The plural of words ending in -f (537)

Word Plural
staff staffs
half halves
stuff stuffs
behalf behalves
roof roofs
self selves
beef beef
leaf leaves
shelf shelves
wolf wolves
thief thieves
calf calves
handkerchief handkerchiefs
disbelief disbeliefs
dwarf dwarfs
turf turfs
scarf scarves
loaf loaves
elf elves
take-off take-offs
wharf wharves
play-off play-offs
scrum-half scrum-halves
commander-in-chief commanders-in-chief
second-half second-halfs
werewolf werewolves
sheaf sheaves
hoof hoofs
centre-half centre-halves
fly-half fly-halves
unbelief unbeliefs
lay-off lay-offs
bookshelf bookshelves
lf lvs
payoff payoffs
dandruff dandruffs
sunroof sunroofs
aperitif aperitifs
headscarf headscarves
interleaf interleaves
riff-raff riff-raffs
fall-off fall-offs
poof poofs
editor-in-chief editors-in-chief
woonerf woonerfs
distaff distaffs
kerchief kerchiefs
gif gifs
ef efs
sherif sherifs
wheatsheaf wheatsheaves
mantelshelf mantelshelves
bas-relief bas-reliefs
cloverleaf cloverleafs
flagstaff flagstaffs
kef kefs
keef keefs
she-wolf she-wolves
meatloaf meatloaves
seawolf seawolves
laff laffs
sanserif sanserifs
astroturf astroturfs
taf tafs
tf tfs
pikestaff pikestaffs
broadleaf broadleafs
fig-leaf fig-leaves
neckerchief neckerchiefs
ccf ccf
tradeoff tradeoffs
sugarloaf sugarloaves
waterleaf waterleafs
flyleaf flyleaves
head-scarf head-scarves
figleaf figleaves
tipstaff tipstaffs
coachroof coachroofs
examination-in-chief examinations-in-chief
boof boofs
decaff decaffs
delf delves
kickoff kickoffs
calif califs
non-self non-selfs
flyhalf flyhalves
tenant-in-chief tenants-in-chief
timberwolf timberwolves
'arf 'arfs
tipoff tipoffs
spinoff spinoffs
goaf goafs
scrumhalf scrumhalves
sherrif sherrifs
pilaff pilaffs
shut-off shut-offs
whoof whoofs
conf confs
tea-leaf tea-leaves
silf silfs
draff draffs
riffraff riffraffs
were-wolf were-wolves
kerf kerfs
mouf moufs
ripoff ripoffs
niff niffs
lift-off lift-offs
'alf 'alves
misbelief misbeliefs
perf perfs
brushoff brushoffs
quarterstaff quarterstaffs
sweetleaf sweetleafs
sign-off sign-offs
creampuff creampuffs
mooncalf mooncalves
waqf awqaf
larf larfs
goniff goniffs
reaf reafs
bumpf bumpfs
khalif khalifs
sugar-loaf sugar-loaves
masquf masqufs
khaliff khaliffs
sharīf sharīfs
seed leaf seed leaves
bloodleaf bloodleaves
walking leaf walking leaves
presheaf presheaves
butt stuff butt stuffs
two-of two-ofs
half-and-half half-and-halfs
tiger wolf tiger wolves
newhalf newhalfs
sans-serif sans-serifs
unicorn barf unicorn barfs
coywolf coywolves
spelloff spelloffs
Tasmanian wolf Tasmanian wolves
malt loaf malt loaves
spellthief spellthieves
pocket handkerchief pocket handkerchiefs
note to self notes to self
Moebius scarf Moebius scarves
moebius scarf moebius scarves
cyberself cyberselves
bookstaff bookstaves
sulfur shelf sulfur shelves
Palestinian scarf Palestinian scarves
splif splifs
heart-leaf heart-leaves
tarof tarofs
pent roof pent roofs
fleshloaf fleshloaves
bum calf bum calves
walkoff walkoffs
palm thief palm thieves
thing-in-itself things-in-themselves
mountain wolf mountain wolves
government wharf government wharves
neaf neafs
moon roof moon roofs
kadayif kadayifs
baron of beef barons of beef
galley proof galley proofs
bum fluff bum fluffs
willing suspension of disbelief willing suspensions of disbelief
colstaff colstaves
banana leaf banana leaves
short stuff short stuffs
one-of one-ofs
send off send offs
smof smofs
end in itself ends in themselves
Jedburgh staff Jedburgh staffs
bum-fluff bum-fluffs
cantoral staff cantoral staffs
tea leaf tea leaves
traf trafs
moon-calf moon-calves
dauerschlaf dauerschlafs
firststuff firststuffs
qof qofs
box-calf box-calfs
underleaf underleaves
other half other halves
