Words ending in -tion that are not nouns (759)

Almost all the words are derived from a noun. Sometimes the examples may seem a little bit forced, but there are entries in the dictionary in which those words function as verbs or adjectives sometimes.

See the full list below:

Word Type
mention verb
question verb
function verb
position verb
sanction verb
petition verb
caution verb
anti-abortion adjective
apportion verb
condition verb
auction verb
high-resolution adjective
audition verb
ration verb
second-generation adjective
partition verb
reposition verb
anti-corruption adjective
first-generation adjective
slow-motion adjective
action verb
section verb
pro-abortion adjective
station verb
proposition verb
requisition verb
proportion verb
low-resolution adjective
motion verb
non-prescription adjective
class-action adjective
precondition verb
recondition verb
repartition verb
interjurisdiction adjective
postmigration adjective
postreduction adjective
predissertation adjective
repartition verb
postrejection adjective
gradation verb
location, location, location proverb
out of proportion prepositional phrase
anticollaboration adjective
antipredation adjective
precremation adjective
out of question prepositional phrase
skip a generation verb
nonconstruction adjective
staycation verb
in this connection prepositional phrase
preimmigration adjective
Armenian Question proper noun
Armenian question proper noun
in thunderation prepositional phrase
err on the side of caution verb
Snowflake Generation proper noun
out of station prepositional phrase
postresection adjective
off the reservation adjective
remention verb
preimplantation adjective
off the reservation adverb
Supermarionation proper noun
Incarnation proper noun
anticolonization adjective
antiprevention adjective
federation adjective
leave nothing to the imagination verb
interfaction adjective
antispeculation adjective
Karelian question proper noun
nonmedication adjective
quæstion verb
antihalation adjective
prenucleation adjective
Karelian Question proper noun
subpartition verb
antiliberation adjective
in operation prepositional phrase
multination adjective
postrevascularization adjective
preinauguration adjective
downsection adverb
prebiotinylation adjective
North Atlantic Terrorist Organization proper noun
Resurrection proper noun
antiprivatization adjective
station to station adjective
North Atlantic Treaty Organization proper noun
without exception prepositional phrase
in transition prepositional phrase
anti-globalisation adjective
antitradition adjective
predomestication adjective
prestarvation adjective
West Indies Federation proper noun
by any stretch of the imagination prepositional phrase
Revelation proper noun
intercompetition adjective
intraoperation adverb
anticommercialization adjective
Italianization proper noun
postherniation adjective
preposition verb
Kendall's notation proper noun
Riemann zeta function proper noun
postejection adjective
nondestination adjective
by definition prepositional phrase
without question prepositional phrase
out of the question adjective
Riemann zeta-function proper noun
presanction adjective
long term evolution proper noun
Cayley-Dickson construction proper noun
antidilution adjective
in action prepositional phrase
postelection adjective
cryosection verb
in addition adverb
postauction adjective
Cultural Revolution proper noun
antirotation adjective
Counter-Reformation proper noun
counterinterrogation adjective
necessity is the mother of innovation proverb
presaturation adjective
Goldschmidt classification proper noun
antiprohibition adjective
necessity is the mother of invention proverb
subdetection adjective
Indus Valley Civilization proper noun
preinfarction adjective
leave to the imagination verb
multiportion adjective
postemancipation adjective
West Lothian question proper noun
postembolisation adjective
antitransition adjective
conversation verb
multiposition adjective
postembolization adjective
premechanization adjective
blow out of proportion verb
antipromotion adjective
postsaturation adjective
preinflation adjective
antitransportation adjective
forced convection proper noun
take up a collection verb
Schleswig-Holstein Question proper noun
antipropagation adjective
Silent Generation proper noun
preabortion adjective
antidiscrimination adjective
Schleswig-Holstein question proper noun
lost in action adjective
how do I get to the bus station phrase
antiparticipation adjective
antiprosecution adjective
multistation adjective
postemigration adjective
nonmutation adjective
Wien approximation proper noun
how do I get to the train station phrase
anticompensation adjective
collation verb
regulation adjective
lost in translation adjective
antiprostitution adjective
ask the question verb
posthospitalization adjective
preacclimation adjective
posthospitalization adverb
preobservation adjective
antiprotection adjective
preinjection adjective
damn by association verb
Warsaw Convention proper noun
