Conjunctions in English (245)

Word Meaning
and As a coordinating conjunction; expressing two elements to be taken together or in addition to each other.
that Introducing a clause which is the subject or object of a verb (such as one involving reported speech), or which is a complement to a previous statement.
but Except (for), excluding. Often preceded by a negation.
or Connects at least two alternative words, phrases, clauses, sentences, etc. each of which could make a passage true. In English, this is the "inclusive or." The "exclusive or" is formed by "eitheror".
if Supposing that, assuming that, in the circumstances that; used to introduce a condition or choice.
when At what time.
than (obsolete
usually used with for
) Because; for.
because By or for the cause that; on this account that; for the reason that.
while During the same time that.
where While on the contrary; although; whereas.
although Though, even though, in spite of the fact that: introducing a clause that expresses a concession.
whether (obsolete) Introducing a direct interrogative question (often with correlative or) which indicates doubt between alternatives.
though Despite the fact that; although.
before in advance of the time when
since From the time that.
so In order that.
until Up to the time that (a condition becomes true).
after Signifies that the action of the clause it starts takes place before the action of the other clause.
for (now
) Because.
nor (literary) And not (introducing a negative statement, without necessarily following one)
unless Except on a specified condition; if not.
once As soon as; when; after.
except With the exception (that); used to introduce a clause, phrase or adverb forming an exception or qualification to something previously stated.
whereas In contrast; whilst on the contrary.
whilst (British
rare or literary in North America
) While, at the same time.
like (colloquial) As, the way.
till Until, until the time that.
and/or Joins two alternatives to mean either or both; indicates that inclusive
or is meant where or alone might be taken to mean exclusive
albeit Although, despite (it) being.
'cos (British
) Eye dialect of 'cause; because.
lest For fear that; that not; in order that not; in case.
immediately Indicates that the dependent clause describes something that occurs immediately after the independent clause's referent does.
whereupon After which, in consequence.
now Since, because, in light of the fact; often with that.
afore In advance of the time when; before.
plus sum of the previous one and the following one.
iff Obsolete spelling of if.
tho' though
dat (slang
) that
notwithstanding Although.
whereat at which, or toward which
'cept nonstandard form of except
inasmuch Only used in inasmuch as
til (colloquial) until, till
save (dated) unless; except
ne (obsolete) Nor.
only Under the condition that; but.
altho' Alternative form of although
then Obsolete spelling of than
altho (informal
) Alternative spelling of although
forwhy (Archaic) Because; for the reason that.
tofore (obsolete) Before.
so that Indicates purpose; in order that, with the result that.
vedder Eye dialect of whether
lak Eye dialect spelling of like
whilest obsolete form of whilst
whyle Obsolete spelling of while
whylest obsolete form of whilst
whylst obsolete form of whilst
allthough obsolete form of although
'coz (informal) Alternative form of 'cause
forcause (obsolete) because, for the reason that.
whilom While.
without (archaic
) Unless, except (introducing a clause).
cus (nonstandard
) because
coz (informal) because
whilome Alternative form of whilom
sence (dialectal) Alternative spelling of since
in order that So that; used to indicate purpose
quus (philosophy) Indicates the quaddition operation.
how In which way; in such way.
precisely unless (mathematics
) implies a negative 'and' is implied by a negative; i.e. B implies not-A and not-B implies A
when, as, and if (legal
) Used to indicate the timing and contingency of some obligation in contracts, especially financial.
such that Indicates extent; to the extent that
whenas (Archaic) When.
having said that however; despite what one has just stated
in addition to and, as well as
whence (literary
) Used for introducing the result of a fact that has just been stated.
OR (logic) Inclusive or; either one proposition or the other is true or both.
along with In addition to.
whenever At any time that.
other (obsolete) Or.
much less (Idiomatic) Let alone; to say nothing of.
fur Eye dialect spelling of for
sith (Archaic) since.
less'n (regional) Unless.
but if (obsolete) Unless.
only for Introduces an unexpected situation that renders the aforementioned effort inadequate or irrelevant.
bcos (internet slang
text messaging
) Abbreviation of because
eef nonstandard spelling of if
nodot=1 representing old-fashioned AAVE or various accents, including Latin-American, French or Romani.
bcoz (informal
internet slang
text messaging
) Abbreviation of because
but then (Idiomatic) then again, on the other hand; used to show that the opposite viewpoint is possible.
only if Not unless; used to introduce a necessary condition.
soe obsolete form of so
bekase Obsolete spelling of because
sithe Alternative spelling of sith
the way as, in the way that
forthy Because, for sake, forwhy.
sithen (obsolete) From or since the time that.
only to Used to show that something is surprising, unexpected or vain
albe (obsolete) Although; despite the fact that.
sithence (obsolete) From or since the time that.
caze Obsolete spelling of because
thy (obsolete) because.
unlesse Obsolete spelling of unless
unlessen (US
) unless
even if Regardless of whether; irrespective of (something happening or being the case).
unlesss (mathematics
) Precisely unless.
to say nothing of (Idiomatic) used by the speaker to mention another important, usually related, point; an apophasis
quhair Obsolete spelling of where
not And not.
nay or even, or more like, or should I say. Introduces a stronger and more appropriate expression than the preceding one.
quhar Obsolete spelling of where
in regard (obsolete) since; because; inasmuch as; considering that; considering.
andt Eye dialect of and
in case To allow for the possibility that.
quher Obsolete spelling of where
even though although, though; despite or in spite of the fact that
inasfar as (nonstandard) Insofar as.
