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Word Meaning
hr hour
pizz. (music) pizzicato.
LA Louisiana, a state of the United States of America.
Ly-α (chemistry
) Alternative form of Lα (Lyman-alpha, Lyman alpha)
KVCD K Video Compression Dynamics (a video codec)
Bx (medicine) Biopsy.
BEO (spaceflight) Abbreviation of lang=en
KS Kansas, a state of the United States of America.
LAR Alternative form of LAr (liquid argon)
DPST Double pole, single throw: a type of electrical switch.
pm Alternative form of p.m.
Cu (entomology) cubitus
A Ace.
PAYGO (US) pay-as-you-go
LAr Abbreviation of lang=en (a liquid composed of the liquid phase of molecular (atomic) argon (Ar))
nom. action. Abbreviation of nomen actionis
Voc. Alternative spelling of voc.
nycpd 'New York City Police Department'
Thu Abbreviation of Thursday
La Alternative form of LA
Glos (UK
postal abbreviation
) Gloucestershire
ENE east-northeast
MU North Maluku, a province of Indonesia.
NLS National Language Support.
del delegate
def deficit
dr. Alternative form of Dr (debitor)
Cir. (law) Circuit, with respect to a circuit court.
PR Paraná, a state of Brazil.
sRNA (genetics) short RNA; soluble RNA
Ore. Oregon
Dr. Alternative form of Dr: Abbreviation of doctor
HAV Abbreviation of lang=en
PHY (medicine) methadone
NM New Mexico, a state of the United States of America.
NODE <cite>New Oxford Dictionary of English</cite>
part. (grammar) Abbreviation of participle
feat. Featuring.
perf (philately) perforation or perforated. When followed by a number, eg, perf 14, this indicates the number of perforations per two centimetres.
AU$ Australian dollar
PMHx (medicine) Past medical history.
Au.D. (degree) Doctor of Audiology
dBm The power ratio in decibels (dB) of the measured power referenced to one milliwatt (mW).
OP (films
) opening theme, intro sequence
perf. Alternative form of perf
KSLOC (computing) "1000(K) Source Lines of Code"
srs (texting
) Abbreviation of serious
jpg A file extension indicating a file of JPEG file format; i.e., a digital picture.
JAL Jalisco, a state of Mexico.
So. South.
OTEC Initialism of lang=en
ne1 (Internet slang
text messaging
) anyone. Used in instant messagers and text messages. Not considered appropriate for other mediums.
Jpn. Japan
NF Newfoundland and Labrador, a Canadian province.
KT Knight of the Thistle
MASc Abbreviation of Master of Applied Science
kt kiloton
TAM Tamaulipas, a state of Mexico.
imper. (grammar) Abbreviation of imperative
VARA (legal) Visual Artists Rights Act.
DC (geography) District of Columbia, a federal district of the United States of America.
ser serial
EOR (computing) exclusive or; XOR
i.a. inter alia, among others
JR West Java, a province of Indonesia.
USCA (legal) United States Code Annotated, a commonly used annotated version of the United States Code.
kthx (Internet slang) okay, thanks
a (crosswords) across
lowess (genetics) locally weighted robust scatterplot smoothing
Jr (British) A title used after a son's name when his father has the same name.
Tenn. Tennessee
Middx Middlesex
i.e. (initialism) That is; in other words; that is to say.
LH2 Abbreviation of lang=en (a liquid composed of the liquid phase of molecular hydrogen (H))
ZD zenith distance
Sept. September.
TYP (engineering drawings) typical: used to label a feature that is to be interpreted as exactly the same as nearby comparable features.
inst. Institute.
Mpls. Minneapolis
bc Alternative form of BC
Jr. Abbreviation of lang=en A title used after a son's name when his father has the same name.
ā (medical) ante
ECE Initialism of lang=en
RP Rhineland-Palatinate, a federal state of Germany.
SS Saints
shd (Internet
) should
Lith. (legal) Abbreviation of Lithuania
acc. (grammar) accusative
I/O (computing
electrical engineering
) input/output
ss. (legal) scilicet (namely, to wit, particularly), indicating that a legal document was executed in the designated place within that jurisdiction for such an act.
STD Standard, usually Std or std.
A and M Alternative form of A&M
ESE east-southeast
i/o instead of
PSS (chemistry) Initialism of polystyrene sulfonate
Ss. Saints.
hot and high (aviation) (of aircraft operations) hot climates and high altitude.
Mon Monday
pre-vis previsualization
std standard
QLD (Australia) Abbreviation of lang=en
www Alternative form of WWW when used as a high-level qualifier in a website address
Pre-Vis previsualization
DAO De-asphalted oil, a crude oil refinery process stream.
