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Word Meaning
a- (no longer productive) Towards; Used to indicate direction, reduction to, increase to, change into, or motion.
ly- Alternative form of lyo- (before a vowel)
anthropo- Forming words related to men or people.
Hungaro- Hungary; Hungarian
eth- (organic chemistry) Used as a combining form to denote the presence of 2 carbon atoms in the parent chain when forming names of organic compounds.
i- A form of the prefix in-, used before gn, as in ignoble, ignominy, and ignore.
baro- pressure.
Franco- Relating to France or the French people, language, or culture.
a- (no longer productive) Away from.
paleo- Old; ancient or primitive
hexadeca- sixteen
rutheno- ruthenium
i- (Jamaica) Used to transform English words into words used by Rastafarians with a special meaning.
aristo- Used to mean "the best" or to describe something that aims toward the best.
astheno- (anatomy) asthenia; weakness
cupro- (chemistry) of or pertaining to copper
ureo- urea
oeno- wine, the alcoholic beverage.
a- (no longer productive) Of, from.
xyl- Alternative form of xylo-
chondro- Describing something relating to grains or having a granular structure.
i- Alluding to the Internet.
Fitz- (used in s) Son of; especially used for the illegitimate sons of royalty.
galvano- electricity or galvanism
œno- archaic spelling of oeno-
half- A prefix used before brother, sister, uncle, aunt, and so forth, to indicate that the person being identified is related only through one parent, grandparent, and so forth, rather than two.
aden- Alternative form of adeno- used before vowels.
pano- Alternative form of pan-
hyper- over, above or beyond
Arabo- The combining form of the adjective Arabic.
myrmeco- of or pertaining to ants
nom- law, legislation
blenno- mucus
dex- (in the names of some pharmaceutical drugs) Alternative form of dextro-; denoting a dextrorotatory form.
aeolo- In continuous change.
thia- Used to form the names of chemical compounds containing sulfur, especially such compound in which a sulfur atom replaces an oxygen atom in an analogous compound
horo- time
naso- Relating to the nose.
lept- form of lepto- before a vowel
therm- Alternative form of thermo-
condylo- (anatomy) condyle
recto- (anatomy) rectum
synchro- synchronous; synchronized
Copto- Coptic
after- (rare
no longer productive
) With contrary, subordinate, or remote effect; denoting hindrance, setback, inferiority, etc.
facio- (anatomy) face
praeter- Alternative spelling of preter-
ventro- Alternative form of ventri-
nyct- Related to night or darkness.
al- (no longer productive) Alternative form of all-
zetta- In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10, a sextillion. Symbol: Z
tubul- ISV combining form denoting relationship to tubules or microtubules
præter- archaic spelling of preter-
al- Variant of ad- used before the letter L.
homoi- Alternative spelling of homœ-
derm- Alternative form of dermo-
Qurano- Pertaining to the Quran
teleo- end; goal; purpose
colpo- (medicine) Vagina.
porto- (anatomy) portal vein
cyto- (biology) cell.
Hispano- Relating to Spain and Spanish culture.
stereo- Forming words relating to the solid, the three-dimensional.
deuter- A form of deutero- used before a vowel.
oleo- oil or oil-based materials
hispano- Alternative form of Hispano-
afore- Previously.
tele- over a distance
micromicro- (obsolete) Pico- (in the names of SI units)
trypano- trypanosome
ptero- pertaining to wing or feather
brepho- (rare) baby
bur- Placename prefix, indicated site of a fortified place.
acro- sharp
luni- moon
homoio- 'homoi-' + '-o-'
antero- (anatomy
) anterior; front; forward
uretero- (anatomy) ureter
glacio- glacial ice.
derma- dermal
hecato- One hundred; one hundred times.
mandibulo- (anatomy) mandible; mandibular
zyg- union
enter- (obsolete) mutually, between; inter-
ultra- Greater than normal quantity or importance, as in ultrasecret.
iso- equal
cyan- Alternative form of cyano-
psammo- Pertaining to sand
gloss- (chiefly
) tongue
oo- Relating to eggs or ova.
sympatho- (anatomy) sympathetic nervous system
enter- Alternative form of entero- before a vowel.
metallo- metal
phyco- seaweed or algae.
physico- physical; pertaining to physics
bar- Alternative form of bary-
somato- (medicine) body
cyno- Forming compound words having the sense of "dog".
oö- Alternative spelling of oo-
adeno- gland
palyno- pollen
homo- Same.
back- Back in its adverbial senses.
bario- (mineralogy) Used to form the names of minerals in which an element has been replaced by barium
deci- Meaning a tenth part.
lepto- thin, fine, slender
homo- Of or pertaining to homosexuals or homosexuality.
toxo- Alternative form of toxi- or 'tox-'.
phon- Alternative form of phono-
ileo- Of or relating to the ileum.
