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Word Meaning
oh Expression of surprise.
yes Used to express pleasure, joy, or great excitement.
mm Alternative form of mmm
ah An expression of relief, relaxation, comfort, confusion, understanding, wonder, awe, etc. according to uttered inflection.
mhm yes
aye yes; yea; a word expressing assent, or an affirmative answer to a question.
ooh An expression of surprise.
hello A greeting (salutation) said when meeting someone or acknowledging someone’s arrival or presence.
eh (informal
) Used as a tag question, to emphasise what goes before or to request that the listener express an opinion about what has been said.
aha An exclamation of understanding, realization, invention, or recognition.
hey An exclamation to get attention.
bye (colloquial) Goodbye.
goodbye Farewell; a formula used to another person or persons when the speaker, writer, or person addressed is departing.
um Expression of confusion or space filler in conversation. See uh.
hmm Indicating thinking or pondering.
alas Used to express sorrow, regret, compassion or grief.
cor (Cockney
) Expression of surprise.
huh (with falling pitch) used to express amusement or subtle surprise.
ee (Northern England) eh
wow An indication of excitement, surprise, astonishment, or pleasure.
hm Alternative form of hmm
urgh Alternative form of eurgh
blah An expression of mild frustration.
oi Said to get someone's attention; hey.
ho (nautical) Used to attract attention to something sighted, usually by lookouts.
shh Requesting silence.
gosh (minced oath) A mild expression of surprise or enthusiasm as to be put in place of God, particularly in fear of saying the Lord’s name in vain.
amen An expression of strong agreement.
damn (profane) Used to express anger, irritation, disappointment, annoyance, contempt, etc. See also 'dammit'.
ay Ah! alas!
uh Expression of confusion or uncertainty.
ow Synonym of ouch
gee A general exclamation of surprise or frustration.
nay (Archaic) no
cheerio (British
New Zealand
) a greeting or parting
aah Indication of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm.
nah Eye dialect of no
och (chiefly
) general interjection of confirmation, affirmation, and often disapproval.
blimey (UK
New Zealand
) Expressing anger, surprise, excitement, etc.
mmm (onomatopoeia) An expression used to show contentment for something
ugh Used to express repugnance, disgust, or annoyance.
oops (colloquial) Acknowledging a mistake.
aargh Alternative form of argh
yo (slang) A greeting similar to hi.
umm Interjection implying hesitation; see um.
hooray Used to express approval, joy or victory.
aw Used to express disappointment/dismay.
ar (UK
West Country
West Midlands
) Alternative form of arr
hullo (UK) Alternative form of hello (Greeting.)
tut Tut tut; an expression of disapproval.
sh Alternative spelling of shh
hallo Alternative form of hello
lo (Archaic) look, see, behold (in an imperative sense).
dammit (profane) Expressing anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment.
yum Indicating delight at the flavor of food.
boo A loud exclamation intended to scare someone, especially a child. Usually used when one has been hidden from the victim and then suddenly appeared unexpectedly.
ouch An expression of one's own physical pain.
farewell Goodbye.
phew Used to show relief, fatigue, or surprise.
hiya An informal greeting, hi, hello.
hoo (obsolete) hurrah; an exclamation of triumphant joy
oy An exclamation typically expressing mild frustration or expressing feelings of uncertainty or concern.
yea (in some dialects of American English, including Southern, Western, and African American Vernacular) Yeah, right, yes.
ach Alternative form of och
crikey (UK
) Used as an exclamation of astonishment, or as an emphasis of fact at the conclusion of a statement.
whoa Stop (especially when commanding a horse or imitative thereof); calm down; slow down.
yuk (onomatopoeia) An exuberant laugh.
hah Alternative form of ha
presto ; ta-da; voilà.
hoy Ho!, hallo!, stop!
bye-bye (informal
) Goodbye.
golly (euphemistic) God!
good-bye Alternative form of goodbye
eureka An exclamation indicating sudden discovery.
naw (Scotland
) Eye dialect of no
yup (informal) Yes.
wham the sound of a forceful blow
bravo Used to express acclaim, especially to a performer.