like as (Archaic) Just as; in the same way as; even as.
inasmuch as because of the fact that; since
let alone (idiomatic
negative polarity item
) Much less; to say nothing of; used after one negative clause to introduce another, usually broader and more important clause, whose negation is implied by the negation of the first. However either of these instances mentioned can be applied with the use of let alone.
like as and Alternative form of like as
like as if Alternative form of like as
wherealong (rare) Along which.
let along misconstruction let alone
both including both of (used with and)
fi (computer science) The end of an "if" program instruction, usually as shorthand.
yet Nevertheless; however; but; despite that.
whereäs rare spelling of whereas
becos (dialectal) Alternative spelling of because
and if (Archaic) Alternative form of an if
where'er (poetic) contraction of wherever
yt (obsolete) Abbreviation of that
howbeit (Archaic) Although.
becoz informal spelling of because
choose (mathematics) The binomial coefficient of the previous and following number.
bothe Obsolete spelling of both
wai (Internet slang) why (a purposeful misspelling)
wherefore (Archaic) Because of which.
on account (colloquial) On account of the fact that; because.
cum 1=Used in indicating a thing with two or more roles, functions, or natures, or a thing that has changed from one to another.
on account of (US
) On account of the fact that: because, since.
in so far as Alternative spelling of insofar as
rather than And not.
wherein Where, or in which location.
a. also
whereinafter (formal) In which, afterward.
albethey (rare
) Although; despite (them, multiple things) being.
whereinbefore In which, before; in which (speech, book, etc.) occurred earlier.
tho (dialectal) When.
provided that Alternative form of provided
beway (dialectal
) By way; because.
hyphen Used to emphasize the coordinating function usually indicated by the punctuation "-".
thô (telegraph) Abbreviation of though.
beways (dialectal) Alternative form of beway
whereof Of what; of which; of whom.
et (obsolete
except in fixed phrases
) and
whereout Out of which.
whereover (Archaic) Over what.
buuut elongated form of but
thof (dialectal) Though.
wheresoe'er (literary) Wheresoever; used as a trisyllabic alternative to the tetrasyllabic wheresoever.
for that (Archaic) Because.
wheresoeer Alternative form of wheresoe'er
wheresoever wherever
if and only if (logic
) Is equivalent to; implies and is implied by; is true and false in the same cases as.
if and when At the time of an event, contingent on that event happening at all.
wherethan (rare) Than which.
all (obsolete) although
wheretoward (Archaic) Toward which or toward where (toward the thing or destination under discussion). Often serves to further qualify the thing or destination itself.
however In whatever way or manner.
yf obsolete form of if
in that In the fact that; in the sense that; for the cause or reason that; because.
whereunto (archaic
) unto which
either Introduces the first of two options, the second of which is introduced by "or".
directly As soon as.
wherever In or to whatever place; anywhere.
sobeit (Archaic) as long as; given that
thou Misspelling of though
bycause Obsolete spelling of because
versus Used to link two or more opposing or contrasting elements.
as a result Consequently; thus; therefore.
to-whiles (obsolete) While.
wythowt obsolete form of without
whethersoever (rare
) Whether.
wythowte obsolete form of without
thereas (obsolete) Where; in the place where.
if so be (Archaic) If; if it happen (that); supposing that.
in the event If, in the event that
for to (obsolete
) in order to
in the event that (formal) If.
unto (obsolete
) Up to the time or degree that; until; till.
enaunter (obsolete) lest
outstep Alternative form of outcept
insofar as to the extent that
not to mention (Idiomatic) Used by the speaker to mention another important point; an apophasis.
not to say &lit not
for-than Alternative form of forthan
as if As though; in a manner suggesting.
xor (rare) or (but not both)
nather (obsolete
) neither
howsomever (Archaic) however
twell Eye dialect of till
thanne Obsolete spelling of than
an if (Archaic) If.
given that In consideration of the fact that.
now that As a consequence of the fact that; since.
as long as &lit as
ifen nonstandard form of if
else For otherwise; or else.
forasmuch as Inasmuch as; because; since.
'cuz (slang
) Eye dialect of 'cause; because.
cuz (informal) because
ever since Continuously since a specified time or event.
iffen nonstandard form of if
bolth Misspelling of both
just as soon as Alternative form of as soon as
nought withstanding Alternative spelling of noughtwithstanding
outcept (obsolete) except; unless
ergo therefore (especially in syllogisms).
as soon as &lit as
nought-withstanding Alternative spelling of nought withstanding
if'n (dialectal) Alternative form of if
yea (Archaic) Or even, or more like, nay. Introduces a stronger and more appropriate expression than the preceding one.
just in case (logic) if and only if
slash (US
) Used to connect two or more identities in a list.
nd (Internet slang
text messaging
) And
noughtwithstanding Obsolete spelling of notwithstanding
zat Eye dialect of that (usually signifying a foreign accent, often French).
therfore Obsolete spelling of therefore
bicause archaic spelling of because
as though As to suggest the idea that; as if, as would be true if.
as well as And in addition.
against (obsolete) By the time that (something happened); before.
followed by And then, and after that.
forthan (now
Northern England
) For this reason; therefore.
neither Not either (used with nor).
-a- And
wen (eye dialect) Alternative spelling of when
when as Alternative form of whenas
while one is about it Synonym of while one is at it
while one is at it While one is doing that; while one is carrying out that action.
being that (informal) since or because.

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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