killed in action adjective
miscaption verb
Fowler's position proper noun
Warsaw Treaty Organization proper noun
preinsertion adjective
nonreservation adjective
liposuction verb
antidissection adjective
multijunction adjective
multiworkstation adjective
preinspection adjective
postenvenomation adjective
prestimulation adjective
multijurisdiction adjective
postenvenomation adverb
potion verb
Geneva Convention proper noun
Wharton reaction proper noun
by no stretch of the imagination prepositional phrase
antidissolution adjective
perfection verb
Jewish Question proper noun
Great Moderation proper noun
antidistribution adjective
Jewish question proper noun
Eastern Question proper noun
anti-infection adjective
preinstruction adjective
noncompetition adjective
refunction verb
Eastern question proper noun
anticondensation adjective
foreposition verb
Drake equation proper noun
antistarvation adjective
in ballast condition prepositional phrase
preeducation adjective
subdiffraction adjective
postneurulation adjective
preintegration adjective
Industrial Revolution proper noun
multiobservation adjective
Madden-Julian oscillation proper noun
missing in action adjective
set in motion verb
multiproduction adjective
postsegregation adjective
preintervention adjective
antidiversification adjective
antisaturation adjective
preelection adjective
Common Language Specification proper noun
munition verb
Kantor-Koecher-Tits construction proper noun
pretransaction adjective
reapportion verb
interfixation adjective
postselection adjective
preintroduction adjective
pretranscription adjective
Lewin's equation proper noun
intercorporation adjective
-faction suffix
in question adjective
inquisition verb
multioperation adjective
pretransduction adjective
take action verb
Inquisition proper noun
precoalition adjective
nonrecognition adjective
American Revolution proper noun
-tion suffix
anticonscription adjective
subvention verb
multiorganization adjective
preinvention adjective
pretransition adjective
requestion verb
anticonservation adjective
antifluoridation adjective
transition verb
multifaction adjective
multiprotection adjective
postnucleation adjective
noncancellation adjective
Pell's equation proper noun
nonprosecution adjective
reproportion verb
anticonsolidation adjective
multioscillation adjective
noninformation adjective
reportion verb
preoperation adjective
pretransplantation adjective
postobservation adjective
nonconvention adjective
every rule has an exception proverb
confection verb
antiarbitration adjective
multicivilization adjective
British Broadcasting Corporation proper noun
predecimalisation adjective
Russian Federation proper noun
predecimalization adjective
pretribulation adjective
multiclassification adjective
postimmigration adjective
preconception adjective
postimmunization adjective
predefection adjective
Deposition proper noun
nonsimulation adjective
interfraction adjective
anticontamination adjective
postoperation adjective
antimutation adjective
Restoration proper noun
intrafraction adjective
intrapopulation adjective
postimplantation adjective
anticontraception adjective
in condition prepositional phrase
assume the position verb
postimplementation adjective
Vivation proper noun
disposition verb
in contention prepositional phrase
anticontraction adjective
resection verb
take exception verb
Flory-Fox equation proper noun
lotion verb
postincubation adjective
poststimulation adjective
prescription adjective
Red Sox Nation proper noun
departition verb
-fication suffix
multicollection adjective
postoviposition adjective
postinduction adjective
postovulation adjective
intrageneration adjective
antiunification adjective
poststratification adjective
Ford Nation proper noun
botheration interjection
Collective Security Treaty Organisation proper noun
moonlight requisition verb
presporulation adjective
Dobell's solution proper noun
antiassimilation adjective
misposition verb
Cremona-Richmond configuration proper noun
pregentrification adjective
lay a foundation verb
antisegregation adjective
set the wheels in motion verb
preordination adjective
rendition verb
antiunionization adjective
recaption verb
Consultation proper noun
postinfarction adjective
Confederation proper noun
postinfection adjective
preadoption adjective
antisubrogation adjective
postinfection adverb
Price equation proper noun
antiduplication adjective
civilization proper noun
multipartition adjective
pregestation adjective
beg the question verb
premigration adjective
what in tarnation interjection
multipartition verb
equipartition verb
anticorporation adjective
antinationalization adjective
prepromotion adjective
antifragmentation adjective
postinfestation adjective
there are two sides to every question proverb
International Auxiliary Language Association proper noun
postinfestation adverb
precombustion adjective
preorientation adjective
take into consideration verb
demnition adjective
Rainbow Nation proper noun
midconstruction adjective