Armeno- Armenia, Armenian
tungsto- (chemistry) Relating to tungsten.
oct- Form of octa- or octo- used before a vowel.
homo- (organic chemistry) Used to form the names of compounds derived from simpler ones by addition of a methylene group.
Turco- Turkey; Turk.
atrio- (anatomy) atrium
pleo- supernumerary; many
Sueco- Synonym of Swedo-
orbito- (anatomy) orbit
myxo- mucus
dehydro- (organic chemistry) Used to form the names of compounds that have lost one or more hydrogen atoms, especially those that have lost even numbers of hydrogen atoms to form double bonds
octa- eight
onco- Pertaining to tumors.
proximo- ISV combining form denoting proximal location or vector
eicosa- Alternative form of icosa-
ant- A variant form of anti- used before a vowel.
logo- Pertaining to a word or to the act of speech.
chalco- copper, brass etc
phosphoro- (chemistry) phosphorus
tropo- Combining form used in forming words relating to something for which changeability is a defining characteristic.
boreo- northern
deutero- Used to form terms meaning second or secondary
sulf- (chemistry) Alternative form of sulfo-; used before a vowel.
zirco- (chemistry) zirconium
ipsi- self, same
regio- (chemistry) region
Catalano- Relating to Catalan culture, Catalan people or the Catalan language.
Czecho- Czech Republic.
dasy- hairy, shaggy, dense, used in compound words
hadro- hadron; hadronic
centi- hundred; one-hundredth
pent- Alternative form of penta- used before a vowel.
hydroxy- (chemistry) having, or derived from a hydroxyl radical
benz- (organic chemistry) Containing a benzene ring
acet- Alternative spelling of aceto-, used before vowels.
zygo- union
matr- Form of matro- used before a vowel.
im- Expressing negation; not.
sept- Seven: forming words relating to seven.
tubulo- ISV combining form tubule or microtubule
Indo- Relating to India
dermat- Alternative form of dermato-
sulfa- sulfa drugs
syl- with, together, co-, com-.
all- Indicates complete power or authority in an area.
ideo- idea, image.
im- Alternative form of the prefix em-, itself variant of en-.
indo- Alternative form of Indo-
nycto- Alternative form of nyct-
diphy- double, two-fold
off- Away from; off.
penta- five
Hurro- pertaining to Hurrians, especially as a political entity
archaio- Alternative form of archaeo-
imid- Alternative form of imido-
septa- seven
auro- (chemistry
) gold
polyribo- Forming the names of polyribonucleotides and derived words
cuneo- cuneate
fronto- (anatomy) frontal lobes
lith- stone
omphalo- Relating to the navel.
mercurico- (chemistry) mercuric
quadri- Four.
contra- against
insta- (informal) instant
NN (star) the prefix of catalog entries in the Gliese star catalog, the expansion called the Preliminary Version of the Third Catalogue of Nearby Stars
ombro- Forms words related to rain.
mammo- (biology, medicine) relating to the mammary organs (mammary glands, breasts, udders, and dugs).
ento- Synonym of endo-
chorio- chorion.
hyl- Alternative form of hylo-
iris- Alternative form of irid-
limn- Alternative form of limno-
Uralo- pertaining to Ural, especially as a political entity
matri- mother
balneo- bath
cross- exchange; switch.
dichlor- (chemistry) A form of 'dichloro-' used mainly before a vowel.
xylo- wood
parthen- virgin
tris- (chemistry
) A variant of tri- used to indicate that the component that does not take the prefix occurs three times in the compound: 'tris'phosphuret of copper is PCu; 'tris'benzeneazoresorcinol, CH(OH)(NPh).