LHD left hand drive
DUR Durango, a state of Mexico.
Me. (legal) Maine, as used in case citations.
js Abbreviation of lang=en
Bft Beaufort scale
Qld. Alternative form of Qld
LHE Alternative form of LHe (liquid helium)
LHe Abbreviation of lang=en (a liquid composed of the liquid phase of molecular (atomic) helium (He))
OR Oregon, a state of the United States of America.
IA Iowa, a state of the United States of America.
cnx cancel
PN (astronomy) Abbreviation of lang=en
psso (knitting) pass slipstitch over
Ste suite
CO Colorado, a state of the United States of America.
Bg. Bulgarian
OS. Abbreviation of Old Saxon
Mon. Monday.
Ste. Abbreviation of lang=en
NP notary public
) Lyman alpha or Lyman-alpha
AK (US) Alaska, a state of the United States of America.
NNS Abbreviation of lang=en
psc (astronomy
) parsec
mpreg (fandom slang) Male pregnancy.
np (text messaging
) Abbreviation of lang=en
IC50 (sciences) The concentration of an inhibitor that is required for 50-percent inhibition of an enzyme in vitro.
Co company, Alternative form of Co.
FAN File area network.
Mpreg Alternative form of mpreg
NG (petrochemistry) natural gas
EECS Initialism of lang=en
MPreg Alternative form of mpreg
Supp. (legal) Supplement.
OTTW (Canada
) Abbreviation of lang=en
hwk homework
NO (electronics
of a relay
) Normally open.
DUniv doctor of the university: a kind of honorary academic degree
DUSTWUN (military) Duty-status, whereabouts unknown.
IACC International America's Cup Class, a class of sailboat used for America's Cup sail yacht racing during the last decade of the 20th century and first decade of the 21st century.
BPL Bangladesh Premier League
Sup. Supreme.
hwy. highway
BH Boko Haram
KI East Kalimantan, a province of Indonesia.
grk Greek.
sup. (grammar) Abbreviation of superlative
cert Alternative form of cert.
UT Utah, a state of the United States of America.
DJI (finance
stock symbol
) Dow Jones Industrial Average
Hx (medicine) history
Sem Semitic
BEng Alternative form of B.Eng.
BPMN Business Process Model and Notation
RJ Rio de Janeiro, a state of Brazil.
cert. certainty
Am Shortened form of America or American, particularly as used in commercial names.
intj (grammar) interjection
hxc hardcore (punk music)
IDPOL Abbreviation of identity politics
diss dissertation
) Initialism of open (.NET Framework used to build connected, service-oriented applications)
maxi Abbreviation of maximum
mv (computing) a Unix command to move a file
La. Alternative form of LA
Brit. Britain
Or. (legal) Oregon, as used in case citations.
dThd thymidine
Haw. (legal) Hawaii, as used in case citations.
temp temperature
FF frigate, a type of warship
DUT (electronics) Device Under Test
SABC Self-Aid Buddy Care
SIN Sinaloa, a state of Mexico.
isp ichnospecies
Ki kibi- (binary kilo-), as in KiB kibibyte (kilobyte)
PVT (US) Abbreviation of private (soldier).
OPr. Abbreviation of Old Prussian
DRUSS (computing) 'D'ependable, 'R'eliable, 'U'sable, 'S'afe, and 'S'ecure (software)
rit ritardando
imperf (grammar) imperfect
ff. and the following (pages, paragraphs etc.)
FRCOG Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
OLith. Abbreviation of Old Lithuanian
) destroyer, a type of warship
LEEM (countable) Abbreviation of lang=en
dd day, in two-digit, numeric format, as in: dd/mm/yyyy
kwise (knitting) knitwise
phr phrase, phrasal
TWOC (British
) Taken Without Owner's Consent
FFD Abbreviation of fast forward
RR (aviation
) (from the status code used in the GDS) reconfirm / reconfirmed.
OKC Abbreviation of lang=en
Maj Abbreviation of majesty
Mass. Massachusetts
piRNA (genetics) Abbreviation of piwi-interacting RNA
MVT (mathematics) mean value theorem
pass. (grammar) Abbreviation of passive
Li-Ion (type of rechargeable battery) lithium ion
Ens. (military) ensign (a military rank)
SON Sonora, a state of Mexico.
IND The Independent Subway, part of the New York City subway
OPruss Old Prussian
mfd manufactured
m³/s cubic metre per second; cumec
Br. British
LL.M. Master of Laws.
