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Word Plural
man men
child children
woman women
chairman chairmen
gentleman gentlemen
spokesman spokesmen
policeman policemen
chapman chapmen
businessman businessmen
spokeswoman spokeswomen
foreman foremen
freeman freemen
salesman salesmen
batsman batsmen
postman postmen
fisherman fishermen
vice-chairman vice-chairmen
goodman goodmen
ombudsman ombudsmen
barman barmen
statesman statesmen
seaman seamen
gunman gunmen
clergyman clergymen
craftsman craftsmen
fireman firemen
waterman watermen
workman workmen
sportsman sportsmen
cameraman cameramen
ox oxen
horseman horsemen
milkman milkmen
layman laymen
alderman aldermen
policewoman policewomen
yeoman yeomen
draftsman draftsmen
madman madmen
bookman bookmen
flashman flashmen
kinsman kinsmen
batman batmen
watchman watchmen
brainchild brainchildren
nobleman noblemen
dutchman dutchmen
shipman shipmen
superman supermen
bowman bowmen
grandchild grandchildren
draughtsman draughtsmen
tradesman tradesmen
linesman linesmen
airman airmen
ploughman ploughmen
countryman countrymen
boardman boardmen
coachman coachmen
portman portmen
taxman taxmen
boatman boatmen
marksman marksmen
hardman hardmen
letterman lettermen
doorman doormen
congressman congressmen
hangman hangmen
churchman churchmen
snowman snowmen
pease peasen
signalman signalmen
showman showmen
businesswoman businesswomen
chairwoman chairwomen
wiseman wisemen
paceman pacemen
headman headmen
everyman everymen
shearman shearmen
hitman hitmen
frontman frontmen
journeyman journeymen
bogeyman bogeymen
spearman spearmen
hillman hillmen
highwayman highwaymen
footman footmen
handyman handymen
stockman stockmen
crewman crewmen
midshipman midshipmen
rifleman riflemen
huntsman huntsmen
helmsman helmsmen
caveman cavemen
guardsman guardsmen
groundsman groundsmen
packman packmen
ferryman ferrymen
jackman jackmen
chinaman chinamen
freedman freedmen
redman redmen
carman carmen
penman penmen
dustman dustmen
hackman hackmen
godman godmen
woodman woodmen
herdsman herdsmen
railwayman railwaymen
freshman freshmen
oldman oldmen
middleman middlemen
stuntman stuntmen
henchman henchmen
storeman storemen
masterman mastermen
horsewoman horsewomen
serviceman servicemen
infantryman infantrymen
steersman steersmen
nightwatchman nightwatchmen
husbandman husbandmen
wildman wildmen
ealdorman ealdormen
kirkman kirkmen
houseman housemen
dairyman dairymen
clubman clubmen
conman conmen
gentlewoman gentlewomen
warehouseman warehousemen
dalesman dalesmen
newsman newsmen
spaceman spacemen
strongman strongmen
lightman lightmen
bellman bellmen
weatherman weathermen
coalman coalmen
kinswoman kinswomen
swordsman swordsmen
townsman townsmen
nurseryman nurserymen
anchorman anchormen
schoolchild schoolchildren
youngman youngmen
bluesman bluesmen
bassman bassmen
ambulanceman ambulancemen
hellman hellmen
rockman rockmen
funnyman funnymen
axeman axemen
stoneman stonemen
sandman sandmen
birdman birdmen
adman admen
catwoman catwomen
spiderman spidermen
plowman plowmen
saleswoman saleswomen
cavalryman cavalrymen
newspaperman newspapermen
pressman pressmen
knifeman knifemen
assemblyman assemblymen
flagman flagmen
tribesman tribesmen
deadman deadmen
merman mermen
liveryman liverymen
charwoman charwomen
superwoman superwomen
frogman frogmen
noblewoman noblewomen
love-child love-children
quarryman quarrymen
merchantman merchantmen
aircraftsman aircraftsmen
muhajir muhajireen
yes-man yes-men
wasserman wassermen
keyman keymen
dangerman dangermen
busman busmen
washerwoman washerwomen
oilman oilmen
patrolman patrolmen
he-man he-men
madwoman madwomen
woodsman woodsmen
vatman vatmen
militiaman militiamen
night-watchman night-watchmen
forewoman forewomen
countrywoman countrywomen
lensman lensmen
tillman tillmen
bushman bushmen
warman warmen
needlewoman needlewomen
gateman gatemen
minuteman minutemen
repairman repairmen
millman millmen
cabman cabmen
klansman klansmen
cheeseman cheesemen
tidesman tidesmen
bannerman bannermen
artilleryman artillerymen
fieldsman fieldsmen
groomsman groomsmen
clansman clansmen
tallyman tallymen
copeman copemen
sportswoman sportswomen
plantsman plantsmen
postwoman postwomen
maltman maltmen
shopman shopmen
cowman cowmen
tribeswoman tribeswomen
townswoman townswomen
godchild godchildren
bandsman bandsmen
tubman tubmen
herdman herdmen
exciseman excisemen
bagman bagmen
stableman stablemen
lifeboatman lifeboatmen
seedsman seedsmen
slaughterman slaughtermen
lighterman lightermen