predeposition adjective
demnition adverb
nonvacation adjective
intergeneration adjective
Transfiguration proper noun
demnition interjection
multireflection adjective
Hosaka-Cohen transformation proper noun
intention verb
postinformation adjective
antifriction adjective
traction verb
General Certificate of Secondary Education proper noun
Desegregation proper noun
anticorruption adjective
on condition prepositional phrase
preoviposition adjective
antimanipulation adjective
antivaccination adjective
cross-question verb
antiattrition adjective
periconception adjective
antiseparation adjective
counterpetition verb
postinitiation adjective
nonassociation adjective
interpopulation adjective
Third Position proper noun
postinjection adjective
precaution verb
precompetition adjective
Beat Generation proper noun
postinoculation adjective
call into question verb
postinsertion adjective
postinsertion adverb
postinspection adjective
precompletion adjective
Prohibition proper noun
repetition verb
multiconfiguration adjective
attract attention verb
multiresolution adjective
postinstruction adjective
Southern Cherokee Nation proper noun
proabortion adjective
Spanish Inquisition proper noun
posteruption adjective
postinstrumentation adjective
Legendre's differential equation proper noun
multiconnection adjective
postintegration adjective
juxtaposition verb
Ejaculation Proclamation proper noun
antieducation adjective
countercondition verb
Adriatic Question proper noun
misproportion verb
prepublication adjective
the City of London Corporation proper noun
Melzer's solution proper noun
Immaculate Conception proper noun
postintervention adjective
von Mangoldt function proper noun
disproportion verb
countercorruption adjective
Reformation proper noun
antielection adjective
antimasturbation adjective
postintoxication adjective
highresolution adjective
preunification adjective
-sploitation suffix
multiapplication adjective
postexcretion adjective
postintroduction adjective
dysfunction verb
postexecution adjective
predevaluation adjective
multilocation adjective
postintubation adjective
Junction proper noun
Price's equation proper noun
quadripartition verb
Edman degradation proper noun
presensitization adjective
proadministration adjective
antivibration adjective
postpollination adjective
prevacation adjective
law of attraction proper noun
Green Revolution proper noun
antiemigration adjective
postirradiation adjective
postpolymerization adjective
proinflammation adjective
strawberry generation proper noun
postcombustion adjective
prevaccination adjective
noncoalition adjective
Grand Junction proper noun
sweet action interjection
outstation adverb
thunderation interjection
pre-combustion adjective
Red Army Faction proper noun
outstation adjective
posttranscription adjective
prequalification adjective
detransition verb
pregraduation adjective
prelegislation adjective
Southern Oscillation proper noun
prointervention adjective
nontransition adjective
suction verb
intercoalition adjective
postisolation adjective
Stolen Generation proper noun
obvious by inspection adjective
antiradiation adjective
posttransduction adjective
posttransfection adjective
German Question proper noun
antimechanization adjective
postextraction adjective
German question proper noun
Ackermann function proper noun
call the question verb
carnation adjective
antiradicalization adjective
postconception adjective
posttransition adjective
decondition verb
noneducation adjective
action interjection
antiimmigration adjective
postconception adverb
not to mention conjunction
Swiss Confederation proper noun
antimedicalization adjective
antivivisection adjective
First Nation adjective
genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration proverb
lights, camera, action phrase
Wheeler-DeWitt equation proper noun
pre-decimalisation adjective
nondelegation adjective
air-condition verb
posttranslocation adjective
pre-decimalization adjective
Inundation proper noun
peritransplantation adjective
posttransplantation adjective
preliberation adjective
Roman question proper noun
pretaxation adjective
Received Pronunciation proper noun
Roman Question proper noun
antiinfection adjective
postlegislation adjective
Swiss Reformation proper noun
affection verb
nontransplantation adjective
above one's station prepositional phrase
antiinflammation adjective
post-ovulation adjective
nonsolicitation adjective
nontaxation adjective
multifunction adjective
post-ovulation adverb
Prostration proper noun
nontransportation adjective
pay attention verb
preconfirmation adjective
preratification adjective
intrastation adjective
postliberation adjective
postfertilization adjective
preparticipation adjective
nonauction adjective
multisection adjective
begging the question verb
prerealization adjective
anti-vaccination adjective
Final Solution proper noun
postconstruction adjective
antitaxation adjective
Balkanisation proper noun
postprenylation adjective
Kepler's equation proper noun