angle leaf angle leaves
horsethief horsethieves
foliage leaf foliage leaves
dandriff dandriffs
fig leaf fig leaves
calctuff calctuffs
gonef gonefs
leadoff leadoffs
machine elf machine elves
cantref cantrefs
scarf scarfs
scherif scherifs
lettuce leaf lettuce leaves
half-elf half-elves
Mastiff Mastiffs
day off days off
sulphur shelf sulphur shelves
case-in-chief cases-in-chief
beehive shelf beehive shelves
dire wolf dire wolves
ash-leaf ash-leaves
hyppogriff hyppogriffs
sending off sending offs
sea wolf sea wolves
sending-off sending-offs
fiscal cliff fiscal cliffs
acting scrum-half acting scrum-halves
head scarf head scarves
sea-calf sea-calfs
burden of proof burdens of proof
eastern wolf eastern wolves
Falkland Island wolf Falkland Island wolves
blow-off blow-offs
ego-self ego-selves
curry leaf curry leaves
champion in chief champions in chief
jack-staff jack-staffs
Falkland Islands wolf Falkland Islands wolves
champion-in-chief champions-in-chief
figgy duff figgy duffs
bakeoff bakeoffs
technoself technoselves
loff loffs
suspension of disbelief suspensions of disbelief
earthwolf earthwolves
end-leaf end-leaves
prayer for relief prayers for relief
wakf wakfs
wine thief wine thieves
triple bluff triple bluffs
Romertopf Romertopfs
nief niefs
gannef gannefs
wakif wakifs
dining leaf dining leaves
orf orfs
taker-off takers-off
wood-elf wood-elves
ground beef ground beefs
midcalf midcalves
were wolf were wolves
red scarf red scarves
oxygen thief oxygen thieves
fiveleaf fiveleaves
bible leaf bible leaves
bay leaf bay leaves
grey wolf grey wolves
maned wolf maned wolves
prairie wolf prairie wolves
warwolf warwolves
Dutch loaf Dutch loaves
zebra wolf zebra wolves
artificial turf artificial turfs
ganof ganofs
gonif gonifs
were-elf were-elves
naif naifs
cookoff cookoffs
drive off drive offs
subsheaf subsheaves
wiff-waff wiff-waffs
level staff level staff
cloven hoof cloven hooves
cyberthief cyberthieves
timber wolf timber wolves
killoff killoffs
finnif finnifs
finniff finniffs
cosheaf cosheaves
stouthrief stouthriefs
Mobius scarf Mobius scarves
mobius scarf mobius scarves
Hattie leaf Hattie leaves
Möbius scarf Möbius scarves
baby beef baby beefs
cottage loaf cottage loaves
ivy-leaf ivy-leaves
beamshelf beamshelves
heartleaf heartleaves
kerfluff kerfluffs
stem and leaf stems and leaves
gray wolf gray wolves
kid's stuff kid's stuffs
directeur sportif directeurs sportifs
antiself antiselves
mutesarrif mutesarrifs
kids' stuff kids' stuffs
demiwolf demiwolves
tef tefs
editor in chief editors in chief
mutessarif mutessarifs
Jollof Jollofs
outfangthef outfangthefs
nanoleaf nanoleaves
kuf kufs
granary loaf granary loaves
one and a half one and a halves
kuff kuffs
ragleaf ragleafs
Editor-in-Chief Editors-in-Chief
underself underselves
utfangenthef utfangenthefs
chief of staff chiefs of staff
stem-and-leaf stems-and-leaves
Astroturf Astroturfs
leveling staff leveling staffs
Pullman loaf Pullman loaves
handoff handoffs
Ccf Ccf
waterproof waterproofs
fixatif fixatifs
shaduf shadufs
saraf sarafs
colestaff colestaves
conditional proof conditional proofs
kief kiefs
capsheaf capsheaves
seacalf seacalves
levelling staff levelling staffs
xerif xerifs
Sf Sfs
Jolof Jolofs
red wolf red wolves
shinleaf shinleafs
undershelf undershelves
cowlstaff cowlstaffs
dieoff dieoffs
true leaf true leaves
call leaf call leaves
mazgouf mazgoufs
telling off tellings off
scale leaf scale leaves
telling-off tellings-off
oompf oompfs
posheaf posheaves
brown dwarf brown dwarfs
lone wolf lone wolves
painted wolf painted wolves
roman à clef romans à clef
fotograf fotografs
gonof gonofs
catloaf catloaves
eigensheaf eigensheaves
jerk off jerk offs
tawaif tawaifs