MW3 Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged
KY Kentucky, a state of the United States of America.
ON Ontario, a province of Canada.
bish (chess) bishop
Ky Alternative spelling of KY
mfg. manufacturing
ES Espírito Santo, a state of Brazil.
NAY Nayarit, a state of Mexico.
rm right margin
excl Abbreviation of excluding
Ind. Indiana
Cpl (military
) Corporal
sohcahtoa (mnemonic
) Sine equals opposite over hypotenuse; cosine equals adjacent over hypotenuse; tangent equals opposite over adjacent.
milliarcsec milliarcsecond
asst. Abbreviation of assistant
pwise (knitting) purlwise
ABD Airport code for Abadan, Iran.<ref>
MK Member of Knesset
mofo (playful or vulgar
) Abbreviation of motherfucker
SSIS (database
) Abbreviation of 'S'QL 'S'erver 'I'ntegration 'S'ervices
DEFCON activation and readiness level of the United States armed forces, as "DEFCON 4".
Mk Abbreviation of mark (a particular make or model)
indet. (grammar) Abbreviation of indeterminate
DefCon (chiefly
) defense condition, a state of readiness
Drs (UK) Abbreviation of lang=en
Mk. Alternative form of Mk
Mac. Macedonian (South Slavic language)
Drs. (doctors)
ErbB-2 (oncology) avian erythroblastosis oncogene B 2.
Nev. (legal) Nevada, as used in case citations.
psyche psychology
RV. Abbreviation of Rigveda
AOX (organic chemistry) adsorbable organohalides
super G (skiing) super giant slalom
yrn (knitting) yarn round needle
geophys geophysics
MECO Abbreviation of lang=en
) operational control (Command authority that may be exercised by commanders at any echelon at or below the level of combatant command.)
AP (grammar
sentence parsing
) adjective phrase; adverbial phrase (Note: to disambiguate, one can use the abbreviations AdjP and AdvP instead.)
Lat. Latin (language)
DWT Alternative form of dwt
MKN (galaxy) Abbreviation of Markarian
pl. Abbreviation of plural
Alt-A (US
) Alternative-A — Describing mortgages loans that do not conform to the traditional standards of Fannie Mae, but are presented as having an "A" credit rating, based on the borrower's FICO credit score.
Mkn Alternative form of MKN
Pl. Abbreviation of Polish
dwt (obsolete) pennyweight
MKR (galaxy) Abbreviation of Markarian
FI Abbreviation of lang=en (clotting factor I)
LOX Alternative form of lox (liquid oxygen)
Mkr Alternative form of MKR
KiB (computing) Symbol for kibibyte, a unit of 2 (1,024) bytes. As opposed to the kilobyte, 1,000 bytes, which is abbreviated KB or kB.
Px (medicine) Prognosis.
Wd Wednesday
MG Minas Gerais, a state of Brazil.
MX (philately) on early British stamps, Maltese Cross cancellation mark.
FLPP (space) The Future Launchers Preparatory Programme
mg/dl milligrams per deciliter. One of the common units of measure in medicine.
sent. sentencing
Cpt Abbreviation of captain
LC (finance
) letter of credit
gox (rocketry) 'GOX', gaseous oxygen, as differentiated from 'LOX' (liquid oxygen)
LOx Alternative form of lox (liquid oxygen)
Esc escape (on a computer keyboard)
IDGAS (Internet) Abbreviation of I don't give a shit
conchy (slang) A conscientious objector.
attn Attention, used as a heading in letters to indicate for whom the letter is intended.
Mx (medicine) Management.
lc 'L'ower 'c'ase.
Leics Leicestershire (in postal addresses)
Dx diagnosis
ED (films
) ending theme, end title sequence
Fi fidelity, as in sound hi-fi
JK joking
SAfrE (linguistics) South African English
jk Alternative spelling of JK
Tu Tuesday
B. A. S. Alternative form of BAS
spk (text messaging) speak
ie See 'i.e.'
LCBO (Canada
) Liquor Control Board of Ontario
WITSEC Alternative form of witsec
RF (photography) Abbreviation of lang=en
MY Motor Yacht - diesel-driven yacht
stat dec statutory declaration
GO Abbreviation of lang=en
WitSec Alternative form of witsec
sech (mathematics) The hyperbolic secant function
KYC Know Your Customer
SSRS (database
) Abbreviation of 'S'QL 'S'erver 'R'eporting 'S'ervices
VGC Very good condition
RX (electronics) Receive
MGk Greek language (Modern Greek)
BE Berlin, a federal state of Germany.