MSN generation proper noun
postfiltration adjective
postpresentation adjective
Visitation proper noun
interstation adjective
anticivilization adjective
it ain't the meat, it's the motion proverb
postconvention adjective
postfinalization adjective
derequisition verb
-ization suffix
postlitigation adjective
postconviction adjective
nation adverb
-isation suffix
Annunciation proper noun
nonprescription adjective
buggeration interjection
Captain of Man's Salvation proper noun
antiglycation adjective
Euler's totient function proper noun
Postural Integration proper noun
option verb
World Trade Organization proper noun
postcorrelation adjective
antireflection adjective
prelitigation adjective
nonelection adjective
there's no such thing as a stupid question phrase
antieviction adjective
it's not the meat, it's the motion proverb
preregulation adjective
antievolution adjective
Peter Pan generation proper noun
oration verb
antiabortion adjective
antidefamation adjective
Counterreformation proper noun
prerejection adjective
interstimulation adjective
non-proliferation adjective
out of all proportion prepositional phrase
nonexamination adjective
nonimmigration adjective
Dynamation proper noun
multigeneration adjective
postformation adjective
premutation adjective
nonautomation adjective
Coronation proper noun
postpromotion adjective
National Bureau of Investigation proper noun
intermention verb
antideforestation adjective
perigastrulation adjective
vacation verb
interedition adjective
antiregulation adjective
National Convention proper noun
weapon of mass destruction acronym
antiacceleration adjective
antioccupation adjective
-ification suffix
antiaccumulation adjective
antiexploitation adjective
antirehabilitation adjective
Clapham Junction proper noun
French Revolution proper noun
prerenovation adjective
antirejection adjective
misfunction verb
postabortion adjective
postvacation adjective
prereplication adjective
antidegradation adjective
precontraction adjective
out of condition prepositional phrase
antirelaxation adjective
postvaccination adjective
prepetition adjective
antimigration adjective
prefertilization adjective
nonanimation adjective
fraction verb
put in motion verb
subresolution adjective
ambition verb
antiextortion adjective
Oblation proper noun
postactivation adjective
preconvention adjective
multigestation adjective
portion verb
nonsubscription adjective
antiaddiction adjective
postadministration adjective
preconviction adjective
caption verb
jockey for position verb
draw attention verb
antideportation adjective
nonaviation adjective
overproportion verb
postpublication adjective
preauction adjective
too much information interjection
tripartition verb
pre-mechanization adjective
preretraction adjective
Constitution proper noun
postadoption adjective
postdefection adjective
next generation adjective
Norse Tradition proper noun
malfunction verb
Federal Bureau of Investigation proper noun
prenationalization adjective
Malfunction Junction proper noun
postadsorption adjective
attention interjection
antiadministration adjective
postdeposition adjective
Benedict's solution proper noun
antiadoption adjective
Tribulation proper noun
Copernican Revolution proper noun
overcaution verb
antipollution adjective
postmedication adjective
prerevolution adjective
ammunition verb
antiopposition adjective
in moderation prepositional phrase
antiadulteration adjective
antidesegregation adjective
antimiscegenation adjective
postdeprivation adjective
postqualification adjective
postgelation adjective
prehospitalization adjective
nonspecification adjective
antidesertification adjective
antioption adjective
Neolithic Revolution proper noun
antidesertion adjective
postdevaluation adjective
anticoagulation adjective
multidestination adjective
Dickman function proper noun
retransition verb
precorrelation adjective
bipartition verb
that train has already left the station phrase
-ception suffix
that train has left the station phrase
antiretaliation adjective
previrialization adjective
proconservation adjective
anticoalition adjective
-ation suffix
antidetection adjective
antisolicitation adjective
tradition verb
antilegalization adjective
nontuition adjective
antilegislation adjective
postdigestion adjective
reauction verb
antidetonation adjective
antireunification adjective
postradioembolization adjective
prefiltration adjective
get action verb
pop the question verb
postgermination adjective
go off the reservation verb
Reconstruction proper noun
periinfarction adjective
multisolution adjective
postamplification adjective
upsection adverb
nonplantation adjective
reaudition verb
postamputation adjective
postratification adjective
prefinalization adjective
proconvention adjective
question the question verb
antidevolution adjective
postreaction adjective
restation verb
postmicturition adjective
remunition verb
malposition verb

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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