Words ending in -ly that are not adverbs (652)

A lot of the adverbs can function also as adjectives, that's why they appear here as well. For example: "quarterly" can be an adjective or an adverb.

See the full list below:

Word Main Type
only adjective
family noun
early adjective
likely adjective
supply verb
apply verb
daily adjective
lovely adjective
unlikely adjective
assembly noun
elderly adjective
reply verb
badly adjective
friendly adjective
fly noun
holy adjective
rely verb
silly adjective
billy noun
kelly noun
monthly adjective
lonely adjective
monopoly noun
rally noun
freely adjective
imply verb
lively adjective
comply verb
sally noun
ugly adjective
kindly adjective
costly adjective
folly noun
holly noun
bodily adjective
jolly adjective
ally verb
lily noun
telly noun
belly noun
deadly adjective
molly noun
quarterly adjective
butterfly noun
dolly noun
orderly adjective
multiply verb
grimly adjective
jelly noun
scholarly adjective
yearly adjective
curly adjective
weakly adjective
ghastly adjective
leisurely adjective
melancholy adjective
timely adjective
stately adjective
bully noun
heavenly adjective
chilly adjective
willy adjective
tally adjective
sly adjective
hourly adjective
piccadilly noun
earthly adjective
poly noun
gully noun
oily adjective
smelly adjective
homely adjective
ghostly adjective
woolly adjective
anomaly noun
worldly adjective
lowly adjective
nightly adjective
sickly adjective
wally noun
disorderly adjective
unruly adjective
prickly adjective
unfriendly adjective
wobbly adjective
burly adjective
filly noun
cuddly adjective
unsightly adjective
northerly noun
steely adjective
princely adjective
cowardly adjective
manly adjective
shapely adjective
hilly adjective
cleanly adjective
bubbly adjective
fortnightly noun
courtly adjective
user-friendly adjective
priestly adjective
beastly adjective
gilly noun
westerly adjective
ply noun
grisly adjective
masterly adjective
nelly noun
unholy adjective
southerly noun
godly adjective
gentlemanly adjective
wily adjective
saintly adjective
untimely adjective
unseemly adjective
deathly adjective
frilly adjective
surly adjective
tilly noun
pearly noun
easterly noun
brotherly adjective
ungainly adjective
cicely noun
sprightly adjective
spindly adjective
firefly noun
fiddly adjective
solly adjective
scaly adjective
golly interjection
neighbourly adjective
motherly adjective
whitely adjective
knightly adjective
lordly adjective
lully interjection
unearthly adjective
dragonfly noun
knobbly adjective
caerphilly noun
portly adjective
shelly adjective
gravelly adjective
straggly adjective
grizzly adjective
fatherly adjective
duopoly noun
no-fly adjective
termly adjective
greenfly noun
lolly noun
unworldly adjective
environment-friendly adjective
gamely adjective
crinkly adjective
slovenly adjective
comely adjective
miserly adjective
panoply noun
stubbly adjective
womanly adjective
bristly adjective
goodly adjective
underbelly noun
lally noun
waterlily noun
dally verb
welly noun
brolly noun
kingly adjective
painterly adjective
reapply verb
superfamily noun
chantilly noun
crumbly adjective
subfamily noun
ungodly adjective
gadfly noun
homily noun
oversupply verb
dastardly adjective
half-yearly adjective
hurly-burly noun
measly adjective
oligopoly noun
unlovely adjective
bally adjective
twice-weekly adjective
whitefly noun
other-worldly adjective
ozone-friendly adjective
seemly adjective
sisterly adjective
sparkly adjective
pally adjective
resupply verb
rockabilly noun
roly-poly adjective
south-westerly adjective
wiggly adjective
comradely adjective
read-only adjective
giggly adjective
girly adjective
gangly adjective
twice-yearly adjective
north-westerly adjective
dilly adjective
drizzly adjective
ly noun
mealy adjective
niggardly adjective
matronly adjective
overfly verb
seely adjective
sully verb
wrinkly adjective
muscly adjective
postmultiply verb
selly adjective
south-easterly adjective
ungentlemanly adjective
writerly adjective
