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Word Frequency Main Type
of 3043411preposition
and 2617695conjunction
to 2594392particle
in 1936472preposition
that 1119350conjunction
it 1054604pronoun
for 878937conjunction
on 729789adjective
you 667511pronoun
with 658932preposition
as 653734adverb
be 650087verb
he 639432pronoun
at 521857preposition
by 512370preposition
are 464545verb
have 460823verb
this 453696determiner
not 451382adverb
but 445962preposition
from 425174preposition
had 420297verb
they 419773pronoun
his 409090determiner
or 366964conjunction
which 365397determiner
she 351550pronoun
we 349961pronoun
there 319344adverb
were 313216verb
her 302661determiner
one 294639numeral
all 277103adverb
do 270095verb
their 254357determiner
if 253251conjunction
will 251056verb
would 245395verb
what 240369pronoun
so 238873conjunction
can 232406verb
when 209609adverb
more 209431determiner
up 207424adverb
who 200675pronoun
out 196985adverb
said 195301verb
about 191808preposition
them 167098pronoun
some 167072pronoun
its 160315determiner
could 159872verb
into 157670preposition
then 154583adverb
other 153985adjective
him 153362pronoun
two 152604numeral
time 152581noun
only 148550adjective
like 147729verb
my 146601determiner
than 144629conjunction
well 142340adverb
now 139114adjective
your 134308determiner
me 131186pronoun
over 130200adjective
may 127278verb
just 126308adjective
new 124119adjective
these 123484determiner
also 123387adverb
any 121739adverb
people 121666noun
first 120632adjective
very 119431adjective
know 118670verb
see 115072verb
after 113755adverb
should 109008verb
such 107062determiner
where 105586conjunction
because 100495adverb
how 99007adverb
most 98045determiner
back 96972adjective
get 95980verb
way 95760noun
our 93267determiner
down 92080noun
made 91381noun
right 90529adjective
between 90517preposition
much 89838determiner
work 89331noun
think 88662verb
many 88584determiner
being 87628verb
even 87498adjective
those 87047determiner
go 86754verb
've 86083verb
no 86078determiner
before 84899preposition
yeah 83006particle
through 81113preposition
good 81014adjective
're 80741verb
three 78310numeral
make 77279verb
us 76275pronoun
last 74675adjective
year 73050noun
still 71868adjective
must 69991verb
take 69564verb
'll 69176verb
own 68878verb
off 67857adverb
here 67855adverb
both 67348determiner
say 67111verb
too 66905adverb
oh 66734interjection
come 66605verb
used 65886verb
going 63465verb
little 62511adjective
use 62162noun
government 61797noun
same 61105adjective
under 60607preposition
each 60343determiner
day 60054noun
however 59685adverb
might 59383noun
another 59098determiner
man 58764noun
yes 58512particle
put 57541verb
world 57484noun
again 57262adverb
long 55695adjective
need 55290noun
against 55148preposition
want 55146verb
life 54927noun
while 54730noun
thought 53578noun
part 53423noun
never 53178adverb
old 52677adjective
look 51982verb
home 50472noun
something 50050pronoun
house 49174noun
since 48949adverb
course 48935noun
number 48821noun
why 48577adverb
end 48373noun
away 47849adverb
place 47817noun
different 47540adjective
found 47123noun
great 46558adjective
really 46419adverb
local 45966adjective
went 45750verb
within 45552preposition
four 45329numeral
case 45081noun
left 45036adjective
next 44977adjective
without 44727adverb
came 44708verb
always 44380adverb
set 44200verb
system 44159noun
though 43972adverb
give 43890verb
during 43457preposition
around 43376preposition
few 43311determiner
small 43072adjective
mean 42902verb
although 42725conjunction
rather 41763adverb
social 41633noun
group 41163noun
given 41085verb
find 40905verb
second 40685adjective
until 40053preposition
five 39920numeral
quite 39863adverb