pow The sound of a violent impact, such as a punch.
pop Used to represent a loud, sharp sound, as of a cork coming out of a bottle.
heh (onomatopoeia) Weak amusement, sometimes signaling boredom.
jeez (slang) Exclamation of fright, incredulity, shock, surprise or anger.
ahem (onomatopoeia) the sound of a quiet cough or of clearing one's throat
tara (Northern England
) goodbye; equivalent to the more geographically widespread ta ta
ssh Be quiet or reduce the volume.
oooh elongated form of ooh
ta-ta Alternative form of ta ta
ahh Alternative spelling of aah
whoo An expression of delight.
okey-doke okey-dokey or okay
yuck Uttered to indicate disgust usually toward an objectionable taste or odour.
strewth (UK
New Zealand
) A mild oath expressing surprise or generally adding emphasis.
bah (sometimes
) Expressing contempt, disgust, or bad temper.
hallelujah An exclamation used in songs of praise or thanksgiving to God.
ciao hello, hi.
whoosh (sarcastic) Indicating that somebody has missed the point (as though it were flying overhead).
shoo (informal
) Go away! Clear off!
hurrah Expressing approval, appreciation, or happiness.
hurray Alternative spelling of hurrah
whee (childish) An expression of pleasure or enjoyment, sometimes from rapid physical motion.
hum hmm; an inarticulate sound uttered in a pause of speech implying doubt and deliberation.
pah Used to express distaste, disgust or outrage.
alleluia A liturgical or variant form of hallelujah.
haw An imitation of laughter, often used to express scorn or disbelief. Often doubled or tripled (haw haw or haw haw haw).
'ello Eye dialect of hello
ole An interjection used to stir up excitement.
poo (colloquial
) Expression of displeasure or failure; shit!
okey-dokey OK.
halleluja Alternative spelling of hallelujah
aagh An exclamation of horror, disgust or frustration
yippee Used to express joy or elation.
uh-oh An exclamation of error, concern, awareness of a problem, or surprise.
whoopee A spontaneous expression of delight or joy.
hic An approximation to the sound of a hiccup, used e.g. to indicate drunkenness.
wahey Expressing exhilaration or delight.
cripes Used euphemistically for 'Christ' as a mild curse or expression of surprise.
woo (slang) Expressing joy or mirth; woohoo, yahoo.
adieu Said to wish a final farewell; goodbye.
heave-ho exclamation used when pulling, especially by sailors while pulling on a rope
hup The first beat of a 4/4 military cadence, commanding either the lead-off step in a march or some other action.
uh-uh (informal) no
cooee (informal
) Used to attract someone's attention.
right-oh Alternative spelling of righto
tut-tut An expression of annoyance or impatience.
goddammit Alternative form of goddamn
caw Cry of a crow.
fie (archaic
often followed by on or upon
) Used to express distaste, disgust, or outrage.
a-ha Alternative spelling of aha
yoo-hoo Used to call to someone at a distance or to gain someone's attention.
darn (euphemistic) Damn.
howzat (cricket) The cry used by members of the fielding team to make an appeal to the umpire.
woops Misspelling of whoops
goddamn (vulgar
) An expression of anger, surprise, or frustration.
shhh elongated form of shh
oh-oh Alternative form of uh-oh
oof A sound mimicking the loss of air, as if someone's solar plexus had just been struck.
aww elongated form of aw
howdy (informal) An informal greeting.
pugh (Archaic) pshaw; pish; a word used in contempt or disdain.
yay Misspelling of yea
haha An onomatopoeic representation of laughter.
yo-ho-ho A nonce word, now associated with pirates and seafaring.
oho Expressing surprise or gloating realisation; aha.
halloa A loud exclamation; a call to invite attention to something or to incite; a shout.
zzz A snoring sound, implying that somebody is asleep.
hoorah Alternative spelling of hurrah
mm-hmm Alternative spelling of mhm
fore (golf) An exclamation yelled to inform players a ball is moving in their direction.