cully noun
heterosexually adjective
premultiply verb
tiddly noun
acromegaly noun
hillbilly noun
mayfly noun
pebbly adjective
self-assembly noun
soldierly adjective
unmanly adjective
googly noun
doolally adjective
eco-friendly adjective
softly-softly adjective
fam'ly adjective
fleshly adjective
north-easterly adjective
singlehandedly adjective
treacly adjective
wifely adjective
crackly adjective
feely adjective
-ly suffix
pimply adjective
squally adjective
tinkly adjective
bi-weekly adjective
botfly noun
clerkly adjective
disapply verb
hepatomegaly noun
jangly adjective
paly adjective
readerly adjective
reassembly noun
splenomegaly noun
twiddly adjective
two-ply adjective
bimonthly adjective
half-hourly adjective
maidenly adjective
niggly adjective
purply adjective
squiggly adjective
three-ply adjective
tingly adjective
blackfly noun
coaly adjective
creepy-crawly noun
doily noun
sawfly noun
stepfamily noun
tickly adjective
barfly noun
disassembly noun
girl-friendly adjective
rascally adjective
swirly adjective
beggarly adjective
bobbly adjective
fruitfly noun
jungly adjective
moly noun
otherworldly adjective
scally noun
shingly adjective
trebly adjective
underly adjective
wheely adjective
bly noun
cousinly adjective
crawly adjective
dangly adjective
grandmotherly adjective
hoverfly noun
marly adjective
microcephaly noun
muddly adjective
rubbly adjective
this-worldly adjective
trembly adjective
twinkly adjective
undersupply verb
unmannerly adjective
whirly adjective
diddly noun
dolphin-friendly adjective
freckly adjective
gnarly adjective
housewifely adjective
laggardly adjective
philately noun
scrawly adjective
shaly adjective
spangly adjective
spritely adjective
unneighbourly adjective
wibbly adjective
wriggly adjective
wurly adjective
creaturely adjective
damselfly noun
dilly-dally verb
dribbly adjective
freight-only adjective
horsefly noun
hurly noun
jubbly noun
northwesterly adjective
pre-emptively adjective
radio-friendly adjective
rattly adjective
relly noun
rolly adjective
rustly adjective
southwesterly adjective
subassembly noun
superfly noun
uncomely adjective
unwomanly adjective
wordly adjective
blowfly noun
citizenly adjective
daughterly adjective
dimply adjective
pot-belly noun
slatternly adjective
southeasterly adjective
stilly adjective
tangly adjective
waffly adjective
biweekly adjective
booly noun
craftsmanly adjective
curmudgeonly adjective
gristly adjective
headly adjective
headmasterly adjective
helly adjective
housefly noun
non-daily adjective
northeasterly adjective
potbelly noun
queenly adjective
ruffianly adjective
sandfly noun
scrolly adjective
snuffly adjective
unscholarly adjective
unwieldly adjective
weaselly adjective
wooly adjective
actorly adjective
auntly adjective
brambly adjective
business-friendly adjective
celly noun
contumely noun
crumply adjective
dayly adjective
dooly noun
drawly adjective
drooly adjective
firebelly noun
gobbly adjective
grumbly adjective
heav'nly adjective
hover-fly noun
husbandly adjective
interactionally adjective
lawyerly adjective
lurvely adjective
luvverly adjective
mannerly adjective
piddly adjective
pully noun
savourly adjective
schoolmasterly adjective
scraggly adjective
shuffly adjective
skelly noun
sluggardly adjective
snuggly adjective
speckly adjective
toxophily noun
trolly noun
twirly adjective
unfatherly adjective
unshapely adjective
user-unfriendly adjective
waggly adjective
wibbly-wobbly adjective
anencephaly noun
bearly adjective
bely noun
bibliophily noun
big-sisterly adjective
blackguardly adjective
brachycephaly noun
brawly adjective
caramelly adjective
chiropterophily noun
churchly adjective
cobbly adjective
colly adjective
cooly noun
cranefly noun
dancerly adjective
dealy noun
designerly adjective
dovely adjective
dudely adjective
entomophily noun
exencephaly noun
family-friendly adjective
felly noun
fishbelly noun
footmanly adjective
gentlewomanly adjective
girlfriendly adjective
goatly adjective
godfatherly adjective