company 39779noun
party 39714noun
far 39550adjective
point 39449noun
important 38685adjective
less 38544adverb
state 38540noun
public 38507adjective
later 38310adverb
information 38268noun
high 38141adjective
general 38071adjective
national 37547adjective
often 37131adverb
once 36919adverb
help 36887noun
school 36823noun
fact 36602noun
money 36535noun
seen 36325verb
example 36011noun
head 35791noun
further 35745verb
whether 35430determiner
business 35082noun
best 34925adjective
night 34912noun
area 34797noun
better 34717adjective
mm 34659abbreviation
taken 34504adjective
water 34329noun
done 34265adjective
large 34236adjective
having 34184verb
form 34132noun
order 34117noun
thing 33910noun
yet 33895verb
family 33699noun
possible 33622adjective
perhaps 33509adverb
hand 33427noun
early 33410adjective
already 33239adverb
face 32695noun
young 32309adjective
john 32302noun
side 32251noun
nothing 32236pronoun
days 31988noun
development 31983noun
week 31670noun
power 31583noun
change 31467verb
country 31373noun
enough 31149determiner
council 31116noun
round 30777adjective
support 30620noun
almost 30345adverb
least 30269determiner
service 30257noun
political 30098adjective
whole 29966adjective
together 29914adverb
market 29844noun
six 29787numeral
become 29720verb
able 29664adjective
half 29448adjective
times 29201noun
open 29193adjective
himself 28917pronoun
tell 28871verb
room 28815adjective
particular 28762adjective
control 28692verb
working 28643noun
major 28642noun
problem 28550noun
court 28363noun
full 28181adjective
lot 27988noun
doing 27843noun
anything 27454pronoun
a 27392letter
towards 27244preposition
war 27217noun
interest 27213noun
act 27182noun
either 27120determiner
mind 27084noun
making 27037noun
police 27005noun
available 26999adjective
labour 26952noun
sort 26932noun
keep 26858verb
research 26684noun
car 26661noun
law 26611noun
road 26593noun
ever 26533adverb
following 26526adjective
level 26519adjective
probably 26484adverb
bit 26456noun
means 26203noun
show 26184verb
felt 26040noun
am 25956verb
education 25860noun
policy 25782noun
today 25777adverb
top 25661noun
question 25649noun
actually 25429adverb
name 25393noun
feel 25355verb
past 25351noun
looking 25348verb
let 25258verb
known 25139adjective
saw 25125noun
above 25021preposition
clear 24932adjective
view 24919noun
main 24904adjective
big 24852adjective
present 24846adjective
office 24755noun
body 24595noun
person 24543noun
health 24428noun
using 24401verb
million 24401numeral
mother 24400noun
care 24367noun
book 24333noun
period 24110adjective
across 23986preposition
including 23948preposition
minister 23933noun
black 23852adjective
sure 23718adjective
line 23652noun
child 23625noun
report 23599verb
kind 23564noun
society 23494noun
along 23458preposition
white 23425adjective
several 23422determiner
voice 23356noun
economic 23330adjective
itself 23199pronoun
start 23173noun
door 23157noun
effect 23096noun
subject 23003adjective
themselves 23002pronoun
likely 22991adjective
therefore 22973adverb
community 22906noun
south 22889noun
english 22869noun
centre 22840noun
city 22828noun
god 22790noun
upon 22767preposition
father 22752noun
position 22697noun
real 22624adjective
light 22539noun
staff 22475noun
process 22467noun
behind 22403preposition
among 22383preposition
future 22345noun
love 22313noun
hard 22186adjective
job 22178noun
provide 22144verb
wanted 22130adjective
international 22119adjective
woman 21973noun
result 21916verb
study 21857verb
special 21815adjective
certain 21775adjective
matter 21756noun
action 21743noun
management 21718noun
particularly 21664adverb
pay 21659verb
taking 21618adjective
difficult 21598adjective
run 21536verb
age 21417noun
sense 21361noun