LLO (space science) Initialism of low lunar orbit
Rx (medicine) prescription (from a doctor)
pbf (knitting) purl into back and front of same stitch
deglut (medicine) To be swallowed
GFE (slang
) girlfriend experience: a sexual encounter with a sex worker who provides cuddling, kissing, and intimacy.
zl. zloty, złoty
B. Q. Alternative form of BQ
RnB rhythm and blues
Pao2 (medicine) The partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood.
Sat Abbreviation of Saturday
mgmt. Alternative form of mgmt
B. S. Alternative form of BS
NOFORN 'No't for release to 'for'eign 'n'ationals; used as a page header and footer in [ classified U.S. federal government documents], especially those from the Pentagon.
SEDEX (geology) Abbreviation of sedimentary exhalative
Aust Australia, Australian
MRK (galaxy) Abbreviation of Markarian
B.A.S. Alternative form of BAS
iter. (grammar) Abbreviation of iterative
DM (computing
) Abbreviation of w:Dimensional modeling
HAL (software) Hardware abstraction layer.
PI Piauí, a state of Brazil.
Mrk Alternative form of MRK
JAX (computing
) Abbreviation of w:Java API for XML Web Services
LCpl (military
) Lance corporal
THC Abbreviation of lang=en
CR (sports) Abbreviation of Championship Record
DAMP 'D'eficits in 'A'ttention, 'M'otor coordination and 'P'erception.
gfx (computing) graphics
Qtz (mineralogy) quartz
A. and M. Alternative form of A&M
THCV tetrahydrocannabivarin
NS Nova Scotia, a province of Canada
Hons Honours
ERT Ellenikí/Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi (Hellenic (Greek) Broadcasting television), Greece
IAPH International Association of Ports and Harbors
JAX-RS (computing
) Abbreviation of Java API eXtension for RESTful Web Services
A. D. A. Alternative form of ADA
LCT (biochemistry) Abbreviation of lactase
opt. (grammar) Abbreviation of optative
sys system
wt with.
mgt. Alternative form of mgt
beg (knitting) beginning
Hazcam (space
) Abbreviation of w:Hazcam (It is a type of engineering camera mounted on the front and rear of certain unmanned space rovers including the Curiosity rover at Mars.)
pi (typography) pica (conventionally, 12 points = 1 pica, 6 picas = 1 inch)
PEI Prince Edward Island, a province of Canada.
cust custody
Gg gigagram
Okla. Abbreviation of lang=en
vi (grammar) verb intransitive or intransitive verb (often appears in dual language dictionaries)
DISH Abbreviation of lang=en
MEd (degree) Master of Education
IndE (linguistics) Indian English
Nat. Natural
xd Abbreviation of ex dividend
pbw 'P'arts 'b'y 'w'eight.
polsci Abbreviation of political science
BON 'B'usiness 'O'bject 'N'otation, notation for high-level object-oriented analysis.
NOS (medical diagnosis) Not otherwise specified
OIc. Abbreviation of Old Icelandic
HFR (cinema) Initialism of lang=en
Colo. Colorado
Glag. Glagolitic
xdiv ex dividend
RNutr registered nutritionist
Snr (UK) Senior; a title used after a father's name when his son is given the same name.
intr. Abbreviation of intransitive
MGySgt Master Gunnery Sergeant
et al. And elsewhere; to complete a list of places.
Mrs A title used before an adult woman's name or surname, used for any high-status woman without regard to marital status until the 1800s, after which it began to be reserved for married women and used with their married surnames.
NSERC (Canada) Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, a Canadian government agency that provides grants for research in the natural sciences and in engineering.
rgds (Internet) Regards.
RO Rondônia, a state of Brazil.
ruok (text messaging) are you OK?
MEDA (aviation
) (form) Medical Fitness for Air Travel
E. A. D. A. Alternative form of EADA
NH (US) New Hampshire, a state of the United States of America.
E.A.D.A. Alternative form of EADA
B.Eng. 'B'achelor of Arts in 'Eng'lish.
SONET Synchronous Optical Networking
Wed. Wednesday.
TPAP tetrapropylammonium perruthenate
bio. Biology.
versin (trigonometry) Same as 'vers'
E.D. (legal) Eastern District, used in case citations to identify courts, particularly United States Federal courts designated to cover the eastern part of a multi-district state.
EIT Abbreviation of lang=en
pc personal computer
NONREF (travel
) non-refundable.