'ullo (UK) Eye dialect of hullo
rah An exclamation of encouragement.
ooooh elongated form of oh
heigh-ho A cadence-count used for synchronized walking, marching, pulling, lifting, etc.
tally-ho Alternative spelling of tallyho
right-ho Alternative spelling of righto
geronimo A cry before jumping out of or into something (originally by American parachutists).
righty-ho To indicate agreement
wotcher (chiefly
) A friendly greeting.
ta-ra Alternative form of tara
gah Used to express exasperation or annoyance.
inshallah God willing; Deo volente; expressing the speaker’s wish for a given future event to occur, especially in a Muslim country or Islamic context.
zounds (mostly
) Expressing anger, surprise, assertion etc.
egad (UK
) a mild exclamation of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration.
gadzooks (Archaic) An expression of surprise, shock etc.
whoah Alternative spelling of whoa
tchah Expressing distaste or annoyance.
begorrah (Ireland) Alternative spelling of begorra
ta-da voilà
bow-wow Representing the sound of a dog barking.
rrah A cry uttered by an infant vervet when separated from its mother.
mwah The sound of a kiss to indicate sending a kiss through the air to someone, as frequently used in email, chat and text messages.
okeydoke Alternative form of okey-doke
loo A cry to urge on hunting dogs.
weh Alternative form of wah
bismillah (Islam) In the name of Allah!
tehee Alternative spelling of tee hee
nu (Jewish) An exclamation of surprise, emphasis, doubt, etc.
doggone (US
) Euphemistic form of goddamned; an expression of anger or annoyance.
goddamit Alternative spelling of goddammit
toodle-oo Alternative spelling of toodeloo
nyah Expressing smug triumph.
dizamn (AAVE
) Damn.
whiskey tango foxtrot (euphemistic) What the fuck; an expression of shock.
hurra Alternative form of hurrah
cooey Alternative spelling of cooee
Janey Mack (Ireland) gosh!
life, prosperity, health (in translations of Ancient Egyptian documents) an honorific phrase used after the names of kings, queens, princes, etc., after the words of a king, ruler, or prince, and after references to the royal household.
oh boy An expression of delight or joy.
ooyah (Scotland) ouch; oof
losh (Scotland) Expressing surprise, wonder etc.
pardie By God!
honk Imitation of car horn, used, for example, to clear a path for oneself.
chrissake (normally in the phrase for chrissake) used to express annoyance or frustration
peow (mostly in children's games) Sound of a gun or similar weapon firing.
phoh (Archaic) Alternative form of pho
phut A sound resembling the release of a blast of steam or exhaust gas.
shock horror A expression of amazement at something controversial, now usually ironic.
basta (obsolete) (that's) enough; stop!
kerthump The sound of a loud or repeated thump.
big deal (idiomatic
) Indicates that something is not important or impressive; so what.
nom nom Alternative form of om nom nom
death to An advocacy of killing somebody or ending something.
do svidaniya (chiefly
in the context of Russia or Russians
) Farewell; goodbye.
heeelp elongated form of help
you do you Do whatever you desire to do; be yourself.
peace be upon him (Judaism) an honorific phrase used by some Jews after mentioning in speech or print the deceased
chrissakes (usually in the phrase for chrissakes) used to express annoyance or frustration
morning A greeting said in the morning; shortening of good morning
unberufen (dated) Touch wood; knock on wood; an injunction to fate that nothing will go wrong.
crud Non-vulgar interjection expressing annoyance, anxiety, etc.; sugar, damn.
FTW (Internet slang) For those wondering.
nom nom nom (onomatopoeia) The sound of a person chewing or eating with childlike enthusiasm.
good heavens (dated
) An exclamation of surprise or shock.
do svidanya Alternative spelling of do svidaniya
why on Earth (Idiomatic) used to add emphasis to "why" when beginning a question.
ducdame An invocation to draw fools into a circle.
heeey elongated form of hey
h'lo (informal) hello
peace be with you Synonym of farewell
flaming Nora (UK
) expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration.
jinx Used after the same response is said by two people simultaneously. Often, a game is played where the person who failed to say "jinx" first becomes "jinxed", whereby they cannot speak until someone says their name.