north 21328noun
evidence 21138noun
play 21133verb
outside 21071noun
experience 21068noun
idea 21067noun
west 21043noun
front 20920noun
land 20881noun
try 20821verb
moment 20787noun
close 20750verb
third 20667adjective
free 20485adjective
meeting 20464noun
cost 20450noun
believe 20412verb
training 20360verb
turn 20333verb
range 20273noun
thus 20215adverb
church 20200noun
morning 19967noun
sometimes 19931adverb
else 19915adjective
needs 19888adverb
death 19866noun
common 19844adjective
trade 19811noun
leave 19797verb
industry 19748noun
move 19735verb
soon 19714adjective
involved 19652adjective
short 19635adjective
getting 19634verb
ten 19609numeral
shall 19508verb
coming 19507verb
late 19471adjective
united 19462verb
century 19452noun
yesterday 19343noun
whose 19325determiner
ago 19310adjective
human 19255adjective
table 19247noun
central 19116adjective
history 18946noun
rate 18942noun
individual 18906noun
street 18877noun
committee 18854noun
usually 18839adverb
lost 18773verb
team 18760noun
call 18756noun
word 18719noun
building 18683noun
food 18639noun
hundred 18624numeral
language 18623noun
ask 18615verb
based 18461adjective
remember 18443verb
gone 18441verb
sir 18399noun
indeed 18398adverb
programme 18367noun
section 18352noun
air 18328noun
price 18317noun
similar 18268adjective
reason 18212noun
authority 18193noun
single 18178adjective
certainly 18100adverb
data 18037noun
role 17992noun
saying 17934verb
class 17914noun
town 17857noun
near 17852adjective
necessary 17847adjective
trying 17773adjective
nature 17765noun
someone 17763pronoun
everything 17730pronoun
true 17728adjective
value 17727noun
bank 17583noun
private 17576adjective
department 17565noun
union 17435noun
total 17403noun
member 17386noun
especially 17341adverb
personal 17326adjective
simply 17273adverb
return 17251verb
east 17236noun
figure 17187noun
type 17183noun
hope 17172noun
date 17137noun
read 17116verb
cut 17078adjective
seven 17063numeral
eight 16990numeral
practice 16981noun
deal 16951noun
former 16944adjective
paper 16901noun
live 16865verb
french 16827verb
provided 16824conjunction
increase 16796verb
low 16631adjective
decision 16581noun
financial 16503adjective
seem 16492verb
wife 16485noun
president 16444noun
expected 16424adjective
club 16347noun
university 16343noun
friend 16343noun
issue 16338noun
tax 16311noun
stage 16305noun
cos 16298noun
required 16291verb
longer 16193adjective
quality 16191noun
talk 16187verb
account 16132noun
higher 16127adjective
lord 16077noun
foreign 16034adjective
concerned 16016adjective
approach 15997verb
needed 15924verb
march 15829noun
herself 15804pronoun
king 15763noun
strong 15755adjective
ground 15744noun
situation 15706noun
recent 15690adjective
comes 15677verb
according 15663verb
offer 15639noun
rest 15599noun
living 15557verb
wo 15524interjection
wrong 15495adjective
production 15456noun
force 15402noun
final 15365noun
due 15347adjective
secretary 15329noun
amount 15296noun
board 15292noun
various 15278determiner
twenty 15243numeral
include 15135verb
project 15132noun
award 15110noun
art 15044noun
field 15025noun
bring 14996verb
clearly 14992adverb
understand 14917verb
bad 14916adjective
record 14848noun
hospital 14826noun
month 14824noun
music 14823noun
plan 14758noun
ways 14679noun
bed 14678noun
forward 14649adjective
royal 14639adjective
decided 14591verb
chapter 14568noun
girl 14555noun
game 14549noun
poor 14547adjective
stop 14546verb
red 14546adjective
planning 14498verb
easy 14396adjective
despite 14354noun
basis 14351noun
agreed 14350verb
knowledge 14343noun
lead 14333noun
answer 14300noun
anyone 14277pronoun
instead 14242adverb
tried 14239adjective
series 14228noun
green 14208adjective
current 14207noun