pentroof pentroofs
first half first halves
better half better halves
law calf law calfs
wehrwolf wehrwolves
cauf cauves
iron hoof iron hoofs
ornate wolf ornate wolves
cauf cauves
sea calf sea calfs
snow on the roof snow on the roofs
lace-leaf lace-leafs
golden calf golden calves
quoif quoifs
butterleaf butterleafs
tank loaf tank loaves
Ethiopian wolf Ethiopian wolves
artist's proof artist's proofs
strawberry leaf strawberry leaves
white dwarf white dwarfs
mazquf mazqufs
forehoof forehoofs
hankerchief hankerchiefs
aard-wolf aard-wolves
mackinaw skiff mackinaw skiffs
member of staff members of staff
microserf microserfs
sesame leaf sesame leaves
sigh of relief sighs of relief
vine leaf vine leaves
horse thief horse thieves
sesame leaf sesame leaves
continental shelf continental shelves
bedstaff bedstaffs
bayliff bayliffs
kalif kalifs
vine staff vine staffs
aardwolf aardwolves
true-leaf true-leafs
copresheaf copresheaves
vine-leaf vine-leaves
strandwolf strandwolves
tealeaf tealeaves
ice shelf ice shelves
curglaff curglaffs
nonself nonselfs
vine-staff vine-staffs
maple leaf maple leaves
whipstaff whipstaffs
basrelief basreliefs
knock off knock offs
laceleaf laceleafs
bullmastiff bullmastiffs
constaff constaff
second half second halves
drop-leaf drop-leafs
pan-loaf pan-loaves
metif metifs
maple-leaf maple-leaves
simple leaf simple leaves
blast-off blast-offs
velvetleaf velvetleafs
calf calves
treble staff treble staffs
infangenthef infangenthefs
ganef ganefs
infangthef infangthefs
shed roof shed roofs
hussif hussifs
Musaf Musafs
scrum half scrum halves
jackstaff jackstaffs
nonleaf nonleaves
dock leaf dock leaves
centre half centre halves
kaif kaifs
erf erfs
show off show offs
grand staff grand staffs
page proof page proofs
infinity scarf infinity scarves
ticking-off tickings-off
Shaughnessy playoff Shaughnessy playoffs
kissoff kissoffs
swim brief swim briefs
writeoff writeoffs
sneak thief sneak thieves
noseleaf noseleafs
sweet leaf sweet leaves
foaf foafs
ontological proof ontological proofs
werwolf werwolves
dropleaf dropleafs
theef theefs
tcf tcf
warp and woof warps and woofs
bass-relief bass-reliefs
yiff yiffs
float-on float-off float-on float-offs
dropoff dropoffs
knock-off knock-offs
Vienna loaf Vienna loaves
sugar loaf sugar loaves
brohoof brohooves
dark elf dark elves
dockleaf dockleaves
whiff waff whiff waffs
your good self your good selves
time off time offs
zurf zurfs
tundra wolf tundra wolves
doze off doze offs
fly half fly-halves
whiff-waff whiff-waffs
outrelief outreliefs
milf milfs
Big Bad Wolf Big Bad Wolves
Abyssinian wolf Abyssinian wolves
theif theives
commander in chief commanders in chief
right stuff right stuffs
bogof bogofs
leatherleaf leatherleaves
spell off spell offs
light elf light elves
charge-off charge-offs
broomstaff broomstaffs
red dwarf red dwarfs
tau staff tau staffs
forestaff forestaffs
bee wolf bee wolves
liquor thief liquor thieves
fool to oneself fools to themselves
lead-off lead-offs
œil-de-bœuf œils-de-bœuf
toof teef
compound leaf compound leaves
longleaf longleafs
broad-leaf broad-leafs
brush wolf brush wolves
keverchief keverchiefs
chargeoff chargeoffs
time thief time thieves
risk off risk offs
pioneer scarf pioneer scarves
Mexican wolf Mexican wolves
beewolf beewolves
langdebeef langdebeefs
Guelf Guelfs
betel leaf betel leaves
deaf deafs
waitstaff waitstaffs
brosef brosefs
Wolof Wolofs
goofoff goofoffs
half staff half staffs
he-wolf he-wolves
corf corves
panel thief panel thieves
risk-off risk-offs
finiff finiffs
flesh loaf flesh loaves
keercheef keercheefs
alef alefs

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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