gospelly adjective
gradely adjective
grandfatherly adjective
growly adjective
gruelly adjective
guestly adjective
gurgly adjective
heartly adjective
hepatosplenomegaly noun
hevenly adjective
hydrocephaly noun
jiggly adjective
jingly adjective
jowly adjective
knubbly adjective
knuckly adjective
loverly adjective
male-friendly adjective
marbly adjective
megalencephaly noun
metally adjective
misapply verb
modelly adjective
nonfamily adjective
nubbly adjective
'oly adjective
ornithophily noun
outfly verb
overfriendly adjective
peely-wally adjective
profamily adjective
protractedly adjective
psychobilly noun
rambly adjective
ripply adjective
rumbly adjective
samely adjective
schoolmistressly adjective
sclerodactyly noun
scrabbly adjective
scrambly adjective
scribbly adjective
shambly adjective
shoggly adjective
shoogly adjective
sightly adjective
skilly noun
snivelly adjective
spinsterly adjective
squirrely adjective
statesmanly adjective
studly adjective
summerly adjective
swivelly adjective
teacherly adjective
test-fly verb
tinselly adjective
towardly adjective
trichinopoly noun
twilly noun
unbrotherly adjective
uncleanly adjective
uncourtly adjective
unkingly adjective
unlively adjective
unmotherly adjective
unreflectively adjective
unsaintly adjective
unsisterly adjective
unsleepingly adjective
unsoldierly adjective
unwifely adjective
viewly adjective
waly interjection
weatherly adjective
weevilly adjective
whistly adjective
widdly adjective
winterly adjective
wizardly adjective
Ally proper noun
Aly proper noun
Anatoly proper noun
Armaly proper noun
Assembly proper noun
Baily proper noun
Bayly proper noun
Beesly proper noun
Beverly proper noun
Billy proper noun
Blakely proper noun
Bly proper noun
Bolly proper noun
Brierly proper noun
Caerphilly proper noun
Carly proper noun
Casserly proper noun
Cecily proper noun
Chantilly proper noun
Cicely proper noun
Clovelly proper noun
Coberly proper noun
Connally proper noun
Connelly proper noun
Connolly proper noun
Coulibaly proper noun
Crilly proper noun
Cully proper noun
Dailly proper noun
Daily proper noun
Dally proper noun
Daly proper noun
Dolly proper noun
Donnelly proper noun
Ealy proper noun
Early proper noun
Easterly proper noun
Ely proper noun
Emily proper noun
Esterly proper noun
Everly proper noun
Farrelly proper noun
Feely proper noun
Fly proper noun
Gately proper noun
Golightly proper noun
Grantly proper noun
Greenly proper noun
Gully proper noun
Hally proper noun
Hambly proper noun
Healy proper noun
Holly proper noun
Italy proper noun
Jilly proper noun
Jolly proper noun
Joly proper noun
July proper noun
Kealy proper noun
Keely proper noun
Kelly proper noun
Kenealy proper noun
Kennelly proper noun
Kiely proper noun
Kimberly proper noun
Kiraly proper noun
Lally proper noun
Lilly proper noun
Lily proper noun
Lively proper noun
Lolly proper noun
Lovely proper noun
Maly proper noun
Manly proper noun
Mattingly proper noun
McCully proper noun
Milly proper noun
Moberly proper noun
Molly proper noun
Monopoly proper noun
Mosely proper noun
Mullally proper noun
Mullaly proper noun
Neely proper noun
Nelly proper noun
Nunnally proper noun
Offaly proper noun
Olly proper noun
O'Reilly proper noun
Orly proper noun
Pauly proper noun
Pelly proper noun
Philly proper noun
Piccadilly proper noun
Polly proper noun
Reilly proper noun
Rielly proper noun
Sally proper noun
Scally proper noun
Scully proper noun
Sealy proper noun
Shelly proper noun
Shively proper noun
Sicily proper noun
Skelly proper noun
Sly proper noun
Snavely proper noun
Stanly proper noun
Stokely proper noun
Tally proper noun
Thessaly proper noun
Tilly proper noun
Tully proper noun
Twombly proper noun
Vasily proper noun
Wally proper noun
Waverly proper noun
Weatherly proper noun
Weekly proper noun
Welly proper noun
Whitely proper noun
Willy proper noun
Zimmerly proper noun

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.

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