works 14135noun
news 14117noun
below 14036preposition
natural 14036adjective
moved 13888adjective
sound 13860adjective
manager 13789noun
please 13777verb
computer 13731noun
simple 13700adjective
meet 13695verb
structure 13692noun
met 13691verb
security 13669noun
per 13619preposition
test 13608noun
inside 13587noun
bill 13557noun
hair 13550noun
running 13545adjective
fire 13543noun
capital 13536noun
alone 13474adjective
written 13440adjective
nine 13394numeral
share 13345noun
material 13323adjective
heart 13322noun
feet 13303noun
attention 13294noun
movement 13256noun
success 13238noun
sent 13237verb
letter 13224noun
agreement 13223noun
story 13207noun
model 13186noun
evening 13171noun
hold 13162adjective
hear 13136verb
analysis 13118noun
received 13052verb
population 13005noun
legal 12967adjective
environment 12936noun
modern 12919adjective
performance 12903noun
talking 12892noun
cause 12871noun
thinking 12860noun
fine 12845adjective
design 12839noun
press 12814noun
theory 12810noun
chance 12807noun
growth 12789noun
whatever 12778adjective
everyone 12759pronoun
nice 12729adjective
boy 12697noun
relationship 12673noun
standard 12652adjective
built 12648adjective
dark 12613adjective
son 12610noun
middle 12601noun
complete 12587verb
sea 12576noun
whom 12565pronoun
finally 12553adverb
size 12513noun
property 12487noun
list 12449noun
gon 12438contraction
space 12406noun
feeling 12393adjective
giving 12377verb
term 12365noun
key 12364noun
worked 12348verb
visit 12314verb
buy 12289verb
continued 12269adjective
throughout 12247preposition
lower 12230adjective
developed 12198adjective
normal 12176adjective
recently 12176adverb
director 12158noun
behaviour 12144noun
worth 12110adjective
treatment 12105noun
prime 12103adjective
energy 12093noun
okay 12093noun
st 12078interjection
serious 12070adjective
mark 12061noun
scheme 12060noun
previous 12058adjective
firm 12050noun
peter 12023noun
myself 11986pronoun
significant 11980adjective
income 11974noun
nor 11966conjunction
cup 11938noun
stay 11924verb
beginning 11920noun
miss 11896verb
couple 11887noun
doubt 11886noun
contract 11880noun
dead 11874adjective
response 11848noun
association 11843noun
choice 11842noun
charge 11828noun
wide 11819adjective
pressure 11812noun
quickly 11805adverb
established 11795verb
hall 11754noun
risk 11717noun
direct 11700adjective
technology 11692noun
defence 11688noun
thank 11686noun
anyway 11637adverb
cold 11630adjective
continue 11629verb
won 11579verb
consider 11567verb
produce 11480verb
chairman 11462noun
loss 11460noun
generally 11451adverb
spent 11441adjective
wish 11431noun
industrial 11418adjective
appropriate 11414adjective
activity 11403noun
writing 11390noun
soviet 11363noun
beyond 11351preposition
colour 11336noun
happy 11333adjective
county 11332noun
wall 11293noun
military 11292adjective
park 11290noun
paul 11268noun
allow 11256verb
original 11238adjective
specific 11228adjective
attempt 11225verb
claim 11171noun
difference 11161noun
leading 11157verb
chief 11150noun
nearly 11147adverb
army 11130noun
potential 11114noun
sun 11088proper noun
hotel 11082noun
summer 11036noun
product 11034noun
sat 11026verb
village 10996noun
basic 10985adjective
suddenly 10985adverb
professional 10952noun
cover 10942noun
season 10912noun
appeal 10903verb
floor 10896noun
demand 10894noun
fall 10871noun
unit 10868noun
german 10862adjective
hour 10850noun
investment 10845noun
northern 10832adjective
garden 10802noun
unless 10790conjunction
access 10786noun
independent 10768adjective
benefit 10760noun
sorry 10752adjective
fish 10743noun
male 10732adjective
appear 10732verb
husband 10719noun
stand 10700verb
reading 10697verb
successful 10693adjective
obviously 10657adverb
contact 10654noun
