Contractions in English (64)

Word Meaning
ile (Archaic) I’ll; contraction for I will or I shall
wuzzent Eye dialect spelling of wasn't
nis (obsolete) Contraction ne is
tint (Yorkshire
) it is not; it isn't; 'tisn't; it'sn't
doona (Scotland) Do not.
that's That is.
Ima Alternative form of Imma (I'm going to).
arrow (obsolete) contraction of ever a
nodot=yes (sometimes used with a redundant a or an).
gimme (colloquial) give me.
witcher Eye dialect of with your
gotcha (colloquial) Got you; have you; as in capture or apprehend.
face cam Alternative spelling of facecam
yo (African American Vernacular English) contraction of you and are
not (obsolete) Contraction of ne wot, wot not; know not; knows not.
yr (Internet slang
text messaging
) Abbreviation of you're
innit (US
) contraction of isn't it
bin (text messaging) Contraction of being
plodge (UK
Oxford slang
) Porter's lodge.
hella (nonstandard) Hell have.
everybody's Contraction of everybody is.
dunnit (UK
) contraction of doesn't it
there Misspelling of they’re
dunno Eye dialect of do not know; Eye dialect of does not know
kinda (colloquial) kind of.
haint (dialectal) Alternative form of ain't
gonner (rare) Alternative spelling of gonna
somebody's contraction of somebody is
dunt (Yorkshire) Eye dialect of don't
nobody's contraction of nobody is
someone's someone is
taint Alternative spelling of 'taint
your Misspelling of you're
int it is not; it isn't; 'tisn't; it'sn't
lo (colloquial) hello ('lo; see hallo)
thers Eye dialect of there's
it's It is.
anybody's contraction of anybody is
howsit how is it
better'n better than
there're (colloquial) there are.
⠆⠞ (Braille) between (bet)
⠆⠽ (Braille) beyond (bey)
which's (nonstandard) contraction which is
something's something is
yer (UK
) Eye dialect of you're, you are.
ya'll Eye dialect of you'll
izzat (informal) contraction of is that
if'n (Archaic) contraction of if and when
gunner (rare) Alternative spelling of gonna
you's (informal) contraction of you is
fitna (rare) Alternative form of fixing to: used to express a desire or future action.
helluv (colloquial) Elision of "hell of".
dint Eye dialect of didn't
whoze Eye dialect of who’s
hes (informal
) Alternative form of he's
youse Alternative form of you'se
their Misspelling of they’re
ur (informal
text messaging
) You're, you are.
gon (US
) Alternative form of gonna
sorta (colloquial) Sort of.
they're contraction of they are
wossit (eye dialect
) what is it
they's (AAVE) contraction of they is

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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