mon- Alternative form of mono-
cranio- cranium
digi- digital
Malayo- pertaining to Malay, especially as a political entity
yester- (rare) Belonging to the day preceding the present; next before the present.
dermato- Forms terms pertaining to skin
rhizo- roots (of living organisms).
agro- agriculture
physio- nature
atrop- (organic chemistry) atropisomer
di- two, twice or double
lev- (chemistry) Alternative form of levo-; denoting a levorotatory form. (before a vowel)
icosa- twenty
Sino- A combining form relating to China or the Chinese, in those terms' various senses.
di- A form of dia- before a vowel
rheo- flow, current
perma- permanent, everlasting, eternal
arachno- spider
selen- moon
she- A female, usually an animal.
sino- sinus.
denti- Synonym of dento-
adipo- (anatomy
) fat
hemi- Half.
Celto- pertaining to Celts, especially as a political entity
alto- (meteorology) Forms terms related to clouds of middle étage
sacculo- (anatomy) sacculus
selen- (productive in mineralogy; no longer productive in
) (containing) selenium
uran- (chemistry) A form of 'urano-' used before a vowel.
La- Used in African-American female given names.
Medo- pertaining to Media, especially as a political entity
uran- Relating to the heavens or to Urania.
laryngo- Of the throat or larynx.
hendeca- eleven
aorto- aorta
procto- Dealing with the colon, rectum and anus.
dia- through, across, between
down- Prefix denoting decrease.
æqui- Obsolete spelling of cap=a
pneum- Abbreviated form pneumon-
dichloro- (chemistry) containing two chlorine atoms
hepato- Pertaining to the liver.
co- together; mutually; jointly
pyr- Alternative form of pyro-
ad- near, at.
eco- ecology or the environment (in the ecological sense)
cine- film, movie
fluo- (chemistry) fluorine
spondyl- Alternative form of spondylo-
visuo- vision
brom- (chemistry) A form of 'bromo-' used before a vowel.
dis- reversal or removal
mal- bad, badly as in maladjusted, malcontent - faulty, faultily as in malfunction
entero- (medicine) relating to the intestines.
contro- against; see contra-.
pneumat- spirit
Italo- Italian
batho- deep
cyano- dark blue-green in colour
spheno- (anatomy) sphenoid bone
desoxy- Alternative spelling of deoxy-
glosso- 'gloss-' + '-o-'
cerauno- thunderbolt, thunder, lightning.
tiru prefix of many words used exclusively in the cant of Vaishnavas and Saivas in Tamil Nadu, also to precede names of holy places like Tirumala and Tirupati. It is equivalent to Sri the saintly, the holy, sacred.
italo- Alternative form of Italo-
skeleto- skeleton
limno- lake, pond
partheno- 'parthen-' + '-o-'
urethro- (anatomy) urethra
vigen- twenty
Brit- British
hist- Alternative form of histo- used before vowels.
metro- Short for metropolitan: of or relating to the city.
quinqu- Alternative form of quinque- used before a vowel.
dipl- Alternative form of diplo- used before a vowel.
or- (no longer productive) From the outset; original; out; out of; without.
dwi- (chemistry
) A designation prefix for undiscovered chemical elements lying two periods under a known element in the periodic table. (For example, rhenium was called dwi-manganese before its discovery in 1926.)
metro- (medicine) Relating to the uterus.
apo- away from, or separate
sero- combining form serum
nether- low, lower, below, under, beneath.
kerauno- thunderbolt, thunder, lightning.
vas- vas deferens
geronto- pertaining to old age or those of old age
odonto- tooth
phlebo- Relating to veins
but- (organic chemistry) Denotes the presence of four carbon atoms in the parent chain when forming names of organic compounds.
atlanto- (anatomy) atlas
pluri- several
musculo- (anatomy) muscle
pseph- pebble, small stone
vice- Taking the place or rank of (another person); deputy.
grammatico- grammar
tessara- four
klado- (inorganic chemistry) a very open boron structure
mero- part
viscero- Forming compound words concerning viscera.
gravo- (chiefly
) grave (accent) and —
maxi- Denotes a larger than usual version of an item.
Tibeto- Of or pertaining to Tibet.
hylo- matter
semio- semiotics
actin- Alternative form of actino-
tachi- Alternative form of tachy-
out- External to, on the outside of
taxo- order, arrangement
neuro- Forming compound words relating to nerves, nerve tissue, or the nervous system.