WPC (British
law enforcement
) woman police constable
wth (obsolete) contraction of with
rt Abbreviation of right (also right as in Rt Hon (Right Honourable))
HU 'H'ounsfield 'U'nits on the Hounsfield scale, a unit of measurement used on a computed tomography machine.
mil. military
ins. insurance
Mons. Abbreviation of Monsignor.
lib liberal
Fb February
num. Alternative form of num
WEG (planetology) Abbreviation of Water Equivalent to a Global layer (how high a water level would be at 1 atm pressure, if the whole ice had melted)
mltply multiply
Lib The Libertarian party.
yf (knitting) yarn forward
id. (Bibliography) Abbreviation of the Latin
same. Used in citations to state that the citation is found in the same work as the one previously cited.
SK (handbells) "shake"
Ofgem (British) Office of Gas and Electricity Markets
E2E 'E'nd to ('2') 'E'nd
INBD Inboard
NSM Natural semantic metalanguage
dec (cricket) declared
Germ. Abbreviation of German
Off. (title) Officer.
GYN Gynecologist
TPM Topiramate
mm month in two-digit numeric format, as in: dd/mm/yyyy
sk (knitting) skip
DFA (baseball) designated for assignment
aff. (legal) Abbreviation for affidavit.
cob Abbreviation of cobble
Tue Abbreviation of Tuesday
Indon (Australia) Indonesia, Indonesian.
MS Mississippi, a state of the United States of America.
B.Q. Alternative form of BQ
ECoG Electrocorticography; electrocorticogram.
mM (chemistry) millimole, millimoles
player vs. player Abbreviation of player versus player
ea Alternative form of ea.
HI Hawaii, a state of the United States of America.
Tpr (title) trooper
AS Anglo-Saxon
VOX voice operated recording
Coloss. Abbreviation of Colossians
SF/F/H The parent genre encompassing the genres of science fiction, fantasy fiction and horror fiction; speculative fiction; imaginative fiction; non-mimetic fiction.
b/c because
Ix (medicine) Investigation(s).
VOx (biology
) oxygen uptake
ea. each
tx telephone
b/d barrels per day
XM satellite radio
Est. (legal) Abbreviation of Estonia
Tues Tuesday
Tx (medicine) Treatment or therapy.
pOH (chemistry) The negative of the base 10 logarithm of the concentration of hydroxide ions, measured in moles per liter.
NEMO northeastern Missouri
MI Michigan, a state of the United States of America.
imba (video games
) Clipping of imbalanced
B/L bill of lading
sq. square
Pty proprietary (a type of corporation in Australia and South Africa)
STEMM Abbreviation of lang=en
INSURV US Navy Board of Inspection and Survey.
JG Alternative form of j.g.
Sn Sunday
NOIBN (Shipping) "Not Otherwise Indexed by Name"
KR Riau Islands, a province of Indonesia.
bln Brown lunation number (see new moon)
vb. Alternative form of vb
Northants Northamptonshire (in postal addresses)
NT Northern Territory, a federal territory of Australia.
b/w (music) "backed with". Commonly used with old 45 and 78 RPM records, referring to the flip side (commonly called "B side") of the record.
vb. n. (grammar) Verbal noun
LN2 Abbreviation of lang=en (a liquid composed of the liquid phase of molecular nitrogen (N))
ch chain - a unit of measurement equal to 22 yards
RTHK Radio Television Hong Kong; the government broadcaster in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People's Republic of China.
com Committee.
Obs obsolete
NI Lower Saxony, a federal state of Germany.
mi. Mile.
Kan. Kansas
gr grain, a unit of mass.
RTLS (spaceflight) return-to-launch-site Initialism of lang=en
gsg (grammar) Abbreviation of
TJ Tijuana (a city in Mexico just south of the American border)
A.C.T. Alternative form of ACT
lncRNA (genetics) long non-coding RNA
Cantab (after a qualification) Cantabrigian.
math. mathematics
MI6 The overseas intelligence agency of the United Kingdom, whose primary function is to spy on foreign governments and terror groups located abroad. Formally called the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).
tr Abbreviation of translator
B2I Abbreviation of business-to-institutions
ODT (computing) Initialism of Open Document Text (an OpenDocument text file format)
LNE Alternative form of LNe (liquid neon)
A.D.A. Alternative form of ADA
LNe Abbreviation of lang=en (a liquid composed of the liquid phase of molecular (atomic) neon (Ne))
RI Rhode Island, a state of the United States of America.
FAO Alternative form of fao
ty (Internet
text messaging
) thank you
FMCG (advertising) Fast-moving consumer goods.
a.e. At the age of; aged.
CK WT (aviation) (on an airline ticket) checked weight

Note: these words have been obtained from Wiktionary and have been classified and improved through automated computer linguistics processes.


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