write 10645verb
employment 10620noun
rose 10613noun
picture 10609noun
playing 10592noun
arms 10530noun
style 10528noun
de 10499verb
science 10485noun
aware 10466adjective
commission 10443noun
economy 10434noun
rise 10433verb
shop 10424noun
win 10414verb
miles 10405noun
popular 10365adjective
page 10363noun
sales 10346noun
note 10342noun
influence 10329noun
yourself 10319pronoun
limited 10314verb
exactly 10305adverb
advice 10303noun
event 10300noun
expect 10268verb
concern 10262noun
ensure 10206verb
deep 10200adjective
prepared 10198adjective
suppose 10188verb
passed 10188verb
fell 10186verb
oil 10162noun
college 10162noun
thousand 10135numeral
immediately 10133adverb
doctor 10129noun
film 10113noun
except 10095verb
opportunity 10095noun
goods 10044noun
blue 10043adjective
walk 10032verb
maybe 10019adverb
designed 9986verb
trust 9982noun
ready 9959adjective
conference 9955noun
useful 9949adjective
operation 9949noun
application 9932noun
extent 9926noun
addition 9923noun
respect 9921noun
station 9921noun
carry 9911verb
window 9907noun
effective 9897adjective
lack 9871noun
ah 9857interjection
region 9842noun
average 9826noun
majority 9822noun
degree 9814noun
television 9769noun
blood 9767noun
follow 9765verb
site 9759noun
married 9759adjective
statement 9758noun
apart 9756adverb
western 9747adjective
traditional 9697adjective
york 9688verb
title 9685noun
standing 9680verb
election 9662noun
hit 9655verb
parliament 9649noun
easily 9633adverb
existing 9625verb
accept 9605verb
straight 9593adjective
official 9586adjective
review 9573noun
importance 9568noun
species 9563noun
standards 9562noun
lay 9533verb
moving 9516adjective
supply 9501verb
considerable 9455adjective
waiting 9454verb
interesting 9452adjective
physical 9435adjective
campaign 9412noun
housing 9391verb
complex 9381adjective
competition 9379noun
extra 9374adjective
understanding 9369noun
closed 9367adjective
software 9361noun
match 9354noun
primary 9351adjective
glass 9339noun
responsible 9292adjective
growing 9282verb
lady 9282noun
attack 9248noun
medical 9226adjective
earth 9204proper noun
rule 9196noun
associated 9184adjective
daughter 9180noun
purpose 9178noun
post 9170noun
responsibility 9161noun
river 9160noun
leader 9160noun
learning 9152noun
eye 9123noun
break 9123verb
heavy 9122adjective
watch 9117noun
ability 9057noun
opposition 9045noun
base 9043noun
separate 9021adjective
thirty 9017numeral
task 9016noun
instance 9016noun
speak 9003verb
piece 9003noun
highly 8997adverb
stopped 8993verb
none 8984pronoun
sale 8977noun
fear 8975noun
fair 8961adjective
officer 8961noun
method 8959noun
source 8942noun
teaching 8939noun
notice 8937noun
division 8934noun
pattern 8914noun
remain 8884noun
tomorrow 8883adverb
surface 8873noun
bought 8867verb
disease 8856noun
eventually 8854adverb
remains 8842noun
aid 8839noun
equipment 8835noun
trouble 8824noun
oxford 8815noun
drive 8800noun
fully 8789adverb
mouth 8778noun
suggest 8776verb
balance 8770noun
interested 8766adjective
accepted 8754verb
hot 8735adjective
radio 8731noun
machine 8717noun
exchange 8713noun
provision 8703noun
sector 8683noun
status 8662noun
peace 8659noun
variety 8655noun
teacher 8643noun
essential 8626adjective
otherwise 8621adverb
minute 8609noun
arm 8607noun
directly 8594adverb
step 8593noun
box 8590noun
slightly 8590adverb
function 8588noun
speaker 8587noun
baby 8583noun
exercise 8580noun
alternative 8576adjective
related 8575adjective
ahead 8560adverb
sitting 8544noun
develop 8535verb
introduced 8522adjective
safety 8512noun
transport 8504verb
cash 8498noun
happen 8495verb
dear 8491adjective
culture 8488noun

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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