health
by now At some time in the near past
at heart (Idiomatic) In spirit; according to one's beliefs, views or feelings; deep down, really, fundamentally
like a dose of salts Very quickly and thoroughly.
on the money (Idiomatic) In the correct position; on target; precisely accurate; accurately.
by one's lights (Idiomatic) According to one's understanding.
in bad part Unfavourably, with offence, resentfully. (Chiefly with take.)
in principle With regard to the fundamentals, but not to the particulars.
at Her Majesty's pleasure (legal
of a position supposedly granted or imposed by a queen
) indefinitely
like a duck takes to water (simile
) Very naturally; without effort.
by one's lonesome Alternative form of on one's lonesome
into detail (Idiomatic) Thoroughly; including every detail.
in ballast (nautical
of a ship
) Having only ballast and no cargo as load.
in print written down on e.g. paper.
in ways to some extent; partially
at home In one's place of residence
like a duck to water (simile
) Alternative form of like a duck takes to water
on the nail (British) immediately, without delay
by one's own hand (Idiomatic) As a result of one's own actions, especially with reference to death by suicide.
into the bargain (informal) along with it; additionally; as well
to one's liking In a pleasing state or form.
in ballast condition (nautical) In ballast.
in prison imprisoned; in a prison as a convict
in weal and woe In both prosperity and adversity.
like a fart in church (slang
) In a way that is very poorly received.
on the nose &lit on
by oneself Alone; without assistance or help from others.
into thin air (Idiomatic) Immediately and inexplicably out of sight.
to one's mind (Idiomatic) In one's opinion, from one's point of view.
in private Privately, where no one else can see and/or hear what one is doing or saying.
in what world How. .
at issue In question; under discussion.
for example (conjunctive) As an example.
like a hawk (simile) With particular vigilance or attention, implying sharp vision.
on the one hand (sequence
) From one point of view.
by owner (of a sale or attempted sale, especially of real property) Without a real-estate agent or broker representing the seller.
to one's name Belonging to one.
in bed While on a bed.
in progress Currently taking place.
at it Occupied with a given activity; busy with something.
for fake (humorous) Not for real.
like a headless chicken Alternative form of like a chicken with its head cut off
by rail Via a train.
to one's taste to one's liking
in proper (obsolete) Individually; privately.
at knifepoint Being threatened with a knife; under coercion.
for free Without paying.
like a hole in one's head (emphatic
) Not.
by rights (Idiomatic) Properly, in justice.
to one's way of thinking in one's opinion; as far as one is concerned
at large (Idiomatic) On the loose; roaming freely; not confined.
for fuck's sake (idiomatic
) An expression of anger or frustration.
on the other hand (sequence
) From another point of view.
by sail Via a sailboat or sailing ship.
to order As ordered or requested; to fulfil a command or request.
in bend (heraldry) Of figures: placed in a slanting direction from the dexter chief to the sinister base.
in public In view of other people, who may be strangers.
in writing via a written message, as opposed to verbally or via other means.
at last (Idiomatic) After a long time; eventually.
like a kid in a candy store (simile) Elated or excited as a result of having many options to choose from.
by steam Via a steam-powered boat or ship.
to pieces &lit to
in pup pregnant with puppies
at latter Lammas (idiomatic
) Never.
like a lamb to the slaughter (simile) helplessly and innocently, without knowing the unpleasant consequences.
on the outs (chiefly
) On unfriendly terms; estranged.
by the book (Idiomatic) In a manner which adheres strictly to rules, legal requirements, or official procedures.
outside the box (Idiomatic) Beyond the bounds of convention.
to rights Into proper order; properly.
at least (focus) At the least; at a minimum or lower limit.
for good (Idiomatic) Forever; permanently.
upon a stound (obsolete) in a moment
like a man (colloquial
) bravely, decisively and without complaining
on the outside looking in Alternative form of on the outside, looking in
by the by used to introduce a new topic; incidentally
in bits (UK
) In a state of great hilarity.
at leisure free from any occupation; not busy; idle
upon a sudden (obsolete) all of a sudden; suddenly
on the outside, looking in (Idiomatic) Excluded from a group, process, or opportunity, and feeling downhearted as a result.
by the bye Alternative spelling of by the by
in black and white (Idiomatic) Explicitly, in writing, clearly and without doubt or misunderstanding, without any grey areas.
in quick sticks In a hurry; rapidly.
at length For a long time.
for good measure (Idiomatic) In excess of the minimum required; Added as an extra
upon one's speed (obsolete) At speed; moving rapidly.
like a million bucks (simile
) extremely good or well
on the Pat and Mick (Cockney rhyming slang) Sick; out of commission due to being unwell.
by the ears In a state of conflict; fighting, scuffling.
in blood (hunting) In a state of perfect health and vigour.
in rags Dressed in very old, torn clothes.
at loggerheads (figuratively) unable to agree; opposing
for goodness' sake (idiomatic
) Used to express frustration, exasperation, annoyance.
upon the by (obsolete) by the by; incidentally
like a million dollars (simile
) extremely good or well
on the pat and mick Alternative form of on the Pat and Mick
by the eye (obsolete) In abundance.
to scale (of a model) such that each dimension has the same proportion to the original
in bloom Blooming, blossoming, having flowers opening.
at long last (Idiomatic) at last
for goodness' sakes (idiomatic
) Used to express frustration, exasperation, annoyance.
like a moth to a flame Alternative form of like a moth to the flame
on the pill (idiomatic
of a woman
) Using oral contraceptives.
by the Grace of God (Idiomatic) By divine right.
to some extent Partly; in part.
around one's ears Alternative form of about one's ears
in reality When actually done or put into practice.
at loose ends (US
) Without any activity or purpose.
inside the box (Idiomatic) Restricted by convention
damned if one does and damned if one doesn't (Idiomatic) A situation where either choice results in a negative outcome; dilemma.
upon the tapis Under discussion or consideration.
like a moth to flame Alternative form of like a moth to the flame
on the piss (slang
) Drinking alcoholic beverages.
around Robin Hood's barn (Idiomatic) the long way around; a roundabout or circuitous route
in broad daylight In ample natural illumination, during the daytime.
in recent memory (Idiomatic) In living memory.
at most At the most; at a maximum or upper limit.
pro parte In part; used in nomenclature to denote that a taxon includes more than one currently recognized entity, and that only one of those entities is being considered.
like a moth to the flame Inescapably allured by something harmful.
on the plus side (Idiomatic) Positively; from a favorable view or perspective.
to taste (cooking) Depending on personal taste.
around the bend Alternative form of round the bend (crazy, insane).
upon the whole matter archaic form of on the whole
by the numbers (Idiomatic) to do something exactly, precisely, or in a formulaic way.
around the clock (duration
) All the time, or seemingly all the time; constantly.
at no time Never.
for it quickly, with haste

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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