ftw Alternative form of FTW
kertyschoo (nonce
) The sound of a sneeze.
la Represents the sound of music or singing.
oh dear An expression of dismay, concern, worry or disapproval.
whallah voila; ta-da, presto; lo and behold
wuxtra Alternative form of wuxtry
shitfire (US
) Used as an oath
bastard (rare
) Exclamation of strong dismay or strong sense of being upset.
snakes alive expression of surprise.
so there (idiomatic
) A defiant expression used to finish a poorly-made argument.
kewl beans (informal) Alternative spelling of cool beans
furrfu (internet slang) sheesh
la (obsolete) Used to introduce a statement with emphatic or intensive effect.
get away Expressing disbelief.
oh em gee (slang) An exclamation of excitement, surprise, amazement, or shock.
oright Eye dialect of alright
wuxtry (dated
) Alternative form of extra (the cry of a newspaper-seller)
h'm Form hmm
fair shake of the sauce bottle (Australia
) Synonym of fair suck of the sauce bottle
kaching Alternative spelling of kerching
boo hiss (UK) An expression of disagreement, outrage, or frustration.
Oh Em Gee Alternative form of oh em gee
aaargh Alternative form of argh!
does a bear crap in the woods (colloquial
rhetorical question
) Synonym of does a bear shit in the woods
ta-dah Alternative form of ta-da
wotcher (chiefly
) what do you
care factor zero (colloquial
) I don't care; I have no interest in that.
phweep A whistle, or the whistling cry of a bird.
fair suck of the sauce bottle (Australia
) Used to protest against unreasonableness, such as somebody taking more than their share.
feh An expression of disgust or contempt.
net-net (finance
) Get to the point; stop rambling; show me the bottom line.
cya (Internet slang) Alternative spelling of see ya
fu (Internet
) Initialism of fuck you
lackaday (dated) An expression of regret or grief.
view halloo A cry uttered by a huntsman when a fox is seen to break cover
boo hoo The sound of crying.
good job (Idiomatic) well done; congratulations!
phwoar (British
) Expresses sexual desire on seeing a person that one is attracted to.
fair suck of the sav (Australia
New Zealand
) Synonym of fair suck of the sauce bottle
rat-tat-tat The sound made by knocking on a door with a hard object (such as a door knocker).
oh God Alternative form of oh my God
capeesh Alternative spelling of capisce
wuzza (informal) Expresses doting affection toward an animal or child.
yes way Indicates defiance of a previously said "no way".
Christ An expletive.
iunno (Internet
) I don't know.
so what (colloquial
rhetorical question
not polite
) A reply to an unimportant or irrelevant statement, indicating indifference on the part of the speaker.
oh man Used to express anger or displeasure about something that happened.
by Alternative spelling of bye
right-o Alternative spelling of righto
yiss Eye dialect of yes
here (British
) Used for emphasis at the beginning of a sentence when expressing an opinion or want.
chewie on ya boot (Australian rules football) A conventional expression meant to distract or wish bad luck to an opponent who is taking a kick for goal.
phwoarr Alternative spelling of phwoar
upadaisy Used when lifting a child.
boo-ya (slang) An exclamation of joy, excitement or triumph.
goddidit (slang) A sarcastic assertion that something that has not been satisfactorily explained by science is therefore evidence of God.
oh me oh my a expression of amazement
wham, bam, thank you ma'am Denoting swift, formulaic, and unromantic sexual intercourse.
whatsay (slang
) What did you say
heehaw Alternative spelling of hee-haw
you don't say (Idiomatic) really?; no kidding!; is that so? (sometimes used sarcastically in response to the obvious)
pardon Often used when someone does not understand what another person says.
tiddely Alternative form of diddly
Christ alive (UK) expression of surprise, outrage, disgust, etc.
mu (Zen
) Neither yes nor no.
batter up (baseball) Used by an umpire to invite the next batter to the batter's box, especially at the beginning of a half-inning.
kerwham wham; sound of a powerful collision
Goddidit Alternative spelling of goddidit
oh my (idiomatic
mainly US
) oh my God
har A sound of laughter, with a sarcastic connotation.
ta-ta for now Alternative form of ta ta for now
huddup Alternative form of giddyup
leave it out Stop it; an admonition to a person who is misbehaving.