Lacono- pertaining to Sparta, especially as a political entity
peroxy- (chemistry) Used to name compounds containing the divalent peroxy -O-O- radical
milli- In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, one-thousandth of the unit to which it is prefixed; that is, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10. Symbol: m.
atropo- Alternative form of atrop-
spondylo- spine
psepho- 'pseph-' + '-o-'
psych- Alternative form of psycho-
chion- snow
sapr- Alternative form of sapro-
sec- (organic chemistry) secondary-form of a functional group, a branched functional group
platini- (chemistry) platinic
meno- month
phago- eating; consuming
gain- Prefix meaning "against", "contrary to", "in opposition to", "counter-".
quinque- five
olfacto- smell
tetr- Form of tetra- used before a vowel.
twi- (rare
no longer productive
) two
carbo- (chemistry) carbon
hect- Form of hecto-—meaning 100—used before a vowel.
dys- bad
selenio- (chemistry) selenium
muci- mucus
multi- More than one; pertaining to more than one thing.
ir- Used for expressing negation; not
Britanno- pertaining to Britannia, especially as a political entity
diplo- double
homeo- identity, sameness
con- (non-productive) used with certain words to add a notion similar to those conveyed by with, together, or joint
nemat- (chiefly
) Characteristic of, pertaining to, or possessing a filiform structure.
steth- Alternative form of stetho-
dors- Prevocalic form of dorso-
paedo- (British spelling) Alternative spelling of pedo-
tetra- four.
thaumat- Alternative form of thaumato-
sex- A form of sexa-, meaning six.
con- attached to certain words to obtain new, informal, subcultural words in which 'con-' conveys a notion of:
fluor- (chemistry) Alternative form of fluoro- used before a vowel.
nemat- nematode
vesico- bladder
linguo- (anatomy
) tongue
retro- Back or backward.
pædo- Obsolete spelling of paedo-
histi- Alternative form of histo-.
salpingo- (medicine) Mesosalpinx: pertaining to the Fallopian tubes.
entomo- insect
sapro- putrid, rotten matter
bacter- Alternative form of bacterio-
nepho- cloud
gibi- The IEC prefix meaning 2 = 1,024 = 1,073,741,824. Compare giga-, meaning 10 = 1,000 = 1,000,000,000, a billion.
striato- (anatomy) striatum
imido- (organic chemistry) Of or pertaining to an imide.
stetho- (anatomy) chest
dimethylimidazol- (chemistry) Dimethylimidazole, within a larger chemical formula
Mac (Irish and Scottish patronymic surnames) son of.
malto- (chemistry) maltose
thaumato- miracle, wonder, marvel
hyps- Height.
phragmo- obstruction, barrier
mono- one
plani- flat, level, plane
plesio- Close, near.
nona- nine
pseud- Shortened form of pseudo-, used before a noun.
brady- slow
taut- Alternative form of tauto-
thanato- death
hyps- Aloft, on high.
in- in, into, towards, within.
pneumato- 'pneumat-' + '-o-'
Inver- mouth of a river; confluence
sporo- spore
step- A prefix used before father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, child, and so forth, to indicate that the person being identified is not a blood relative but is related through the marriage of a parent.
ego- Relating to the self
arithmo- numbers; arithmetic
in- in, into
info- information.
dextro- Right; on the right; toward the right.
haplo- single
pali- recurrence, repetition
chrys- Alternative form of chryso-
in- (non-productive) Used with certain words to reverse their meaning
platino- (chemistry) platinic
luteo- (chemistry) orange-yellow; brownish yellow
palae- variant of "paleo-" used before vowels
Scytho- pertaining to Scythia, especially as a political entity
phospho- (chemistry) phosphorus
extra- outside, beyond.
bacteri- Alternative form of bacterio-
sito- food, especially grain
laparo- (medicine
) flank, side
bronto- thunder
palæ- archaic form of paleo-
teno- (medicine
) tendon
cholangio- (anatomy) bile duct
Serbo- Serbia.
strato- strata; especially, stratus clouds
maxillo- Of, or relating to, the maxilla.
end- internal, within, inside, into
tibio- tibia
hypsi- Height.
ilio- (anatomy) Pertaining to the ilium.