sideman sidemen
stepchild stepchildren
boilerman boilermen
fieldman fieldmen
gloveman glovemen
ex-serviceman ex-servicemen
rastaman rastamen
ironman ironmen
aircraftman aircraftmen
railman railmen
trawlerman trawlermen
cattleman cattlemen
iceman icemen
soundman soundmen
leadman leadmen
moonchild moonchildren
mutawa mutaween
baseman basemen
congresswoman congresswomen
saxman saxmen
tupman tupmen
linkman linkmen
cellarman cellarmen
airwoman airwomen
roundsman roundsmen
lineman linemen
sidesman sidesmen
committeeman committeemen
kingsman kingsmen
jazzman jazzmen
winchman winchmen
muscleman musclemen
frontiersman frontiersmen
firewoman firewomen
candyman candymen
headsman headsmen
markman markmen
potman potmen
badman badmen
mujahid mujahideen
gasman gasmen
mailman mailmen
pieman piemen
liegeman liegemen
craftswoman craftswomen
defenceman defencemen
beggarman beggarmen
hammerman hammermen
starman starmen
washerman washermen
wolfman wolfmen
wingman wingmen
roadman roadmen
riverman rivermen
trencherman trenchermen
bondsman bondsmen
choirman choirmen
freewoman freewomen
sugarman sugarmen
cracksman cracksmen
handiman handimen
reedman reedmen
fenman fenmen
workingman workingmen
flyman flymen
stickman stickmen
manchild manchildren
scrapman scrapmen
everywoman everywomen
yid yidden
councilman councilmen
laundryman laundrymen
huntswoman huntswomen
tacksman tacksmen
overman overmen
crossbowman crossbowmen
man-child man-children
lovechild lovechildren
draughtswoman draughtswomen
salaryman salarymen
landsman landsmen
vestryman vestrymen
bargeman bargemen
lawman lawmen
blindman blindmen
chargeman chargemen
raftsman raftsmen
oversman oversmen
creelman creelmen
binman binmen
donkeyman donkeymen
taximan taximen
outdoorsman outdoorsmen
barrowman barrowmen
moneyman moneymen
wild-man wild-men
turfman turfmen
markswoman markswomen
drayman draymen
schoolman schoolmen
boogeyman boogeymen
greensman greensmen
craftman craftmen
sticksman sticksmen
rodman rodmen
pigman pigmen
hangwoman hangwomen
brakeman brakemen
longbowman longbowmen
wherryman wherrymen
lockman lockmen
stuntwoman stuntwomen
placeman placemen
swagman swagmen
cyberman cybermen
wigman wigmen
spearsman spearsmen
beggarwoman beggarwomen
juryman jurymen
woolman woolmen
highwaywoman highwaywomen
bossman bossmen
fisherwoman fisherwomen
marshman marshmen
dredgerman dredgermen
hatchetman hatchetmen
pannekoek pannekoeken
tinman tinmen
leatherman leathermen
islesman islesmen
boothman boothmen
anchorwoman anchorwomen
plantswoman plantswomen
garageman garagemen
foundryman foundrymen
bogyman bogymen
sheepman sheepmen
loverman lovermen
backwoodsman backwoodsmen
titman titmen
backman backmen
longshoreman longshoremen
paperman papermen
prizeman prizemen
camerawoman camerawomen
pusherman pushermen
pizzaman pizzamen
elfe elfen
careerwoman careerwomen
assemblywoman assemblywomen
seedman seedmen
pointsman pointsmen
handicraftsman handicraftsmen
handicraftswoman handicraftswomen
counterman countermen
palfreyman palfreymen
frontwoman frontwomen
mastman mastmen
kennelman kennelmen
earthwoman earthwomen
trackman trackmen
gownsman gownsmen
chessman chessmen
steelman steelmen
glassman glassmen
spacewoman spacewomen
corpsman corpsmen
cochairman cochairmen
draftman draftmen
highlandman highlandmen
machoman machomen
duckman duckmen
deliveryman deliverymen
boogieman boogiemen
mortarman mortarmen
lighthouseman lighthousemen
servicewoman servicewomen
great-grandchild great-grandchildren
remainder-man remainder-men
remainderman remaindermen
yeman yemen
pumpman pumpmen
landman landmen
boatwoman boatwomen
shopwoman shopwomen
lobsterman lobstermen
staffman staffmen
butterman buttermen
workwoman workwomen
lengthsman lengthsmen
radioman radiomen
battyman battymen
councilwoman councilwomen
floorman floormen
triggerman triggermen
bogeywoman bogeywomen
deskman deskmen
cavewoman cavewomen
fugleman fuglemen
stateman statemen
milkwoman milkwomen
artsman artsmen
tankman tankmen
furnaceman furnacemen
pitchman pitchmen
harvestman harvestmen
ealderman ealdermen
maid-child maid-children
yardman yardmen
pikeman pikemen
silkman silkmen
ruckman ruckmen
wardsman wardsmen
bondman bondmen
apeman apemen
assman assmen
handywoman handywomen
passman passmen
bondwoman bondwomen
colourman colourmen
gleeman gleemen
dietman dietmen
aircraftswoman aircraftswomen
seawoman seawomen
knifesman knifesmen

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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