Gordon Bennett (UK) expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, frustration.
dildo (obsolete) A burden: a phrase or theme that recurs at the end of a verse of a folk song.
oh my Allah (humorous) oh my God!
har de har har Alternative form of hardy har har
cannonball Yelled when jumping/diving into the water, doing a cannonball landing.
wuzzup Alternative spelling of wassup
er Said when hesitating in speech.
euoi A cry of impassioned rapture in ancient Bacchic revels.
arrivederci (referring to
) farewell, goodbye, see you later (non-definitive farewell)
silence (imperative) Be silent.
poof Onomatopoeia indicating a cloud of smoke or wind; caused by a deflating object, or a magical disappearance.
frick Euphemistic form of fuck
get bent (idiomatic
) Used to dismiss a person or what they are saying, and end the conversation.
land sake Alternative form of land sakes
Goddy (dialect
) variation of God
sue me Phrase sarcastically used to suggest that a person who does not like the actions or opinions of the speaker can respond by filing a lawsuit against the speaker.
oh my days (British
) An exclamation of astonishment or gleeful disapproval.
whisky tango foxtrot Alternative spelling of lang=en
white rabbit A phrase said, before saying anything else, on the first day of the month in order to bring good luck.
ta-tah Alternative spelling of ta ta
otay (nonstandard
eye dialect
childish or feminine
) Alternative form of okay
heads up (Idiomatic) Used as an informal warning, caution, or call for attention; pay attention!
aloha (chiefly
) Expressing good wishes when greeting or parting from someone; hello; goodbye.
pardon the expression Said before (or after) the use of terms that some people might find inappropriate
peace out (slang) Goodbye.
au revoir Goodbye till we meet again.
fuckyeah Alternative form of fuck yeah
kill it with fire (Internet slang) Used to express fear, disgust, or strong objection in reaction to something.
land sake alive Alternative form of land sakes
boh An exclamation used to startle or frighten.
oh my fuck (vulgar) Expression of shock, pain, or both.
white rabbits Alternative form of white rabbit (phrase said on the first of the month)
yesh Eye dialect of yes
Christ on a bike A humorous variation of the exclamation "Christ" or "Jesus Christ". Usually an expression of surprise, shock, exasperation etc.
AOL (internet slang
) me too, I agree
prethe obsolete form of prithee
proface (obsolete) May it profit you! — a familiar salutation or welcome.
kill me (idiom) Alternative form of shoot me
blabbity A nonsense word, used in the same context as blah, repeated in the same context as blah blah blah, or used to extend blah blah blah.
land sakes (chiefly
) An expression of surprise or dismay.
oh my God Said in supplication
whammo (informal) Used to emphasis the suddenness of an event.
oo arr (UK
West Country
) Used to indicate agreement.
you go, girl A feminist expression of encouragement.
tiddledy Alternative form of diddly
tillie vallie Alternative form of tilly-vally
Christ on a cracker A humorous variation of the exclamation "Christ" or "Jesus Christ". Usually an expression of surprise, shock, exasperation etc.
arrividerci Misspelling of arrivederci
shots fired (idiom) Used as an indication of or response to an insult, often to the point of starting a fight or argument.
sibo (Singapore
) An expression of disbelief, equivalent to Is it so?
flummery An expression of contemptuous disbelief.
d'aww Alternative form of d'aw
land sakes alive Alternative form of land sakes
nuh Alternative spelling of nah
oh my god Alternative form of oh my God
bum (UK) An expression of annoyance.