uveo- uvea
video- Forms terms relating to moving images, and especially to television
Norvego- pertaining to Norway, especially as a political entity
hypsi- Aloft, on high.
pharma- Pertaining to pharmaceuticals or pharmacology.
ichn- Alternative form of ichno-
triskaideka- thirteen
inguino- (anatomy) inguen; groin
urano- (chemistry) uranium
oxi- (chemistry) Obsolete spelling of oxy-
zinco- (chemistry) containing, or combined with, or using zinc
placo- (chiefly
) Provided with or relating to a flat plate or plates.
toco- Relating to childbirth.
nemato- (compound prefix) nemat- + -o-
urano- (astronomy) of the heavens
tauto- Used to form words indicating repetition or sameness.
aniso- Forming compounds words having the sense ‘unequal’ (often formed to contrast with similar words in iso-).
Perso- Persian
sexa- six.
haem- Alternative form of haemo-
aer- prevocalic form aero-
heli- helicopter
zebi- The IEC prefix meaning 2 = 1,024 = 1,180,591,620,717,411,303,424. Compare zetta-, meaning 10 = 1,000 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, a sextillion.
holo- whole
viginti- twenty.
where- Which, what, whom: compounded with prepositions to form compound relative and interrogative pronouns.
hæm- Alternative form of haem-
aër- Alternative spelling of aer-
masto- Alternative form of mast-
the- (religion) god or deity
hecto- In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 100. Symbol: h
infero- (anatomy) inferior
potam- Alternative form of potamo-
visco- (physics) viscosity
seleno- 'selen-' + '-o-'
areo- Mars
platinoso- (chemistry) platinous
myel- Alternative form of myelo-
Slovako- pertaining to Slovakia, especially as a political entity
proteo- protein
Syro- Syria
tachy- fast
even- (rare
no longer productive
) Prefix occurring mostly in older terms, bearing the meaning of equal-, co-, fellow-, joint-.
udi- (soil science) udic
sulphureo- (obsolete) Used as a combining form to indicate sulphureous and some other property
accelero- acceleration
retino- retina
hexahedro- (chemistry) having eight atoms, bound into a hexahedron (cube)
schm- Used to form a reduplicated rhyming compound of any word in order to express disparagement, dismissal, or derision.
franken- Indicating artificiality or combination of disparate elements, often terrifying or unattractive.
wan- (no longer productive except in
) Preceding nouns and adjectives with the sense ‘bad, un-’
palaeo- Alternative spelling of paleo-
thermo- heat
enantio- opposite, opposed, opposing
mela- Forms words relating to black or dark
hypso- Height.
semanto- semantic
dactyl- Alternative form of dactylo-
quasi- Similar to, but not exactly the same as; virtual(ly).
glycero- (organic chemistry) Derived from glycerol
palæo- archaic spelling of paleo-
hypho- (inorganic chemistry) a relatively open boron structure
perineo- (anatomy) perineum
hypso- Aloft, on high.
ichno- trace
nor- (organic chemistry) a compound derived from another by removal of a radical, especially by removal of methyl or methylene
enviro- environmental or environmentalist.
phyllo- leaf, leaves.
potamo- river
vasculo- blood vessel
aceto- (organic chemistry) Containing a methyl group bonded to a carboxyl group.
tetrakis- (mathematics) A variant of tetra-, used for multiplication with a second numerical prefix.
pharmaco- medication
nano- In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10. Symbol: n
pro- agreeing with; supporting; favouring
velo- Pertaining to a velum, usually the velum palatinum (soft palate, palatum molle).
magnesio- Pertaining to magnesium.
tephro- ash
bacterio- (microbiology) bacteria
pro- earlier; prior
gymno- naked
opsono- opsonin
myso- dirt, filth
dorsi- dorsal
hemo- Alternative spelling of haemo-
pancreato- pancreas
chromo- (chemistry) chromium
atto- In the International System of Units and other metric systems of units, multiplying the unit to which it is attached by 10. Symbol: a
pneumo- 'pneum-' + '-o-'
bathy- deep, especially deep sea
utero- uterus
olig- Alternative form of oligo-, used before a vowel.
by- (usually non-productive) town or city
actino- (biology) radial; ray
roto- rotation
histo- (biology) tissue
patr- Form of patro- used before a vowel.
picro- bitter

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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