Lord (originally an invocation) An interjection variously expressing astonishment, surprise, resignation.
woo hoo Alternative spelling of woohoo
tant mieux It's a good thing; fortunately; used to express that a chance happening is favorable.
chin chin Alternative form of chin-chin
Christ on a crutch (colloquial) Jesus Christ; expressing annoyance, disgust, etc.
hulloa Alternative form of hollo
plinkety A plinking sound suggesting more than one note being played.
jislaaik (South Africa) goodness; expressing shock or surprise
velcome Eye dialect of welcome
nuh-uh (informal) no; uh-uh.
oh my Goddess Said in excitement, shock, awe, dismay, or supplication.
here goes Synonym of here we go
Christ on a stick (colloquial) Expressing amazement or disgust.
fire in the hole A warning of an imminent explosion in a confined space, especially a grenade
prethee Alternative spelling of prithee
blabity Alternative form of blabbity
blow me (Idiomatic) An expression of discontent or aggravation to another party.
stop halt! stop!
g'night (colloquial) good night
oh my gods Said during shock or surprise.
oo-er (UK) said to acknowledge a double entendre or something that sounds rude
here goes nothing (Idiomatic) Indicates a lack of confidence or certainty about the activity about to be tried.
blow me down (Idiomatic) A cry of surprise
leave off
good Lord An exclamation of amazement or disapproval.
oh my goodness Alternative form of my goodness
OK Used to indicate acknowledgement or acceptance.
whamo Alternative form of whammo
Lord be praised expression of surprise, disbelief, happiness, thankfulness.
word (slang
) Truth, indeed, that is the truth! The shortened form of the statement "My word is my bond."
wough Alternative form of woof
rhubarb rhubarb (chiefly
) Background noise of simultaneous conversations, none of which is decipherable since the actors are repeating the word rhubarb or other words with similar attributes.
yaroo Alternative form of yarooh
eaw The sound of a donkey; heehaw.
dag (US
) Expressing shock, awe or surprise; used as a general intensifier.
blow me over (UK
) An expression of surprise.
good luck A phrase said to wish fortune on someone or as encouragement.
oh my goodness gracious (idiomatic
) Oh my God.
grumpity Nonce variation of the word grump, usually used as an intensifier.
yarooh A cry of pain
heita (South Africa
) hello; hi
tiddley Alternative form of diddly
hrm Expressing a moment of particular curiosity or thoughtfulness.
huzza Alternative spelling of huzzah
migod Alternative form of oh my God
srsly (internet slang) Are you serious? Really?
blow me pink (UK
) An expression of surprise.
oh my gosh (idiomatic
) oh my God!
yesish An expression of half-hearted or partial agreement.
chinny reckon (UK
) An expression of disbelief or doubt at what one has just heard.
hrmm Alternative form of hrm
shazaam Magic word
avast (nautical) hold fast!; desist!; stay!.
muahahaha (onomatopoeia) A conventionally evil laugh, as used by a supervillain.
prosit Toast to indicate one is drinking someone's, or each other's, health.
blow me tight (UK
) An expression of surprise.
oh my heck (US
) for "Hell" from "Oh my hell" or "Oh hell!"
a A meaningless syllable; ah.
you know &lit you
here we go (Idiomatic) Said when something is starting to happen.
hrmph Expressing hesitation.
areet (Northern England) Eye dialect of all right
shazam Alternative spelling of shazaam
poogh obsolete form of pooh
lee-ho (nautical) Used by the helm to announce that the vessel is tacking.
good morning Used as a greeting when meeting somebody for the first time in the morning..
oh my hell Expression of shock, frustration, or dismay.
Ok Alternative form of OK (okeh)
hahaha haha (an onomatopoeic representation of laughter).
yes'm yes ma'am
you know it (Idiomatic) Indicates agreement, approval, encouragement.
here we go again (Idiomatic) {{n-g
An expression of frustration upon seeing or hearing
thiam (Singapore
) shut up!
huzzah (nautical
) Used as a call for coordinated physical effort, as in hoisting.
pip pip (Britain
) Goodbye; cheerio, toodeloo (toodle-oo), toodle pip (mostly used by the upper classes).
shazbot (slang) An excited utterance used to convey disappointment, particularly as a euphemism for shit.
snerk (Internet
) Expressing amusement; a snicker, or a snort of laughter.
hmmm elongated form of hmm
pooh Expression of dismissal or contempt.
foom The sound of a muffled explosion.
good morrow (Archaic) good morning
oh my Lord (invoking God
to some
) An expression of surprise, astonishment, shock, dismay, supplication, or consternation.
hang it (dated
) dang; darn (a mild expression of contempt)
heck (euphemistic) Hell.
ZOMFG (Internet
) an emphatic (intentional) use of the acronym OMFG.
that's a girl Alternative form of attagirl
hmmph Alternative form of hmph
hrrmph Alternative spelling of hrmph
pip-pip (UK
) goodbye
BFD (especially
) A big deal: Initialism of big fucking deal
kthnxbai Alternative form of kthxbye
brother Expressing exasperation.
oh my stars An expression of surprise or astonishment.
affirmative An elaborate synonym for the word yes.
yessir (informal
) Used to express assent, especially to a male superior.
ZOMG (Internet
) An emphatic form of oh my God.
tiddly Alternative form of diddly
how A greeting, used in representations of Native American speech.
aooga Sound of an old-fashioned vehicle horn.
codswallop (UK
) Used to express disbelief: nonsense!; rubbish!
avaunt (Archaic) Begone; depart; a word of contempt or abhorrence, equivalent to the phrase "Get thee gone."
bacaw A representation of the sound made by a chicken. Usually used in conjunction with either buck or cluck.
for $500, Alex (jocular) This is my guess.
oh my word An expression of surprise or astonishment.
Lord love a duck An exclamation of surprise.
yessiree (informal) A more enthusiastic way of saying yes.
you knows it (idiomatic
) Indicates agreement, approval, encouragement.
touche Alternative spelling of touché
aoogah Alternative form of aooga
shana tova Happy New Year
snap The winning cry at a game of snap.
kthxbai Alternative form of kthxbye
ding dong (onomatopoeia
) The sound made by a bell or doorbell.
oh my Zeus (humorous) Synonym of oh my God
a-choo Alternative spelling of achoo
do what (idiomatic
) An intensified version of what? or huh?, expressing surprise or lack of comprehension
yessiree Bob (informal) A more enthusiastic form of yessiree.
yum yum (informal) Alternative form of yum (interjection)
pardy obsolete form of pardie
chin-chin (informal
) An expression of gratitude, salutation, or congratulations.
thwap The sound of a heavy smack.
chuffing hell An expression of dismay, disgust, anger, surprise etc.
touché (fencing) An acknowledgement of a hit.
kthxbye (Internet slang) Used to express (as though facetiously polite) the dismissive or abrupt end of a conversation, statement, etc.
sry (text messaging
Internet slang
) sorry
go screw yourself (offensive
) A variant of screw you!
wacko (British
) hurrah!
oh no An exclamation or expression of alarm, concern
yessirree Alternative spelling of yessiree
this (Internet slang) Indicates the speaker's strong approval or agreement with the previous material.
twirp An imitation of the sound of a bird or a horn.
uck Alternative spelling of yuck
furry muff (slang
) fair enough
good night, sweet prince Implies that somebody died.
yow Expression of pain; ouch.
how about no (emphatic) no
nee (Geordie) no, used to express no as a quantity, i.e. not any, like German kein/Dutch geen/French rien. Compare with na.
bejaysus (Ireland) Alternative form of bejesus.
gnomesayin (eye dialect
) Do you know what I'm saying?
oh oh Alternative form of uh-oh
wibble-wobble The sound of something liquidy wobbling (e.g. jello).
adios (in Spanish contexts) goodbye
heck no (euphemistic) Synonym of lang=en
shough obsolete form of shoo
good now (obsolete) An exclamation of wonder, surprise, or entreaty.
oh really &lit oh
ooch A cry of pain or discomfort; ouch.
sure Yes. (Expresses noncommittal agreement or consent.)
hai (Internet slang) hi (a purposeful misspelling)

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


  • #1 A seemingly comprehensive list of repetitive banal greetings, for the most part, with a few useful archaic surprises.
    Written by: StarPass on 12/02/2021

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